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Jul 23, 2018
Sep 20, 2006
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Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 30)
Sir Matt Busby Way
@ college


Manchester United Fan, 30, from Sir Matt Busby Way

Arachnia was last seen:
Jul 23, 2018
    1. Deleted member 84471
      Deleted member 84471
      How are you feeling right now mate?
    2. Deleted member 84471
      Deleted member 84471
      How are you feeling right now mate? :s
    3. Deleted member 84471
      Deleted member 84471
      Too right :cool

      The gap between us and the bitters is far, far less than what it was between us and Chelsea. And I don't care what any fucker says, we're capable of playing football as good as anyone on our day.
    4. Deleted member 84471
      Deleted member 84471
      I can't even see a silver lining to it mate.. I've taken this like fucking death :eek Need time to get over it.

      For the future it's obviously a new challenge for us & Alex Ferguson, basically just like when Chelsea came up... except instead of some cockneys it's these Munich singing mega-cunts.

      The last two games have been really worrying as well. :-(

      Your avy btw :grin
    5. Deleted member 84471
    6. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Oh, well... ok, I guess.

      6-4 in the end. I don't know what happened, same players and same setup as last wednesday. players be lazy and not wanting to play at 12:30 I guess. :<
    7. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      I can imagine, but eh... won't it eventually cost your city as well? It will make it even more difficult for Hadjuk Split to qualify for a european tournament, no?
    8. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Did you.... see 4-0? :eek:
    9. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      I'll pass it to the team, if I can. :hurr

      Cheers! :beer
    10. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Bloody hell, you are right 'bout that! That own goal indeed does look awfully a lot like Riise's in 2008; in fact it was nearly a copy of it!
    11. wes
      i was familiar with Badelj and Livaja

      Delac is loaned to a club here Vitesse there one spot above relegation and doing shit :sag

      well im a bit of a amateur scout :awesome
      PSV has a scouting email which you can send players to if you have enough data on them

      ive done it with before with mixed success Hernanes (back then sao paolo) and Ramires (back then cruzeiro)
      got a reponse were familliar with both players but were financially to expensive for a club like us

      and since the croatian league is usually cheaper with players then brazil im interested in following some players :tomato
    12. wes
      can you gimme some names of talented players in the croatian league? :tomato
    13. T.D.A
      Macheda didn't even call Rooney that, the bullshit media decided to mistranslate and also leave bits out.

      Gabriel Marcotti who IS italian comments and defends Kiko:

      "He does NOT call Rooney "vulgar". That's not what "coatto" means. And he says, "Like me, he's a bit 'coatto'. And Macheda says Rooney is "coatto" like him. Both kids from working-class districts in big metro areas. Coatto is roman slang, "chav" not way off base, but a bit reductive as a definition. Basically, brash, unrefined, working class kid. And Macheda says Rooney is "coatto" like him. Both kids from working-class districts in big metro areas. "
    14. wes
      gimme your vote :LOS
    15. wes
      support our fight for freedom

      The Crusade for Freedom in the Football Section

      the section mod is trying to enforce a new football section with a very strict zero tolerance policy,no club threads, and no freedom

      more info is in the link

      help us fight this dictatorship and keep the section as it is fun and free!
    16. Alien
      He's speaks french so he'll probably go to Arsenal. :geg

      He should go to Barca :tomasulk
    17. El Torero
      El Torero
      He´s staying in Valencia! :yell
    18. El Torero
      El Torero
      Spain national team or English national team? :LOS

      I won´t be angry if you say England :awesome
    19. El Torero
      El Torero
      Look Bar?a thread. They have a new president :quite

      And I hope you watch Spain tomorrow :LOS

      After all Spain >>>>>>>>> England :hehee
    20. El Torero
      El Torero
      Spain won´t dissapoint. Remember we crushed Poland 6-0 just last week :edu
    21. El Torero
      El Torero
      Ready to see Spain play like angels? :LOS
    22. El Torero
      El Torero
      Yup :facepalm

      BTW can't wait for next Clasico with Mourinho coaching Madrid and maybe Cesc in Barça :gar
    23. El Torero
      El Torero
      Help me in Barça thread please, ppl are saying Ibra is better than Villa :argh
    24. El Torero
      El Torero
      Atletico pwned Premier League :awesome

      btw Villa signed with Barça and Silva deal with Madrid is almost closed.
    25. sexy no jutsu
      sexy no jutsu
      Hello, fellow United supporter. :zaru
    26. El Torero
      El Torero
      Today real madrid vs valencia :hrrr
    27. El Torero
      El Torero
      Look La Liga thread for lol declarations :rofl
    28. El Torero
      El Torero
      El Clasico has been too awesome :del
    29. El Torero
      El Torero
      El Clasico is in 4 hours :quite

      A lot more important than any english game with any tean not named Manchester United :LOS
    30. El Torero
      El Torero
      Barça thread now :argh
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    Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Sir Matt Busby Way
    @ college
    Favorite Character(s):
    Man eating lizard folk
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    naruto smh.... BERSERK FTW!!!


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