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Feb 25, 2011
May 10, 2009
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asz421 was last seen:
Feb 25, 2011
    1. XMURADX
      Tate didn't work on his last episode, because he worked on the new Episode 0.
    2. XMURADX

      He is not one of the best but since he handled most of the main scenes, I wanted to show who did them. And he improved a lot lately.
    3. XMURADX
      I re-uploaded Shida and Tomita's videos in Higher Quality and fixed the wrong aspect ratio.

      New Links...

      Shida: wuQ8JCVxyw0

      Tomita: 4Zdc1ewiJVs
    4. XMURADX
      Halo Legends Toei Sakuga

    5. XMURADX
      Naotoshi Shida worked on Movie 10. :zaru

      I told you to be patient, I'm sure more animators will show up.
    6. XMURADX
      Hey, how are you?

      I don't have a PC at the moment, so I couldn't reply to you at mexat, and it seems I can't login their again for some reason.

      Nice, if you find new animation info, then please post it here so everyone could see it.

      I don't use 2ch much, but you will find all kinds of great info there. It's a bank of knowledge. And the language is tha barier b/w it and us.
    7. XMURADX
      I hope you are doing fine. :)
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