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Jan 20, 2018 at 9:01 AM
Sep 28, 2004
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Aug 14, 1989 (Age: 28)

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Ensō // Reflection Eternal, Male, 28, from Amsterdam

Wise words are like arrows flung at your forehead. Apr 26, 2016

Aruarian was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jan 20, 2018 at 9:01 AM
    1. baconbits
      I immediately wanted to send you a message because last weekend we had a jam session after my band and I were practicing and it was pretty sweet. I realized that when I talked with you I hadn't had a jam session in a few months.
      1. baconbits
        The genius of a jam session is how the song will morph and an invisible torch is handed between the members of the band to the extent that different people are leading the song. Its hard to put into words but when we looked up an hour had passed in seemingly five minutes.
        Jun 17, 2016
      2. baconbits
        And screw this character limit. It sucks.
        Jun 17, 2016
      3. Aruarian
        Ah, nice dude! Sorry for the lack of a response to the music thread, I've been incredibly busy lately with exams, then working full-time and opera performances.

        You should look into Flow/Zone, that's what that experience is called.
        Jun 18, 2016
    2. Aruarian
      Wise words are like arrows flung at your forehead.
    3. Reyes
    4. sunshine and gasoline
      sunshine and gasoline
      No, why would I be grass? I'm watching Naru-toe again!
    5. Lucy Elfenlied
      Lucy Elfenlied
      Hustomte on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomte

      Bring a lot of work home? How do you mean now?
    6. Marcelle.B
      hit up that nfs thread my dude
    7. Kusa

      watch homeland
    8. Lucy Elfenlied
      Lucy Elfenlied
      You must have the wrong person since I never posted sea-related naughty pics.

      It's more of what I did than what I do, somehow I became redundant and got fired. The funny version of it all is that it was a chocolate bread spread factory and after three years of not seeing a single Oompa Loompa I quit. But to answer your question about what I did there, I guess you could say I made sure the machinery worked and production went smoothly. I was pretty much a hustomte expected to fix everything.
    9. Lucy Elfenlied
      Lucy Elfenlied
      No idea. I did work as a motorman for about four years though, but the three latest years I have been employed at a factory.
    10. Kusa
      I can only agree with that. :hurr

      Hmm..Is it very difficult ?
    11. Kusa
      I am going to burn in hell :(

      Thank you.

      I seeee. Are you content with what you study ?
    12. Kusa
      Yes, they would.


      oh i expected less. Your gf studies the samw subject, right ?
    13. Kusa

      Yes, if i kept studying it i would have been less happier and in the end i would have decided to study sth else anyway, because it gets harder by each semester so it would have led to me wasting more years and still deciding to study sth else.

      Oh, i see. How many semesters do you still have too ?
    14. Kusa
      No. :LOS

      I had no connection to it. I was very very bored. I tried to convince myself that i like it, but i had no success with that. My parents wanted me to continue and i did but i did realize i should stop lying to myself. I did switch to biochemistry. Are you finished with uni ?
    15. Kusa
      Oh, well usually if you go with families you don't get to spent much time together as a couple but atleast you had some fun.

      I decided to study sth else. Law was not my thing.
    16. Kusa
      Welp. We did more than we are allowed to i guess. lol

      how was london with your gf ?
    17. Kusa
      I did not state that i still do it though. Now, i don't have to. :noworries
    18. Lust
      I'm learning to be a car mechanic on the side from my mom's boyfriend who used to be one and as well as he works in fuel test emissions sooo he just secured my curiosity in it
    19. Lust
      I totally am hehe, and I want to go into fuel emission testing
    20. Lust
      Chemical Laboratory Technology :amuse
    21. Lust
      My dad got a job here, but then he passed, so my mom and I are stuck here for 2 more years till I finish school then we're moving
    22. Lust
      The cold actually was a really big shock because initially we moved to New Brunswick and it's preeeeettyyy cold there, but now I live across from Detroit so the weather is pretty nice. Not as hot as Romania though

      Ahhhh nothing that I personally know of
    23. Lust
      Right now I actually live in Canada and have been since 2005, but when I did live in Romania I lived in the east side of it in a city called Onesti
    24. Lust
      The best way to describe Romanian to others is a mix of French, Italian, and the slightest bit of German and everyone just goes "ooooooooooooooh"
    25. Lust
      That's great :lmao

      It's not even that necessarily it's the ignorance of others, the amount of times I get "So..like...is Romania in Rome...?" and I just stare at the person and ask them if they're stupid, so we've just grown to get annoyed at the slight mention of Rome, however we did get our asses whooped by them so
    26. Lust
      Yeah no I wouldn't do that dw :lmao

      Yeah..yeah.. we typically categorize ourselves as Latin, so I could see how someone from Bucharest especially would get offended. But, as long as you don't call us gypsies you can't offend us that much. Being called a gypsy is the biggest insult to some of the more traditional folk
    27. Lust
      Yeah but this then turns into a what they are vs. what we think they are type of thing, I mean teeeechnically I myself consider Turks European, they really aren't geographically so that's what I'm trying to follow.

      Romania itself is more of a Latin country but considered Slavic and idek it honestly comes down to what part of the country you live in as well. Like some parts of the country don't even speak Romanian, they only speak Hungarian, whereas other parts speak Italian???? It's weird, it's just really weird
    28. Lust
      97% of Turkey is located in Asia so if you know a thing or two about geography, that usually means they're asian :lmao same as how Germany or Hungary or Romania (where I'm from) is located in Europe, makes me European. And thank you, I'm pretty happy with my mix
    29. Lust
      Well my Mom's side is Turkish and Mongolian, and my dad had some mongolian roots but he was Portuguese for the most part
    30. Lust
      I'm a Latin and Asian mix, so due to my Latin side I get pretty nuts
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