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May 26, 2017
Oct 17, 2011
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Mar 25, 1991 (Age: 28)
Drinking black tea and debating in Purgatory.
Student at university
    1. OtherGalaxy
      :hmm mouth looks kinda weird imo
    2. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      That's wicked :X3
    3. OtherGalaxy
      yeah the wait has been way too long
    4. OtherGalaxy
      I wish :psyduck

      Heard it might be coming to America though
      I can dream
    5. OtherGalaxy
      not bad, not bad
    6. Hikki
      The faces must've distracted me from the other stuff. =3=
    7. Hikki
      Whoa, you work quickly. I think you're getting better too. Still think you need to work on the faces though. They seem awkward compared to the rest of the body. It's still a great improvement even if you're copying body poses.
    8. Hikki
      Yes, they're better than the last ones. You seem to do a good job with the body poses. Emery's face looks like it's staring dead at the viewer while her body it turned at an angle. If you draw her head to look in the same direction as the boy, I think it'd look really good.
    9. Hikki
      A tablet is something you connect to your computer so you can draw on it. There are guides you can draw yourself for the eyes though.

      That looks nice. Do you add shading to your other works?
    10. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      First two :33
      I saw the anime first then I read the manga. Really love it.
    11. Hikki
      Do you draw guidelines for the eyes? Maybe you can try using a tablet?
    12. Hikki
      Oh, eyes are some of the worst. Especially anime eyes where those things take up a third of their face or something. It just looks wrong. The eyes you drew don't look too bad. They look okay for a rusty artist drawing a portrait.
    13. Hikki
      Which ones do you have the hardest time on? I would assume the arms and hands.
    14. Hikki
      You should try to learn the base skill of stick art. It's not exactly stick art but it's basically learning the different positions of the body and stuff. I forget the proper name of it.
    15. Hikki
      I found Lady Asuna. Does that count? :33
    16. Hikki
      Well, as long as two of them are easy to follow I guess it'd be easier. Still, with the maintaining of one while playing another complicated one, you must have your work cut out for you. So, have you flipped the chessboard in the mystery game yet? 8P

      Can I see them?
    17. Hikki
      Really? Three seems like a whole lot for one person t keep track of things. How do you not get mixed up with details?
    18. Hikki
      How did you keep up with all three at once? And why did you want to die?
    19. Hikki
      Coolies. How many role plays are you doing at the moment?
    20. Hikki
      School started. Bout to go mega inactive to focus on studies. How are you Asu?
    21. OtherGalaxy
      Ah it's alright

      Sorry about the profiles though
    22. OtherGalaxy

      :lmao that last vid
    23. OtherGalaxy
      I liked it

      also Fatty :psyduck
    24. willyvereb
      I will try to remember this.
      Still, that'd be 2-3 months away.
      Even by an optimistic guess.
    25. Nevermind
      Want to sign up for my Claymore mafia?:maybe

      ROH's domain is being transferred.
    26. OtherGalaxy
      No Diego
      No Weather
      Not even Yuuya Fungami
      Fatty :giogio
    27. OtherGalaxy
      Well they moved back to the old wiki
      Sucks for the new pages though, I think you can get them back with Google cache or something though, ChaosTheory was using it for his pages
    28. OtherGalaxy
      So I noticed two pretty nice feats for Diego I thought you might be interested in
      http://img.[Blocked Domain]/comics/2012/10/27/j/read508b6193837dc/img000024.jpg
      http://img.[Blocked Domain]/comics/2012/10/27/j/read508b6193837dc/img000025.jpg
      :hmm we already know steel ball and nail bullets are>the speed of an actual bullet, and Diego dodged several at point blank range
      They didn't even realize he'd dodged it seems
    29. willyvereb
      BTW, Mahoyo translation will be out by October or so they predict.
      Word count wise they're almost 70% complete.
    30. willyvereb
      So it's confirmed now?
      I mean the part about HF getting animated.
      I knew about the FSN remake.
      Now I wonder whether it's for all 3 routes or making Heavens Feel alone.
      To be honest, I might prefer the latter.
      Albeit it'd be also interesting to see FSN getting all its routes remade into a single series.
      Thus the anime would be practically divided into 3 standalone parts.
      Kind of like Higurashi or Umineko.
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  • About

    Mar 25, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Drinking black tea and debating in Purgatory.
    Student at university
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    hahahahahahahaa ha ha... this is too much
    Just returned to the OBD, and the urges to go into Umineko mode are back again.

    Visual Novels, RPG, Rock music, good plots, etc.


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