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Jun 14, 2018
Apr 14, 2006
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Oct 26, 1986 (Age: 32)
Middle of nowhere
Psychology graduate student


螺旋派侠客, 32, from Middle of nowhere

AuxunauxiaNoname was last seen:
Jun 14, 2018
    1. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Why do you always have so many awesome replies? You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned.

      Sorry for taking so long to reply.
    2. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Kishimoto's Facebook page only has slightly over 6000 fans. That's a lot less than I expected... 岸本 斉史 <- search this on Facebook and like it. This sounds like a long shot... but maybe if more Neji fans like his Facebook page, we have a better chance of convincing him to revive Neji?
    3. Alexdhamp
      Thanks for the rep and here's to hoping Neji is reborn without the Curse Seal. :grin
    4. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Each person can only change the world in a small way. I don't know if it is possible for me to change the world in any way... but so long as I exist, there's a chance that I can move some molecules around at least.

      I can't say what I'm up for. All I know is that I can try.

      As for your last question... I guess initially my family... asides that, fate. That and the rewarding feeling I get when I've said something that's brought someone hope.
    5. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      When you say "change the world for the better, I hope you mean in a small way, because that's pretty much the only way it's happening".

      You sound like you're going to a really tough field. I hope you're up for it. I know I definitely would buckle under that kind of pressure. What encouraged you into this field of work?
    6. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      It's kind of sad when you think about it though. You came to the conclusion that many aspects of life stink, and instead of things improving, you just get used to that terrible aspect of life. It's true, but still sad.

      Is your internship related to foster care or child education?
    7. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Oh how I miss talking with you. I guess I want some kids, but not too many. I grew up in a house of 7 children, so I've had my fill of living in a crowded house. Maybe two. As for the bars, they didn't work. I've gotten used to misery though. It's all a part of growing up.

      What have you been up to?
    8. Daxter
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    9. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Hey Cham! Well... yup, pretty much. How have you been?
    10. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Ah Aux!! Glad to see you're still around. I hope you're still your smart, cheery self XD
    11. AuxunauxiaNoname
    12. spectre991
      Dropped you a little something.
    13. AuxunauxiaNoname
      You're welcome! =D
    14. Tink
      thank you ^^
    15. spectre991
      Late reply is late but thanks for the rep a few days ago. I don't check my CP that often. :/

      And no prob, I really enjoyed reading your story. :)
    16. Mara
      :hehee Yes, I am owner of a lot of awesome FC's

      I also own the Lee FC, the Neji FC, the Chouji x Ino FC and the Shikamaru x Neji FC, links in my sig. :3

      Thanks for joining them by the way <3 Didn't take you for a yuri fan but I am so glad you are! <3
    17. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Yeah, it has. It's not finished though. Still waiting for more releases.
    18. Roman
      I have to admit, I haven't actually read Berserk. I hear it was a little stale through the middle but some people think it's gotten really good again?
    19. AuxunauxiaNoname
      That's fine, lol. Actually, part of Tenten's appeal, is that she really could be any one of us. Her lack of a back-story gives her a bit of mystery while at the same time makes her "normal". If you've read enough of Kishimoto's interviews and such, he is an author who likes "normal" the best. ^_^

      I just find it interesting that she doesn't even have a family mentioned, unlike Sakura who you at least know has a mother and father.

      Don't worry about bullying behavior. That stuff only works if you take their actions seriously. Your perceptions are always your own. Just pretend they are clowns or something.
    20. Red Raptor
      Red Raptor
      Thanks! I'm so mad at such irrational haters who keep making fun of the less popular characters for nothing. Even when we try to nicely explain our points of view, they Just laugh it off or brush it aside like our opinions dont matter. I'm sick of such bullying acts and behaviour!

      I'm really hoping she gets a baxkstory too but I don't really think Kishi will give her such a power up so late in his manga :(
    21. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Cool. I was wondering what I was going to do with it. I liked it, but thought it was too loud. Not ninja at all, lol. I don't remember how to change a sig. It's been a while since I've been really active and lots of things have become unfamiliar to me. Ima go take a look at it later. As far as I'm concerned as long as people can click and get the information I have in there, it's fine. That you were considerate enough to keep intact my artistic endeavor was actually very kind of you. :)
    22. Naruko
      Hey Aux, sorry I had to tag your sig - the assortment was just too tall. But kept the tag centered to maintain the tower theme (everything else inside is the same as always).
    23. AuxunauxiaNoname
      Wow... I just realized that the last time I posted anything on this forum was in June of this year. It is now November. And the last time I posted anything Naruto related was... last year... in October.

      I've been somewhat negligent in this hobby of mine... ah well. I do intend to catch up on the manga as soon as possible. Been so busy lately though.

      Hi Legendary flames, I am good :) How are you? Do you still want to be friends even though I haven't replied since forever? Lol...
    24. Legendary-flames
    25. Legendary-flames
      Hello, want to be friends?
    26. makeoutparadise
    27. saprobe
      Forks is a real town and while the town itself is less than charming it's surrounded by absolutely gorgeous places. It's the jumping off point to Olympic National Park (mountain wilderness and temperate rainforests) and gorgeous rugged beaches. So, even when the Twilight buzz dies down they still have that going for them. :) And if you still don't believe me here's the their chamber of commerce's official website:

    28. olehoncho
      As much as I wish I could draw alas I do not. I just find fanart and post it in the Neji & TenTen FC. Though I can't draw at least I have eyes to appreciate art where I find it. :)
      Have a good evening.
    29. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      I've been pretty busy. As for the owner of this site, he has very little to do with these forums actually, and in the end, it's not about the owner, but the people that you interact with, and the overall enjoyment you get from that.

      Regardless, I shouldn't tell you how to spend your time. I'm just glad you're back :amuse
    30. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Howdy person who I haven't talked with in ages.
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    Oct 26, 1986 (Age: 32)
    Middle of nowhere
    Psychology graduate student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Male: Neji <3, Gaara, Shikamaru, Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi
    Female: Tenten, Temari, Hinata, Sakura
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Hyper and crazy yet deeply philosphical

    Anime, reading, drawing, writting, bike riding


    Tower of Fanclubs!!
    *Rolls scroll*
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