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Dec 10, 2014
Sep 13, 2006
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The City of Wonder
Ash fanboy
    1. BlazingCobaltX
      Ahh you haven't been online in two years here! I wanted to hit you up on tumblr again but your account seems gone. But you're not to be found here either. :eek:
    2. babaGAReeb
      why do u liek ash?
    3. Hero
      there is a pokemon mafia game for you if you are interested
    4. Shukumei
      Glad to hear it! :ruri
      Her mangas are all good! :X3 Especially Honto Yajuu, Omairi, and Konya Mo Nemurenai. :hmm
      I think it's Vocaloid-related?

      The hot guy I have a crush on just started dating my best friend. :( He said I'm hot and that he'd totally make out with me, but that it wouldn't work because we live too far apart, and it wouldn't work out with him and my friend because they're too far apart, but I guess he changed his mind. Now they're officially a couple, and all lovey-dovey on Facebook. I'd been wanting her to get a boyfriend so she'd stop clinging to me (physically etc.), but not like this. :argh She's all "He's MINE, not yours, IN YOUR FACE!" and he's asking me if he can stay at my house for a few days so he can visit her. :geg And she knows I like him, so she's starting to make rules to limit my communications with him (no more sharing yaoi allowed). I don't know what to do. Probably call my therapist to see if she can reschedule my next appointment to an earlier date ... :sweatdrop
    5. Shukumei
      Hmm, Tumblr? :hmm I haven't been on there in ages. I did check yours out to see that you were online and make sure nothing happened to you. If you had disappeared from both NF and Tumblr, I'd have been alarmed. But I saw you were still posting on Tumblr. :)

      I started reading Omairi Desu Yo; it's another good Yamamoto yaoi!

      That character is cute! :X3
    6. Shukumei
      Dat Ash! He knows what he doesn't want. :hehee
    7. Shukumei
      Moar Love Stage is out! :ruri
    8. Shukumei
      A new Honto Yajuu and Konya Mo Nemurenai are out - Aki/Tomoharu sex scene! :druul

      Sorry for the wall spam. :ano
    9. Shukumei
      Love Stage anime :awesome Now we just need more chapters to come out. :hmm
    10. Shukumei
      How's it going? :ano
    11. Shukumei
      This new anime season has some promising shotas. :hehee Isn't he so cute!? :X3 Moar.
    12. Shukumei
      I might have already; I'll have to look. :hmm

      You should do more than think about it. :druul There's shotas confessing their feelings for each other, bathing together, being really cute or badass ... you'll like it! :ruri
    13. Ino Yamanaka
      Ino Yamanaka
      Good! :33 They were fine!

      How's Pikachu ? :haha
    14. Shukumei
      Time to reread Tsuyogari! :ano
    15. Shukumei
      Killua and Gon are adorable, and there's so much blatant yaoi subtext with the two of them. :druul You'd like it! :ruri It's also good for action. Action, shota, yaoi feels ... :hehee Plus it's pretty long so it'll give you something to do. :zaru

      Which artist? :hmm
    16. Ino Yamanaka
      Ino Yamanaka
      How are you? :33
    17. Shukumei
      Merry Christmas! :X3
    18. Shukumei
      I'll have to check it out! :hehee Too bad the images on Tumblr are so slow to load on my computer. :argh

      I'm not sure - you said Killua might not be your type. :hmm He's so cute! :X3 Most of the time he isn't muscley like that.

      I'll organize some screenshots and send them your way. :zaru

      I read those; thanks! :ruri Now I want moar! :ano Haruto is so cute, but Momo is also delicious. Jin is too buff, though. :hmpf
    19. Shukumei
      Boys are good Christmas presents. :hehee

      That's too bad. :( There are probably gay anime I've seen that you haven't, though. :hmm I'd recommend Hunter x Hunter, except you don't seem to like the art style. :argh What about Hakkenden:TouhouIbun&c? Nabari no Ou? X/2001? Yami no Matsuei? Karneval? I can't remember what you've seen already and what I've mentioned already. :hmm
    20. Shukumei
      Your inbox has some boys in it waiting for you. :zaru

      It was an awesome chapter! :X3 Senpai is no longer a side character. :awesome
    21. Toroxus
    22. Shukumei
      New Honto Yajuu and Love Stage are out! :ruri Those cliffhangers! :geg I want moar! MOAR! :argh
    23. Shukumei
      I see. :hmm
      Honey-senpai in a police uniform! In a swimsuit! :ruri
    24. BlazingCobaltX
      I'm sure there are thousands of others with exactly the same title, whatcha gonna do about that? :LOS

      Huh, your family doesn't know? Even the people you're still 'okay with'?
      Well the reason I got so frightened by the idea of telling my mom is because of the things she says and her opinions on homosexuality, which is negative obviously. So the moment I started thinking 'fuck am I gay??/' I also started worrying about my mom finding out. Not necessarily my family, not even my dad, just my mom. The reason why it was so hard for me to accept it was because of the fear of what my mom would do if I told her.
      Nope, it's too early to show her my yuri collection, but she's seen my desktop and the amount of eyesex on that is already too much for her. :LOS I wonder if she started looking differently at my desktop now she knows it, since I did tell her the part that the domino of admitting it to myself started with "liking a certain relationship between two characters of the same gender". I wonder if she thinks those two were the ones I liked, which she's totally right about in that case. :awesome

      In long stories, there needs to be at least some gay denial, in which one of the two dates a guy but then realizes that her feelings for x were real all along. :harley Upon which she now has to come on terms with her feelings and mostly that doesn't happen until the other one actually confesses as well and then BAM relationship. Oh, such a refreshing formula. :zaru

      Where did I imply I'd ever come back for him? :argh I have my own anime crushes!

      Just the thought of how much effort that'd take makes me feel tired. :uwah Then again, if there's something I'm dying to do and I actually can do it, then I'm willing to spend so much time on it.
    25. Shukumei
      I thought I was only talking about chapters we've both read. :hmm Didn't you say you've read up to 15? :argh

      Kasanoda's boy toy? :hehee Now if I could only remember who Kasanoda is ... :argh

      I don't know why I suggested stopping reading; you were right. :sweatdrop I didn't have enough faith. :zaru
    26. Shukumei
      Ren is such a tease. :hehee I WANT! :druul Can I have my own Ren? :awesome I'll treat him nicely; I'll let him be on top, and we can have fun, and cuddle, and eat ice cream together ... :ano

    27. Shukumei
      Haru is mean for stopping during sex, again :argh
    28. Shukumei
      Moar porn, less angst! :ruri
    29. Shukumei
      Shiro was interesting. Does he make a comeback? :awesome

      Haru is pretty much an obsessive stalker/pedo. He needs to be less controlling. :hmpf I hope nothing happens between Ren and Natsu either! :ano It would be nice if Haru got his act together tho and started treating Ren more fairly.

      On the other hand, that cosplay ... :hehee
    30. Shukumei
      Not sure about his name; he plays the piano and wears a shotalicious uniform.

      I didn't like it either. :argh

      I'm about to read 15; I don't like Ren thinking Haru is really cruel (and he sorta is), and possibly going to have his interests go to someone else instead. It used to be all cute and sweet ... now they're broken and twisted. Renren deserves someone better than Haru is now, but I want Haru to change instead of Ren going for someone else. :argh Poor Renren; I'll take over from here. :LOS
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