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Feb 18, 2011
Jul 27, 2007
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Apr 7, 1993 (Age: 26)
i go to school


Active Member, 26, from Sweden

Anberlina was last seen:
Feb 18, 2011
    1. lineartt
      hej 'granne'!

      hur mår du? :)
    2. Judecious
      hey arberlina there is a new forum and they are in need of members, it would be great if you can join.:33

    3. Shark
      Hi, can you Lineart the panel where Kisame uses Giant Water Shark Technique against Gai's Gates attack (I want only Kisame's panel, and not Gai's)

      Thanks :amuse
    4. Shark

      Hey, can I use that as my sig?
    5. Lionheart
      I would have just repped you but I'm locked. I just wanted to say i love your set so much, it's so simple and clean.
    6. Judecious
    7. Judecious
      wait is that the same 1 i sent:headscrat

      anyways +reps
    8. Judecious
      thank you.
    9. Judecious
      the whole thing:kaga
    10. Judecious
      this one:33

    11. Judecious
      can i have a lineart for him?:33

      pretty please
    12. Okami
      Yeah. ;33 You can't wait mh?
    13. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Senior Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 500 (Height). This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text and images."

      Your image is 200 (Width) x 500 (Height), so everything under it puts you over the height limit.
    14. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Thanks alot Anber , im waiting for the new one , please do it the best you can.
    15. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      yes please , make one the best you can please , thank you Anberlina
    16. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Please Make a Enhanced and remastered Version , so that 3spn can color it , please.
    17. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      well , it's i dont know what to say cause i dont want to downgrade your work , but thank you anyways you did a lot , appreciated.
    18. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Thanks Anberlina , please make the colors similar to my sig colors since they are a set after all.
    19. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      ok cant you color it instead? cause i've seen some of your work and it's nice.
    20. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      well 3spn disagrees about the whole works perfectly thing :hurr
    21. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Anberlina , will it help if i enlarged the panel to 500x500?
    22. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      but i gave you the manga page , it has a large panel compared to the small avatar , can you do it on the large panel then minimize it to the avatar size?
    23. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      http://[Blocked Domain]/read/naruto/18388702/9 , please i need it as an avatar , and iam in the senior member group , so please make it the maximum size of avatar in the senior group , thanks a lot.
    24. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Hello Anberlina , how are you? everything is Alrighty? ,basically if you may can you do a lineart for my avatar? , if you accept please put every ounce of your heart & Soul & Passion into doing a lineartf for my avatar , consider it your last work on this world or any other , consider it the work that people are gonna remember you by , please can you do it? :hurr
    25. Judecious
      thank you

    26. Judecious
      thanks you:)
    27. Judecious
      can i get a lineart for this pic?

    28. Bloo
      Check out my manga edit, please leave feedback ;33
    29. ~riku~
      would you please PM me the stock or your sig? thanks! :3 (will rep)
    30. Judecious
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  • About

    Apr 7, 1993 (Age: 26)
    i go to school
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sasuke, Itachi, Kisame, Ino, Neji
    My real name is Angelina Nystr?m...

    Drawing, Playing guitar, Singing


    Set by Myself :awesome
    Tsunade FC | Deidara FC | Yamanaka Ino FC | Uchiha Itachi FC |
    Hoshigaki Kisame FC | Uzumaki Naruto FC | Uchiha Sasuke FC |
    Anti-Kabuto FC | SasukeXNaruto FC | KisameXItachi FC |
    ShikamaruXIno FC | Anti-SasukeXSakura FC | Anti-SasukeXKarin FC

    Join the Chojuro FC!
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