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Sep 9, 2017
Sep 8, 2010
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https://inpmangaz.wordpress.com/, from Tx

I think ive got one more big scanlation release left in me. 7 chaps of Mushibugyo ill give it all i got yossh. Nov 4, 2016

Animeace was last seen:
Sep 9, 2017
    1. Animeace
      I think ive got one more big scanlation release left in me. 7 chaps of Mushibugyo ill give it all i got yossh.
    2. Animeace
      Drifters chapter 62 released and im workin on more mushibugyo as well please give it a read and follow!:P manga releases personal twitter>
    3. Morglay
      Sorry to read about your uncle, hope you're alright and welcome back.
    4. Animeace
      Chiaotzu Iconic Scene Recreated in backpack form lulz
    5. Animeace
      Conflicted over giving something up
      1. RemChu likes this.
      2. RemChu
        Burn the Bleach collection =[
        Aug 23, 2016
      3. Animeace
        Never it still had its good moments in the end and I blame jump more than Kubo.
        Aug 24, 2016
    6. Deathbringerpt
      Hey, man. What's up?

      I'm pretty busy with RL at the moment but I think I can spare some time to proofread your stuff. The translation itself seems pretty fine but your releases have a lot of typos lately.

      Should I apply in the webpage?
    7. ^Vegeta^Two^
      Hi, I love your graphics
    8. Esura
      Oh...lol its not Revy. Its actually a character based on a created character from a multiplayer game called Metal Gear Online.
    9. Marsala
    10. Mist Puppet
    11. MF NaruSimpson
      MF NaruSimpson
      u have to nominate two more shows dude, 3 minimum
    12. Inuhanyou
      The manga in question is 666 Satan ^^

      The characters are Jio & Ruby

      This manga was authored by Seishi Kishimoto, the brother of the guy who made Naruto
    13. Sanshouo
      Oh that's cool. Don't worry, you'll improve for sure. Just keep working at it, and results will come :awesome
    14. Sanshouo
      nm how bout you? xD how long have you been doing graphics for?
    15. Porcelain
      Yeah because both my dad and my grandpa obsess over it XD

      I only started like last month :awesome Lol I don't even know how to do borders :lmao

      Thank you :redface That's highly appreciated :wtf
    16. Porcelain
      Haha, I actually don't care that much about football ;p if that's what your talking about X3 I'm a teenage girl, so haha.

      Not true ! :iria You do effects and such, so you're better !
    17. Porcelain
      Texas ! Damn, I live in oklahoma :33 That's good ~

      Yay, can't wait :iria i do, but i'm not that good :ano
    18. Porcelain
      Mmhmm :3 Oh? Where do you live? :iria No fighting ! :uwah

      Thanks, I do too :tomato I wanna see :X3
    19. Porcelain
      Lazying around is always a good thing :33 It's alright~ Work is boring :sniff

      I'm sick, so I'm just chillin around the house :awesome You?
    20. Porcelain
      It's going gewwwd ~ You?
    21. Commander Red
      Commander Red

      And what user Jello Biafra told you. :thumbs
    22. Jello Biafra
      Jello Biafra
      I'd say plaza then. Or maybe the Blender, but it has its own 4chanish culture.
    23. Jello Biafra
      Jello Biafra
      What's the subject?

      if it's only tangentially related to anime, then I'd say put it in the Konoha Plaza. If it's related to some topic that has it's own sub forum, check with that section mod and then see about posting it there.
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    Retail manager
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    Minato, Jiraiya, and Naruto
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    Sports(Baseball, Football) Music (Hip/hop, Rock) graphic design
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