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May 26, 2017
Oct 17, 2011
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Mar 25, 1991 (Age: 29)
Drinking black tea and debating in Purgatory.
Student at university
    1. Es
      poo in the loo
    2. DestinyDestroyer
      hey suuuuneee, you there?

      Hello? Is there anybody home?
      1. Asune
        Apr 23, 2017
      2. DestinyDestroyer
        Hey, you're alive
        Apr 24, 2017
      3. Asune
        I guess
        May 21, 2017
    3. Es
      Go home and be a family man
    4. Es
      Pisspop .
    5. DestinyDestroyer
      Sup Asune, how've you been?

      Question: Where does the image from your avatar come from?
    6. Unlosing Ranger
    7. DestinyDestroyer
      Have you finally returned from the land of the dead?

      How have you been?
    8. Weather
      Somebody is alive :maybe

      Long time no read, hope you are doing well.
    9. Featherine
      Well, you can clearly feel that Haru route is basically the main story and that the other routes are just something to give other heroines a bit more screentime/whatever. Kanon route was decent though I found.

      Utawarerumono, ah, well here's the VNDB link:

      Basically, a masked man wakes up without any memory as to who he is, he is badly injured but gets healed in a small village. There he finds out that he has some curious knowledge (like, he helps everyone setting up crops despite the land being extremely poor and some other stuff). After that the local Lord appears and he discovers that he's an ass, the hero Hakuoro (masked man) mounts up a rebellion and founds his own country with the help of the villagers. From then on a bunch of other heroes will flock to him after many events and the story continues (not spoiling too much).

      I probably have read well over 50VNs by now but it's still easily in my top 5. The story is great with a lot of powerful moments, likeable characters and all.

      It has an anime too, pretty well done if you want to take a look/don't want to bother with the VN. I'd HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. It's that good. it also has a bit of gameplay, kinda like an S-RPG but nothing too complicated. I'm a huge fan =P
    10. Jinri
      An anime and an OVA that are separate from one another. I guess you should watch the OVA first. Golden Time?

      Kinda no.
    11. willyvereb
      Tohno can cut concepts, too.
      Although his handicap is indeed there.
      You may able to counteract this with some other character whose mind can better process the stuff.
      Anyways harming intangibles is easy.
      And if you choose Berserker's physique from FSN you already do that, don't you?
      Lair of the Beast should also give you something like that.
      Given you have phantasmal creatures and you are a fuckin vampire.
    12. willyvereb
      On the other hand I was already considering to take Ryougi's MEoDP because fire manipulation became redundant.
      That and I wish to keep surprises for Never's tournament.
      So pardon me but that one is taken. Thanks for the reminder.
      Tohno's version is still there, though.
    13. willyvereb
      You need precision to trace the lines and maybe even the ability to access the extra dimension the lines are in.
      I doubt explosives would work there.
      Part of the deal with MEoDP that only Shiki can cut them even though as they apear one would think that immortal vamps would regularly drop dead after an unlucky cut.
    14. willyvereb
      And lack of freedom would result in more uneven distrubution of haxes as there'll be some the user would want but can't get after the battle.
      Like I said, both methods have their merits.

      Also God Hand is definitely special.
      It offers auto-resurrection based on a blessing from the gods and crystalization of Heracles' deeds.
      Lair of the Beast King for example both fits special an physical.
      It's a reality marble. But it's also nothing less than Nrvnqsr's body.
    15. willyvereb
      Although you didn't answer my last question.
      Many melee or ranged type abilities could be also re-categorized as "special".
      Some passive effects can be also "special" or a passive "strength of X" can be reurposed as melee.
      Or there's Ede EE's ability which got restricted to melee range but it could be also ranged.

      The question is what do you think about players tossing around their abilities to make way for another skill?
      say I get Moogle's UBW and I move my Wind Magic to special to make place for it?
      Alternatively since UBW is technically a special ability I move it there instead of where Moogle kept it.
      What are your thoughts on this?
    16. willyvereb
      Nope. You can leave a slot empty.
      Speaking of which, your limited skill steal method means that the 2 skills per slot rule still applies, right?
      Just checking if we think the same.
      Also if the placement of a skill is vague I wonder if they can switch that skill elsewhere to open up space for a different skill?
      Both allowing and banning this method has its merits.
    17. willyvereb
      You can pick similar abilities so long it belongs to a different character.
      Close misses aside, at least.
      If you don't choose an Inquisitor's Blue Key but somebody else's then I think you're still good.
    18. willyvereb
      Comments are fine so long they're just temporary.
      As for the respone I'm answering here.
      Red Keys were too conditional and they kinda under the "no autohit" ban within the tournament rules.
      I'm sure there are a number of other fun abilities you can think of.

      Hell, just pick a Blue Key different than Dlanor's and you mostly get the same except it doesn't go against the rules.
    19. Featherine
      Oh yeah, G-senjou was pretty good, at least the Haru route. The others were weird since Maou just up and vanishes... I heard it was best to just consider the other routes a sort of Alternate Dimension where Kyousuke really was Maou, but yeah, it's still weird. Haru's route was just epic as hell though, and that Ending... The tears...

      Always thought I should give Ever17 a try since it has rather good reviews everywhere, just busy with the dozen other VNs I have to finish first. Story looks interesting though.

      If you want a good English-translated VN you should give Utawarerumono a try, it's one of the best available, if not THE best imo.

      I like the Nasuverse too, mainly Fate/ and Tsukihime, although I like KnK as well.
    20. Featherine
      Branded as the flagship?
      What do you mean?
      I think I misunderstood what you said. I took it as "People have the nerve to claim I'm the biggest 07th Expansion fan". Nevermind then :p

      You seem like quite a fan based on your conversations with Berny.
      What else falls within your fandom?
      Yeah, I really liked Umineko.

      But in general I'm an avid VN reader and it was my main motivation for learning japanese.

      Other than that I like RPGs and S-RPGs like FF (played all of them save for 13,3 and 5) and Sengoku/Sangoku Hime series or Kessen, popular stuff like Skyrim etc.. but also some less known ones like Valkyria Chronicles, Atelier series... Classicals like Dragon Ball of course.
      Ah, I like CLAMP in general too, like Tsubasa Chronicles, X, CardCaptor Sakura.
      Saint Seiya ! But mainly Episode G and original series, not much TLC/Omega.
      Detective Conan, yaay.
      I started to read ASoIaF but I'm still on the first book, like it so far. Harry Potter and Eragon as well, though it's been a long time.
      Huge Lord of the Rings fan, although I don't have as much knowledge as some other people I've seen here, but I'm always interested in those kind of threads so I read them, same for Star Wars.

      I don't really follow HST, Bleach sometimes when a lot of chapters are out and I want to catch up but other than that, I don't particularly like any of the 3.

      Roughly :D

      I've been lurking here for a while before registering, I saw you post in a few Touhou threads and such, anything else you like ?
    21. Jinri
      The OVA, I guess. None are canon with one another so you can really start anywhere.
    22. Featherine
      Yeah, I guess the hardest part was introducing it :D
      You're then branded as the flagship for said new verse.

      Such is the fate.
    23. Featherine
      Well, as famous as Umineko is, Visual Novels aren't exactly the popular thing anyway, so it's understandable I guess.
    24. Featherine
      Good taste spreads around :maybe
    25. iwandesu
      just realised i posted this in the wrong place.:facepalm
      it depends, i played mostly WTC and a bit of higanbana
      but i was thinking about trying out rose guns
      what is this new novel about ?
    26. Jinri
      Pero si{accent mark}

      It has two video games, three manga, and two anime.
    27. Jinri
      Si{accent mark}

      There are different stories so it depends. None of it is really anything to write home about, but I thought that the OVA was cute. And maybe Rock-chan too.
    28. Jinri
      SoD? Sands of Destruction? I've never seen an SoD thread here. Or anywhere.
    29. Jinri

      I'm only interested in making respect threads (and even then ...). None of the works I use (aside from the rare Umineko, Final Fantasy thread, or even rarer Black Rock Shooter) are used so I kind of don't care about making OBD wiki posts for them. Even the vs HST threads I make don't get many replies.

      Probably because that's what we usually end up talking about.
    30. Jinri
      Your mum's a magic.
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    Mar 25, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Drinking black tea and debating in Purgatory.
    Student at university
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    hahahahahahahaa ha ha... this is too much
    Just returned to the OBD, and the urges to go into Umineko mode are back again.

    Visual Novels, RPG, Rock music, good plots, etc.


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