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Nov 5, 2016
Oct 29, 2012
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Sep 4, 1991 (Age: 28)


Valar morghulis., 28

Animaeon was last seen:
Nov 5, 2016
    1. Seraphiel
      Happy b-day
      1. is a
        is a
        who dis
        Sep 3, 2016
      2. Seraphiel
        a friend who I used to talk to
        Sep 3, 2016
    2. Amanda
      Uhh, that went overboard. Sorry for the tl;dr blabbering as usual... As a defense let's say that some things need to be explained properly or not at all.

      Yeah, sorry.
    3. Amanda
      I think Karin being the mother would need as many explanations, even if not more. While it's not too difficult to reveal that Sasuke and Sakura were together outside Konoha while she was pregnant and the one to help Sakura deliver the baby was Karin. Thus no hospital records in Konoha, Karin got the umbilical cord, etc. These kind of things are easier and quicker to explain than blatant breaking of all the character arcs Kishi set up in the main manga and cemented in its ending. And Kishi has already used panel time to lay groundwork for the revelation that the DNA test didn't lead to Karin at all. If there's nothing to it, then what's the point of making the point?

      The trip... Well, it was quite organic, and turned out to be pretty different than was planned.

      It began so that me, my sister and her sons (aged 7 and 5) first took a ferry to Stockholm and then took a train through Sweden and Denmark to Legoland. That went well. Then we were supposed to go through northern Germany to R?gen and wait for their ferry back to Sweden. But we only got as far as L?beck when we realized the weather in R?gen was miserable, so we ex tempore went to Berlin instead. They went to the zoo and the tv tower and I roamed around. (Bats! Bats at night over the remains of the Wall!) Then we went to R?gen and just enjoyed not having to do anything or travel anywhere until their ferry arrived and they left back home.

      I remained behind and wondered what on earth I'm doing without tickets or hotels or anything reserved. Well, it all went pretty well. I returned to Berlin and moved to Poland, fooled around there a few days, then jumped to Lithuania, and from there to Tallinn and home.

      Note: if there's any possible alternative, never try sleeping your nights in a long distance bus. Be a smart cookie and take the night train. Even if just a seat.

      Prior to the trip I was worried my holiday would all be spent in nannying the kids. It helped to think how special it is to get to part of someone else's best childhood memories. But in the end I got to attend many places that interested me deeply too. Mostly various historic buildings, cities and museums, plus old graveyards which I always hunt while on a trip. High points were probably Malbork, Sanssouci, the Berlin museum of German resistance (plus the middle functioning chaos of Berlin itself) and the Lithuanian KGB headquarters.

      It was interesting to not only visit some specific place in some specific country, but to see the remainders of various historic epochs such as the Medieval sea trading, the Second World War, the Iron Curtain, etc, spread over multiple different locations. To see how interconnected the fates of the people were across time and space and culture. To arrive from Sanssouci in Potsdam to the Malbork Castle in Poland and find the same statue of Old Fritz in both places, to sense the continuity of the German-Polish struggle from the 12th century to the 1940s. To witness the achievements of the Polish post-war restoration, and then go to an old semi-abandoned 19th Century Polish graveyard in Vilnius from where all Poles have long ago departed - generations of the same families buried next to each other. (I wonder what memories they had of each other? And what happened to their descants in the upcoming wars? Did any of them make it to the new Poland? Did I pass them in the streets of Warsaw?) To travel from Germany to Lithuania to find German mass war graves from the both world wars (and supposedly from the Napoleonic wars as well), sleeping next to the Russians, Hungarians, Turks ("Our Austrian and Hungarian comrades in arms")... and all of them, so near to the place filled with photographs of executed Lithuanian freedom fighters whose country they brutalized. (I always feel extra bad when seeing old photos of young women my age or even younger, who used their short lives fighting invaders in forests or mining coal in gulags or distributing anti-goverment leaflets in a university in a fascist dictatorship... should Sophie Scholl make you feel good or bad about your life?) And everywhere, to stumble upon remainders of an ethnic minority but actually find nothing of them but stones and photographs.

      Ok, the KGB headquarters wasn't actually a high point. I felt so sick I literally run out of the execution chambers. And some tried to convince me to go to Auschwitz... Sometimes when you're visiting a place like that and touch the walls and imagine the things that happened to humans there a long time ago, other tourists come in and laugh and are all casual, and you see they don't really feel it... For a moment you feel angry (and holier-than-thou)... but then you realize perhaps it's better that way. Perhaps it's good that kids can go play around without a worry next to the earthly remains of murder victims. Perhaps it's not good to wallow in angst over pain that has already been suffered and lived (or died) through.

      By the end of it I was just weighted down by the pressure of history and the millions of interconnected lives.

      (I didn't only do somber stuff like that. I went to the movies in Warsaw as well, both to kill time while waiting for the bus and to do something normal with the local people. Only after I had bought the ticket I had the presence of mind to wonder if they sub or dub movies there... thankfully they're a civilized nation and use subs.)

      Anyway. That's about it. As for the studies, the general plan is to become a Finnish / Russian translator, with German as a side language. There's plenty of need for Russian translators, especially in the business, but little students. I need to hone in my pathetic basic Russian a lot beforehand, though. But already this summer I yet plant to visit Moscow, and next year or the year after (depending on money and whether the world is caught up in WW3 yet) travel through Russia to Bejing and back on the trans-Siberian railway.
    4. Amanda
      Sorry it took a while to answer. I just came back from my 2 weeks epic around-the-Baltic-sea-by-public-transportation trip, and as I was dependent of my phone I didn't feel like typing tl;dr...

      Right off the bat I say I firmly believe Sakura is the biologic mother as well. The reason is that Karin being the mother is portrayed as something negative for the adult characters, and especially for Sasuke. Both Naruto and Suigetsu reacted to it as Sasuke was a cheating bastard. It would also demand us to question why Karin abandoned her, and why Sakura lied to her. So Sarada being a SK kid would make all the characters look bad, and Kishi is showing he's conscious of this fact... no, he's pointing it out himself.

      So, I think the "mystery" is simply a misunderstanding created for the sake of the drama and to have the discussion of what family and bonds mean. The fact that the DNA test was underlined to be shady at best supports this. It's unnecessary and cruel to poor Sarada, but what you gonna do... At least we seem to be beyond the worst and heading towards resolution and answers.

      Oh, and by the way... When you said you'll become an English teacher I was more than amused, because I too have finally found out what I want to become when I'm adult. Next year I'll apply back to the university, this time to study languages. Not to be a teacher though, but to become a translator. Hopefully my road will take me to epic adventures too...
    5. Amanda
      Studying to become an English teacher? Exploring distant countries? Needless to say that sounds awesome. It's understandable if it sounds scary too, but if one accepts that there will be difficult and unforeseen moments too, one can also accept that they can be dealt with and overcome when they appear. Is there some particular country or region where you'd want to work in?

      Perhaps Kronin just got tired of all the drama in the fandom - it must have been heartbreaking for him how the NS fandom went down in flames. Yeah, perhaps it's egoistic to think some person's actions are result of my actions. But if there's a possibility my posts in the ANS fc contributed to the discomfort he must have felt, then, well. Fuck. He was the last person you'd want to hurt.

      The fandom meltdown is the reason I disapprove of the gaiden. To be honest, I don't mind that much what happens in the manga. The characters can end up with anyone they want, big deal. But what matters, what drives me up the walls and what I find very hard to forgive Kishi for is the actual hurt done to the real people that are the fans. This isn't funny in the least. Everyone is taking turns being either distressed or being complete bitches to the others, me too. There's nothing positive or uplifting left, just a race to get to shit on others. I wish I could step out of it, but it feels too late, you gotta see through this.

      And if we're entirely honest... there's something addictive in being angry.
    6. Amanda
      I hate how the shipping has brought all my ugly sides on the surface. Plus I fear it has driven Kronin away - he had the unfortunate habit of reading the ANS FC.

      Sorry to say these things out of the blue. Don't really know to whom to talk about them who would get it.

      But how are you? I gather you don't enjoy the gaiden either.
    7. Alaude
      Get on skype :argh
    8. Alaude
      It's easy and simple. And it gives you stonger Pokemon from their stats if you do it correctly. Nope there are none, battles shall be the payment :del

      Taxes were around 20€. Well yeah this was a Japanese web shop exclusive :pek

      I'd just take the Magikarp :maybe and evolve it into a nice and powerfull Gyarados.

      Obviously I went with Treecko :vegeta
    9. Alaude
      I can breed you pokemons if you want some exact ones for your playthrough too :maybe

      Hey my most expensive one has been 120€ :uwah minus taxes :ninja

      Good job kill that Birch :maybe I can imagine him being there "help meeee!!!" and you are there just " don't rush me this is an important decision :hmm"

      Treecko master race :vegeta
    10. Alaude
      I don't really care :distracted I have no need for such things.

      I'm assuming you spent way too much :argh they look amazing but limited edition figures and those are pricy.
    11. Alaude
      I can trade it for you if you want:nod

      In that case you'll have to destroy a lot of Numels :maybe

      Wise decision. What figures :ruri
    12. Alaude
      Sounds very good :maybe

      Well I've seen 4 eps of it so watching the rest wouldn't be too hard do I might. The manga is good too even though my favorites have obviously died already.

      Well that works for me too since then you can hack everything I need :cat

      It's all kyOGRE now.

      Kyogre has always been one of my favorite legendaries I like Archie more than Maxie and Lotad>Seedot and overall I just like Water typing more than fire. Oh and it was the one I had when I was younger.

      You won't.
    13. Alaude
      In that case you better appear in skype someday :yay Passwords are your masters even if you'd want to get rid of them you need them :maybe

      :hmm interesting need to check. Wow :geg might have to check it indeed at some point...

      Yes get one :yay then I'll teach you to breed and battle and defeat you over and over again till you can defeat me and then I'll be a great Sensei :cry

      Or is it not supposed to go like that? :ninja

      Alpha Sapphire obviously.

      More like 30% but oh well 7.8/10 too much water.
    14. Alaude
      Don't worry we have like 4 chats so you won't get messages until I add you :del

      NnT is one of my favorites currently and the OP is just amazing :wtf Didn't watch the AGK anime but I've read the manga completely :hmm

      And that's not even much compared to my friends :-( That's a quite bad reason :maybe But you should definitely get one, I coukd help you get them all :iria

      Well if you get Pokemon it will help to ease your pain :Jet
    15. Alaude
      Indeed if I have to use another I just use this one 2 times in a row :maybe you must find it :argh or create a new skype.

      Read Nanatsu no Taizai, Terra Formars, caught up with Magi and Akame Ga Kill.

      Been watchin Gundams, Nanatsu no Taizai, Cross Ange and that's pretty much it for the season. Waiting for new LoGH adaption to start, Gundam Origins next year and Tokyo Ghoul season 2.

      I played 426 hours of my Y. Now during the first week of AS I played over 60 hours of it :maybe Pokemon claimed a life years ago :maybe. Order one, I want to battle you :iria
    16. Alaude
      I just have that same password I've used for everything since 2nd grade :cat

      Good too well school with only around half a year left and been watching a lot of anime and reading manga(there are 2 Gundams this season) also watched a show called The 100 which was pretty good. And been playing a lot of Pokemon since the new game was released :ruri
    17. Alaude
      I was talking about the land of the living of course :maybe also that you should return to Skype.

      How have you been :33
    18. Alaude
      :catsad come back to us :catsad
    19. Amanda
      Of course there's footage. You think I wouldn't record my coming-of-age ritual?

      Sorry, sorry, I'll step back and try to speak normally. It's just, I haven't slept much in the last two days, have spent them on the internet talking with crazed fans and lolling at the general madness... plus I'm pretty crazed myself.


      *fixes hair*

      *smooths dress wrinkles*

      *straightens glasses*
    20. Amanda
      It's not telling, it's loving encouragement

      Yes you did we are happy
    21. Amanda
      The thing is, the posts that got me banned involved me screen capping stuff

      Wait a moment I'll PM you
    22. Amanda
      Dr. Crane section banned me from Telegrams. :lmao It last until tomorrow, no longer.

      STEP INTO THE LIGHT let them see all the support
    23. Amanda
      The party is on at NH and SS fcs :maybe

      Cmoon join show your love we know you want to :skysun
    24. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep Animaeon, but overall for being interested to the silly things that I post :)
    25. Alaude
      Oh I forgot to reply to the last vm :hmm I didn't bother watchibg the anime after the manga so not sure.

      Also pictures yes I actually posted all my Gundams in Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey some time ago.

      But being alive doesn't mean that you still haven't disappeared.

      :lmao I can see it being creepy. Walks on a street a d a stranger walks up to you "oh you are still alive" and then leaces :lmao

      Had it for a week or so, there was a free name change so I decided to use it :quite
    26. Amanda
      That New Era Project sounds mightily like Kishi is hesitant to let go of the series for good, so who knows, any "finality" we get may turn out to be not so final. I just hope that if he canonizes anything, that decision stays firm and we don't have to witness the characters wavering in their feelings even after supposedly settling down in established relationshios. Argh.

      Oh, and that Obito smackdown was beautiful. I had forgotten how good the overall scene was, too.
    27. Amanda
      The rest of the manga is just about resolving the Team 7 drama. Oh, and there's something about Sasuke's definition of "Hokage", which will be debunked within a few chapters after its introduction.
    28. Amanda
      It would be fun to continue to discuss the chapters with the Obito FC family. The unfortunate reality just is that these days it's impossible to separate chapters - and one's interpretation of them - from the shipping issue. And, well, I ship SS + NH, Kronin ships NS, and SharkBomb hates SS with burning passion. So it would be a mess.

      But thanks for the link. That hand stuck in the face looks... deliciously gore-y. Downloading it.
    29. Amanda
      In times like this you need to put your sufferings into the right perspective. To think optimistically, what is one ruined Obito episode, when the chances of the Russian invasion have went from "small, but lets keep our defense up to not to look too attractive" to "I hope they have good WI-FI in Siberia."

      Wait, that's not optimistic.

      Damn everything equally. :catcry

      Yeah. This all a bit weird. Naruto without Obito. Madara and Tobirama are gone too. Following the anime is one thing, but still. Oh well. At least Kakashi's story is still there. Earlier it looked like he will just wander through the war and end his days as Naruto's cheerleader, which isn't the most captivating plot to follow. But now I'm honestly curious if he becomes the Hokage. (And if there will be any more KakaObi feels, no matter how small or in which form.) For those of us who care about the Uchihas, that's one reason to stay. How it all works out for the clan (or what is left of it...) in the end. Other than that... oh right, then there are the pairings. Lately I've gotten more and more involved in them. So there's that.
    30. Amanda
      I don't even care about the rest of the episode - we'll see Juubito fighting for many episodes more.

      But ruining one of the best Obito scenes and all that beautiful body horror... There is no word in Entish, Elvish or the tongues of Men for this treachery. An anime team should have known better! :catsuicide

      Aaaaaaargh. The decision is firm. Won't touch that episode. Now let's see how long until the macabre, masochistic urge to watch it wins...
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