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  • Inteleg, inteleg. Haha, macar a trecut.

    Uite bine. I'm house-sitting for my parents. Au plecat in Australia la nunta fratelui mei vitreg si eu am grija de apartament. Am de dat un examen in August, deci din cand in cand mai si invat, haha. N-am planuri extraordinare pentru vara asta. Tu? :3
    Err mah gerrddd, l-am regasit ieri! :lmao

    Felicitari pentru nota 10!! Tu si inca 2 din cate am inteles? :awesome
    Hi, I hope you're doing well :<3 We need to get back in touch at some point!

    If your schedule is still the same as the last time I talked to you (which was so long ago, wow) then it's afternoon for you right now, isn't it? I hardly sleep any more, so I could probably catch you on Skype some time.
    My skype is rawfulbutter, in case you got a new one or something.
    No :(.

    I seldom go 'there'.


    I usually come to spread my disease about 8 times and then disappear again. And cry about how the Blender turned into... whatever it is right now ;_;.

    But they say a Renaissance is brewing. 'Brewing' is such a nasty word.
    I have to get up really early tomorrow, though. So I bid you goodnight for now, miss.

    I definitely promise to be more active on here from now on.
    Yes, I know that. :hurr On weekends I usually stay up till 4 a.m. I try to keep a normal schedule during the work days, though. So I go to bed at around 1 a.m. Problem is, like you I always function the most efficiently during the night.

    :lmao I can see why you'd think that. But the truth is that they simply talked some sense into me about life in general, which in turn led me to said realization.

    I'm sure you'll make the right choice, whatever it may be. <3 Plus, you still have a bit of time to decide.
    More or less fine. A few weeks ago I overheard my roommates saying that I'm a social recluse and other baffling things like that when it is them that stay at the apartment 24/7. So I try not to let others bother me as much as they used to.

    How are things going with you and your boyfriend ?
    Seems I've becoming a bit of a night owl recently. :lmao

    Still, try to make the most of it.
    I'm still at home but I'm leaving for Sofia this Sunday. I've felt really serene and in tune during my whole stay here. Seeing a few old friends made me realize a number of things, like the fact that I need to let go of the past in order to be happy. I mean that as in stop reliving old memories and focus on the now.

    And how is everything going for you ? What university are you applying to? I've missed talking to you so much.
    I'm sorry for replying late. My laptop broke and now I have to use my roommate's. :sag ...ugh, I have to buy a new one soon.

    Anyway, yes, that's the name of the cat's race. They are beyond adorable and very similar to Scottish Folds, which are cuter, IMO. :hurr

    Do you own any cats? I have one back at my mother's, but she can't stand them, so I doubt mine is doing very well at this time.
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