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May 31, 2007
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    1. Cromer
      Probably less of a life than you :haha

      The place is just slightly different. Not many people there I know anymore, though I still do post there occasionally (January Nations cup lol)
    2. Cromer
      Fucking hell mate, you still post here? :lmao how's it hanging man?
    3. Sagara
      United's performance was pathetic (in the first half) as well.

      What happened to DGD btw? :/ All those memories! Gone!
    4. Sagara
      Arsenal gave it soft goals. Pity though, their passing was really fluid. A draw would've been perfect.

      To be honest though, the refereeing was pretty biased. That dive was hilarious. :lmao

      Idk, something existential, unique or deep. Has anything like Mushishi or Mononoke or Bakemonogatari come out within the last couple of years?
    5. Sagara
      Devil for life nomsayan? Can't wait for tonight's Arse vs Chelshit match. :heehee

      And got any recs? I've been so out of the loop, I don't even know where to start. Only manga I still read is Sket Dance cos it's perfect for the end of a long, moody/stressful day.
    6. Sagara
      Finance marketing mate. So far so good. Finance is somewhat challenging but I enjoy it. Marketing is fun and pretty easy. Probably not the most practical second major but I figured it'll help bump up by GPA.

      You Baz and I needa catch up. Take the piss out of Arsenal like old times. :LOS (remarkably, I still remember some of the NF emoticons)

      Btw, you still into animu/manga?
    7. Sagara
      Can't complain bro. Second year of uni now. Think it's been a good 2-3 years since we last had a proper chat. What've you been up to?

      And got a Facebook/twitter/IM? Decided to pop by this forum after 2 -3 odd years. Nostalgic as fuck. :')
    8. Sagara
      Jesus christ, been a fuckin' age hasn't it Ben? How ya been mate?
    9. Dan
      I've no idea why but I cant connect.

      I think something I blocking it, probably my anti-virus.
    10. Dan
      is sopcast working for you?
    11. El Torero
      El Torero
      This story has made a lot of England guys to make Sevilla their favourite Liga team :hehee
    12. Dan
      I can only watch that video because we went through, if we had gone out it would be too much to handle.
    13. Dan
      I'm guessing you wont be going to bed anytime soon


      Watch this, really gets the blood pumping.
    14. MIHAWK
      hey YOU :pek

      in b4 lock :awesome
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