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Jan 26, 2016
Mar 22, 2006
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Vet technician.


Blaidd Drwg, from Terminus

Astronaut was last seen:
Jan 26, 2016
    1. Stunna
      Yo, what's up. :catblush
    2. Seraphiel
    3. is a
      is a

      u might not know me


    4. Jannoy
      Hello, Dawn!!

      Byebye, Dawn ;u;
    5. furious styles
    6. Shogun
      Alright, let me PM it to you.
    7. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy

      It's not fair.

      It's so not fair.
    8. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. . .
    9. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Did a workout yesterday. Today, I can't stand straight.

      On a different note --

      Apparently, Batman is in Toronto.


      I recognize the places he went to, having been to most of them myself.

      Ha. Toronto.
    10. cheshire cat
      cheshire cat
      you post sherlock stuff?
      Link me your tumblr immediately :tomato
    11. Bonten
      Really?! How many would you estimate? You sound like the kindest person ever. :wtf

      I used to be the youngest on my first few forums, learned a lot about the internet during those years. @_@ And just think of it in the way that... we're the wise ones now. Or something like that. :lmao
    12. Bonten
      Haha well I must've adapted a little then, just took me by surprise some mornings where it'd be ridiculously hot. We never get that over here. Oh so you'd never dealt with snow before you moved to N. Carolina? :eek: It's pretty awesome/annoying isn't it? :lmao That's really kind of you Dawn, thank you. :3 But of course I wouldn't be so selfish as to expect you to feed me as well. :rotfl

      Ahh yeah, most people on the forum are younger than us. I remember back in the day when I was the youngster on forums! :\/
    13. Bonten
      Oh I've visited Florida before, nice place. Damn hot though. Sounds like my kinda place then, I'll have to visit one day. :]

      Ahh right yeah, if you learn from the bad experiences you've had then I suppose they're good at strengthening your character. Always a silver lining. I'm glad I've got a pretty good metabolism then. :lmao I don't think I could drink any low fat, alternative alcoholic drinks. :x

      Do I seem younger? I get that a lot. Must be my vampirism. :33
    14. Bonten
      That's so strange; I found a baseball cap from when I was about 3 yesterday... that has N. Carolina on it. A sign? :hmm

      Yeah, they're a bit sickly for me in general now. :D: And damn, sorry to hear that Dawn. :< Haha yeah though, when I found out about drinks having loads of calories I was like "whut?" :arg
    15. Havoc
      i would if you changed your name back to the hero complex!
    16. Havoc
      how dare you break into my home and vandalize my wall
    17. Bonten
      Damnit. I'd find a way to live there somehow though, I'm sure of it. I'll even be a hobo. :maybe

      Oh how come? Just not like it? I used to like Guinness before someone kept buying me them all night, put me right off. :D:

      And you totally should, the more the merrier! ;p
    18. Bonten
      Hahaha I wish I did live closer! I will live in California one day... :datass

      But what kind of drink? I'm quite partial to Danger Bombs after last Saturday. :maybe
    19. Bonten
      That does sound really eerie; I wouldn't enjoy doing that in the slightest, nevermind on a regular basis.

      Ah I used to be like that, still do am at times. Terrible thing when you can feel you've made a faux pas and the conversation starts spiralling out of control. It sounds like a job you enjoy then; you're luckier than most in that sense, even if your luck doesn't quite stretch to the phone/delivery departments. :lmao
    20. Bender
      @ profile avvy with She-Hulk and Tony

      lol moment :lmao
    21. Bonten
      Yeah, I've heard there's loads of fluoride in it, I'm not into that stuff. Definitely though, we've got (or used to have - haven't used it in a while) a brita filter thing and the water from it tastes soooo much better. :druul That's pretty cool you could tell from state to state though, I wonder if it's the different pipes and stuff just adding their own thing into the mix. I know, I've cut down the amount of coffee I drink to 1-2 cups a day now, it used to be way more. Tea though... I just love my green tea. :< Yeah, I can't remember any facts off the top of my head but I'm sure there are all sorts of things in it that just clog you up full of junk.

      Hahaha yeah you're probably right actually, they're just doing their jobs like anyone else. They must get so much shit from people they've never even met before. No wonder they go on strike so much over here. My mate's dad was a postman and he was pretty happy, he's a really happy guy in general though.

      That's really cool, I'm guessing you love animals then, yeah? *dumb question* How come that wasn't for you though? Is it a bit depressing? Having to put animals down and stuff isn't something I could do as a job. I'd become depressed. Definitely, if you don't like what you're doing then there's no point. Life's for living and having a job you hate just makes everything else worse too.
    22. Bonten
      Water tastes more like something more than tea? :hmm You Americans do have some crazy amounts of additives in your water though, right? I was against them but when you're half dead and you've gotta give 100% at a gig, well, it was the better option at the time. Never used to like coffee either but you get used to it. Weird though, never been into soda, even as a kid. When I found out how bad they were for you, well, I just pretty much gave them up completely.

      Ahh right, s'pose the phone just couldn't handle another drop then. I don't have any pets so I can't imagine the amount of trouble they'd cause. >_<

      Ugh. And yeah! Wtf is that all about? They hide them over here too so they're impossible to find. It was like searching for the Holy Grail, infuriating!

      Client meetings? What sorta job do you do? :]
    23. Garfield
      You be shruggin' now miss Atlas?
    24. Bonten
      Cucumber tea sounds... interesting. Does it have much of a flavour at all? Ah is that like a health choice then? I only drink tea and water mainly, sometimes milk and when I really need to stay awake... red bull and coffee. So quite a few drinks, I suppose. :lmao

      Daaaaamn, a double drop in one day? I can imagine it'd be busted. x_x

      Don't talk to me about deliveries... the hassle I've had with this one particular delivery company is ridiculous, taking weeks to deliver something that should take a few days. :C It's one of the most annoying things ever to miss a delivery though, I had to drive miles to pick up some headphones I'd bought online once. Never again.
    25. Garfield
      How about consistent badassery, tomfoolery and drama?
    26. Bonten
      Have you tried any of the weirder types? I had this strange orange and cinnamon tea today, it was delicious. :druul

      Yeah, work for me wasn't particularly exciting today either. :lmao Wasn't awful though, thank God. Been nagged into going the pub tonight though so tomorrow is going to be most awful indeed. Oh I'm used to the pain of breaking/losing my phone, what happened to it?
    27. Garfield
      hm, yup, butter don't hold the knife, in my case. And since it has vegetable oils, only a thin layer attaches itself to the knife (which is why it's good for lubrication purposes, actually); but yeah, I digress...

      I get the feeling. Girls always like bad boys :hurr
    28. Garfield
      Well, that I already got, read like 10 pages on a wiki about it even though I've as much connection to Dr. Who as a knife has to butter...(wikis can be dangerously addicting)

      But why do you like it, dear madam?
    29. Garfield
      What's interesting about the really obscure Cardiff motorcycle gang? And you seem to have quite an attachment for it, you've had that status for years!
    30. Bonten
      Replyin and... drinkin tea. :quite

      What's up Dawn? :]
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    Vet technician.
    Hi, my name is Dawn.


    Every now and then, the best laid plans of mice and men
    Fall apart at hands of unassuming champions
    Collecting so much dirt that I was buried down alive
    Slaving in this basement, until the day I die.

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