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Jul 10, 2015
Nov 21, 2007
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with Nao
Medical School

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うちはサスケ, from with Nao

AoshiKun was last seen:
Jul 10, 2015
    1. butcher50
      he was very charismatic, an important quality.

      so many mercenaries were ready to go out and kill/fight in his name for free.
    2. butcher50
      Makishima Shougo is gangsta :datass
    3. Furious George
      Furious George
      Your sig is alrite buy me.
    4. Rokudaime Sennin
      Rokudaime Sennin
      The Titans look really freaky, don't they?
    5. Rokudaime Sennin
      Rokudaime Sennin
      Just curious, but who's the girl in your sig? From what anime?
    6. Kusa
      From Sasuke to Naruto ? Eh.okay :lmao

      I look like an Uchiha.:datass
    7. Kusa
      I know :lmao

      Sorry I take that back.You looked kind of like Sasuke 5 years ago.Better ? :maybe
    8. Kusa
      Well,i think it was emotional but meh.Maybe someday in the future i will like it again :lmao

      you kind of look like Sasuke :hmm
    9. Kusa
      I used to adore it but i do not hold any love for this pairing anymore.:33
    10. Kusa
      whut ? ?hmm..I do not like SS at all.
    11. doubletongue
      oh wait... you only negged me because you were upset. never mind.

      it's called speculation. it's fun, and it turns out right more often than you'd guess. just because someone doesn't put 'i think' before every sentence doesn't mean they're trying to state it as fact. why don't you think of something?

      i didn't even agree with that guy but you say 'your argument uses the manga' when no such thing was presented.
    12. doubletongue
      'the fuck you gonna neg me in a trashed ranking thread for mocking the ridiculous concept of ranking the kages... which part am i mad about? i only made like every permutation.
    13. Kusa
      Okay thank you for the warning.:)
    14. Kusa
      I like drama :awesome

      well thanks for the informations.
    15. Kusa
      lol nevermind.

      what genre does this anime have ? besides action ?
    16. Kusa
      Okay.I am excited :high

      btw i am not a boy.
    17. Kusa
      Okay thanks bro :33

      Sasuke poll is up..vote for him okay :gun
    18. Kusa
      From which anime are the characters from your set from ?
    19. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      super wide images are the in thing
    20. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
    21. mrsaphen
      Love your sig. I think your sig just made me shipping SS.
    22. Jagger
      It doesn't feel cheesy like most of fanarts about couples, lol.
    23. Jagger
      I can't stop watching your sig...
    24. Mistshadow
      Ok fine ill explain it to you in lamen terms.
      A punches harder than B. B punches harder than C.
      Thus A punches harder than C.
      C learns to ways to fight, but his punch has lost some power.
      B and C give each other their strongest punch, B beats C.

      A still trumps C though

      A is hashirama
      B is vote madara
      C is current madara
      Sorry if that's too complicated
    25. Ernie
    26. Itachisaywat
      As expected from Akiyama :blinditachi

      Aren't there other unranked members still in trouble though? Maybe the money he'll earn from being first place will be enough (could be 600-700mil depending on if the one chick gets unranked right?)
    27. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thank you for the rep :villa
    28. Jeαnne
      pois ? T_T

      mas certeza que o Kishi vai falar do Sasuke dia 22
    29. Itachisaywat
      Guess we're gonna find out next chapter. The next period's the last one for bidding right? (after chap 163)
    30. Itachisaywat
      Akiyama's got something planned... I just know it :pek TELL ME
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    with Nao
    Medical School
    Spend time with my gf, play soccer and VG and study, study and study.


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