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Last Activity:
Feb 12, 2019
Oct 5, 2004
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Jammin' with whole wheat bread

Amatsu was last seen:
Feb 12, 2019
    1. Zaxxon
      I'll blow us all to hell!
    2. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      Of course, what else would you jam on?
    3. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      Nice avatar.

      It almost makes me NOT want to blow us all to hell.
    4. Luna
      Oh.... alright then.
    5. Luna
      Be ready for what?
    6. Luna
      I'll still give it a watch, just to see what the big deal is about it.
    7. Luna
      Hmm, alright then. I'll give it a watch.
    8. Kiddo626
      Fourze? Hmmm... I might give it a try. The reason I like MLP so much is because it portrays its message of bonds and friendship without being too patronizing and preachy and treating its audience like they were morons. Hopefully, Fourze will be the same. *hopeful*
    9. Kiddo626
      Oh yeah, I totally know about Super Sentai! However, I've only seen the very, very, very first episode, but I was just floored over how different it was from MMPR, it was crazy! :twitch

      That video was awesome! Just wondering, though, are any of the Super Sentai shows linked to each other in a big story arcs, or are they all completely different with different characters each?
    10. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
    11. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
    12. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
    13. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      Eh the link is an odd place.
    14. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      Nah I just dont wanna go to that particular site XD
    15. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      Lawl I didnt click on jack XD
    16. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
    17. St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      St. YatōKiri_Kilgharrah
      Acquaint me with Nori's work please
    18. Takagou
      I leave for too long too often. I don't even have my favorite smileys memorized anymore :(
    19. Luna
      Yeah. I'll be sure to let everyone know. And please keep in mind that we all miss you and wish you were there with us!
    20. Light Warrior
      Light Warrior
      To be honest, I don't really know which mods are biased to which pairings and which mods are neutral. I frequently hear people on both sides complaining that the mods are biased in the other side's favor, so I don't know what to believe as I've never been that deeply involved in those situations. For what it's worth, I know that NaruHina has a larger following than NaruSaku, and so if nothing else, you might feel outnumbered.

      I have seen members of the NH and ANS fanclubs get banned for fandom bashing before (there was also once a massive pairing war in a thread in the House of Uzumaki that got several members on both sides of the battlefield temp-banned for a day), but admittedly it's rare, usually because the more prominent members of the NH and ANS FCs will immediately warn its members when they're treading into fandom-bashing territory.

      In my experience, owners of the NH and ANS fanclubs always warned against making ANY kind of statement about the opposing fandoms. To that end, I'd say your big mistake was probably, as you said, using the word "fandom." Even if you don't actually insult members of the NaruHina fandom, if you rant about the fandom and the things they're saying to you, it can still be considered flaming or flamebaiting. Are they being overly sensitive in reporting you? Perhaps. Again, I can't really take a side on this matter because I never saw any of the posts from you or from the NaruHina fans in the Telegrams forum.

      Whatever the case, my advice is to not let those types of people get to you. Don't let them have the satisfaction of seeing you get angry, let alone banned.
    21. Vermin
      the only people defending these chapters are paring fans :lmao

      it's funny how they go ranting in anti fc's but when a member does it to their shitty fanclub they want to bitch about it

      i mean karma is a bitch

      but at least you can get your daily dose of pony in the tv show of the month section albeit it will only be up for a few more days :(
    22. Vermin
      parings are stupid :tomasulk
    23. Light Warrior
      Light Warrior
      I see. Well, if you were being egged on by NaruHina fans in that thread in the Telegrams, the appropriate course of action would've been to report them for flamebaiting. Admittedly, I didn't see the thread in question, so I don't know the full story.

      But yeah, ranting about them in the ANH FC probably wasn't the best course of action. It's true that NH fans have no business snooping around in an opposing fanclub, but the fact of the matter is that many of them do so anyway (and not just NH fans either, but some SasuSaku, NaruSaku, etc. fans do the same), so there's really no safe place on the forum where you can rant about other members. In fact, you should be careful what you say about them on member profiles as well as those are also public and can get you banned. However, you cannot be penalized for anything you say in private messages or outside of this forum, so if you must rant, I would suggest doing so off forum or through PMs.
    24. ?clair
      Well... damn. Bad forums, bad.
    25. ?clair
      That's horribly biased. :\ Did you contact a good, unprejudiced mod yet? It's really unfair. Just because those fans are idiots doesn't mean you deserve to be banned for something so stupid and trivial.
    26. ?clair
      ... Excuse my French, but -- WHAT THE FUCK? It's an Anti FC, of course there's going to be Hinata (along with NaruHina) bashing! How much stupider can these 'fans' get? I mean, seriously? Don't they have a life? The mods should ban those idiots instead of the so-called offenders. It's a bloody Anti FC, for Merlin's sake. Urgh. I feel for ya.
    27. ?clair
      Whaaaat? D: How come? I'm pretty sure you didn't do anything since I'm forever lurking there.
    28. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      sigh. up to their old tricks again?

      i do hope that ban isn't forever. :-(
    29. Light Warrior
      Light Warrior
      I see. I didn't even know you were a part of the pairing wars, to be honest. It can get quite ugly sometimes. Aside from the last couple weeks with recent chapters, I haven't even really posted in the Naruto-related forums lately. But yeah, as izzyisozaki told you down below, you'll have to appeal to the mods to get unbanned, and make sure you never mention the fandom in public messages even within opposing fanclubs. I hope to see you back in the MLP FC soon. :)
    30. Light Warrior
      Light Warrior
      Are you still able to read FC messages but not post? Also, for what reason were you banned from the section?
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