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Amatérasu’s Son
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Aug 20, 2017 at 8:10 AM
Jul 7, 2006
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December 5
New Sun City
None, sad isn't it?

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Amatérasu’s Son

Redbeard, from New Sun City

Amatérasu’s Son was last seen:
Aug 20, 2017 at 8:10 AM
    1. Dayscanor
      Thanks for the rep. :)
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        No problem
        Aug 7, 2017
    2. Akiji
      I feel like you're one of the few posters actually trying to discuss in the OL section instead of nitpicking everything for the sake of bitching. Keep being like this!
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        No worries, it's basically all I've been doing since I got to these forums, first on the Konoha side, now down in Ohara. But thank you. I appreciate the acknowledgment.
        Aug 5, 2017
    3. Fin
      Hey the song in your sig was what was playing when I was born cool!
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        It's an absolute classic.
        May 8, 2017
      2. Fin
        Agreed REM is one of the best bands if all time even i think
        May 8, 2017
    4. Jin22
      Thanx. Means a lot coming from a fellow SF boss
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        Nothing but love. I'll probably be maining Ryu on my deathbed.
        Feb 16, 2017
    5. Mariko
      Thanks m8 :catflower
    6. butcher50
      A few months ago when the news of Bleach's cancellation reached me, i laughed my ass off, what the in holy hell of seritei did Kubo expect was gonna happen ? that everyone is just gonna masochistically tolerate his boring ass pacing ? splashing his pages with ink ? the utterly predictable, repetitive fight sequences ? goddamn silly Kubo.

      IMO the Xecution arc was a big mistake that killed the whole manga.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. butcher50
        The point is something in Bleach over the grueling years of the Arrancar/Aizen saga and especially during the Xecution arc has fundamentally turned more and more people off it, it seems to me like Kubo took Shounen Jump tolerance of his antics for granted (super-size page slashes = torturous pace) and eventually with his storyline getting shortened.
        Oct 8, 2016
      3. butcher50
        people love to make fun of the Naruto anime adaptation for it's numerous filler antics but they forget how GIGANTIC the in-between fillers of Bleach used to be, naruto's seem bigger only because it was allowed to breath past 2012.
        Oct 8, 2016
      4. butcher50
        and the reason for that is once again, Kubo's torturous, inch by bloody fucking inch, boring ass, painful pacing because Kubo can't fucking help himself but to over-focus on making almost every page into a character/combat move wallpaper.
        Oct 8, 2016
    7. butcher50

      1. Itachі likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. butcher50
      4. RemChu
        Butcher50, you down to play in my mr.robot mafia game?
        Oct 5, 2016
      5. RemChu
        Oct 5, 2016
    8. Glutamminajr
      Hi Amaterasu!How are you?
      About the earthquake...no,don't worry,I'm not near it since I live in South Italy.It happened in the center of Italy,you know(Marche,Lazio,Umbria)...but I heard that even people here in Naples felt something little but I didn't...maybe I just live in a part of Naples where the earthquake had already lost its force...It's a real tragedy.
      Btw i'm alright.
      Well,see you soon.
    9. TheOmega
      Guess it's SF season today lol
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        Sphh, it's ALWAYS Street Fighter season with me.
        Aug 25, 2016
      2. TheOmega
        Lol I bet. I still haven't bought 5 -_-
        Aug 25, 2016
    10. Xeogran
      cute sig
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Vino
        Jul 28, 2016
      3. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        Aaaaaand you're done.
        Jul 28, 2016
      4. Vino
        Yeah you're boring af
        Jul 28, 2016
    11. Pocalypse
      Damn Vegeta, you on a roll here :cat

      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        Damn, missed the message. Yeah. The new forum tech makes it easy to stay in conversations that's for sure.
        Jul 28, 2016
    12. Yagami1211
      1. Amatérasu’s Son
        Amatérasu’s Son
        Huh, cool.
        Jul 11, 2016
    13. Shadow_fox
      I have no idea how PM you, so I'll just ask you here: what do you think of Boruto Chapter 1?
    14. Shadow_fox
      Yeah, I'm also looking at new new system and trying to get used to the new things. What do you think of it?
      For me, I think it's an imprevement. It kind of gives away a lot, but I suppose that's what the people want.
    15. Yagami1211
      Fine. Enjoying the good weather with a beer.
    16. Shadow_fox
      Hey man, it's been a while.
    17. Yagami1211
      How are you doing, man ?
    18. Kenneth
      Hi nerd :catwave

      Want me to fix your name so it doesn't have those awkward symbols in it
      Just give me the name as you originally had it so I can copy paste fix this puppy
    19. Ernie
      No worries, keep up the good work!!!!!

      Dat Talent! :datass
    20. Ernie
      You have amazing talent :bow
    21. Kyu
      I'd assume Tsunade had to get her curves from somewhere.

      Just imagine the proud grin Jiraiya had when he found out Minato & Kushina were knocking boots. He'd probably think "I figured the kid could spit game... but damn!".:lmao
    22. Kyu
      Them Uzumaki women built well. Kudos to homie Minato for putting a baby in her.:datass
    23. Kyu
      Thanks for the rep, amigo.

      The girl is Akame of Akame ga Kill, btw. Didn't see the Shana resemblance until you mentioned her. Definitely there.:lmao
    24. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      told you so xD,,,i got negged and repped with that siggy :lmao
      thankful kenneth stood on my defense but i got to take it down for others not to make any fuss about it.memorable^^
    25. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      here i will make you remember^^
      hope it will not ruin your day :lmao
    26. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      Thank you for the avy? Siggy? rep^^ glad you find it funny/okay.... Not like the last time where you got pissed off lol,,, btw I really like reading your post on naruto fc, you have a huge understanding of this manga and you explain it very well, :) thank you again.
    27. Jeαnne
      :hurr :hurr
    28. shikamaru naraS
      shikamaru naraS
      Thanks for the rep :) , well thought out posts? It means a lot coming from you. But I do have to apologize for the horrible crimes I committed toward the English language and it's spelling and grammar. I'm too lazy , I just don't have the energy to write in another language with my best effort. Kind of why I named myself shikamaru , I am no genius but I am lazy :p
    29. -Ziltoid-
      this is suddenly seen in a completely different contrast :catskully
    30. Gibbs
      Hey Buddy! I'm looking for a few good men & you are one of them. Please feel free to join my site & bring whoever you want with you.
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    December 5
    New Sun City
    None, sad isn't it?
    Relationship Status:
    Even 2d girls don't want me
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hyuuga Hinata, Rock Lee, Hyuga Neji, Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Naruto
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:116&117 Neji vs Kidomaru, Shippuuden: 133, 138, 166
    ex-USN, Shikamaru level motivation, Sasuke level temper, Jiraiya level Perv

    Writing, Naruto, gaming (RPG, Fighting, Team Ninja, Square, Bioware, Ubisoft),Black Lagoon,Star Trek


    Chester Charles Bennington (March 20, 1976—July 20, 2017)


    Spoiler: Mito the Beautiful


    :edu Sounds like Danzo's philosophy in a nutshell to me.

    Rock still beats Uchiha. Have a tougher Uchiha, use a bigger Rock.
    -Wood also beats Uchiha. The same applies.

    "Each of us is captive to the capacity for self-delusion. Every hero has a fatal flaw" ~ Ruth Marcus - The Washington Post

    "What scares me is what our nation would be like...if we dared to be intelligent...and let our intelligence dictate our movements"~ Doctor Maya Angelou.

    This thread made me cry laughing= If Kabuto Summoned Madara

    My Threads
    More Bastardry from Madara: Uzushiogakure, Whirlpool and Wave Countries
    Susano'o, Biju, and Chakra Constructs
    The Source of a Biju's Attitude
    Theory:Biju are designed for the Jinchuriki Process
    Dojutsu and the Term Jinchuriki
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