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  • Blood rains down from an angry sky, my cock rages on, my cock rages on...
    Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    "I torch you down, I give no shit
    I piss on your corpse for the sport of it
    When I die. I'xpect no less
    My mind is gone

    Yeah I was a total Spartacus nerd, watched the whole series a total of 3 times I think. Love everything about the show and especially the way they talk, yeah those were the days. :)
    Yeah Spartacus was my fucking Jam. I always rewatch it once a year. RIP Andy Whitfield.
    Yeah Raws exist. That's how me and Big Boss/Grahf seen the ending of the series.

    Doubt anyone's working on it, with the lack of translation still to this date.
    I will get to that in a few minutes, actually. But, in short, Amaranth looks a bit like Frieda from Ys Memories of Celceta, but without the obvious, and with brown hair and light blue eyes. His skin is also sun kissed, but still white.

    Sol is pretty much Pyrrha Alexandra, but taller, longer bangs and able to use modern clothing and Amy is looks like Aki Aoi from Aki Sora, using much of that H series wardrobe.

    Also, I'm not done. That's like, 1/11 of the cast.
    It is a recoloring edit of a new avengers by hickmans story arc where they must save the earth from an incursion from an erstaz DC earth
    Well if you need seeds on any of the GARO series just ask and I can seed what I got or I can poke the fansubbers.

    Personal recommendation is the stuff with Kouga as the protagonist (Seasons 1 and 2).
    Its a character from Dota 2 (character that is also a tribute to Kimahri Ronso in Final Fantasy)
    Who knows though, the Sage Realm could be saved in the end.

    Jin Wukong might made a miracle or something like that. :maybe

    We are gonna see in the future.
    The Jade Emperor and the Crown Princes are stronger than Nox, we are talking they were the powerful opponents of the old and full powered Jin Wukong, Uma/Oxen King and generally of the 9 Elders/Kings team they had, but knowing Nox they probably have something to make them strong like this or around that level, possibly in the future.

    Dae wi is a badass son of a bitch.

    He is still for example way weaker than Il Pyo or the cool glasses dude who is now fused with Uma but yeah, i hope to get someday a good power up and become at least as strong as them.

    And yeah, the First Crown Prince was a boss.


    > We haven't seen Jin Wukong's full power
    > The Jade Emperor and probably more powerful Crown Princes
    > The full power of The King (the leader of Sang Man Duk's team)
    > etc

    As i said, just imagine their end of series powerlevels if it keeps that pace.
    The fucking sky whale did that shit, it was supposed to self destruct after some point.

    And there was a 10 minutes time limit.

    The sky whale used a disintegration technique/separated into many flying whales and after a while after a lot of shit that happened, Pandora/Soo Jin used a high level ability that was changing the laws of physics/a form of altering reality in the affected area, she expanded the AoE and she somehow also temporally reduced the radius of the explosion for a while.

    After that, Jin Mori fought Soo Jin and you know what happens later.
    And powerwise, the verse is already stronger than RAVE and YYH, imagine in their end of series versions, etc.

    It is easily one of my favorite series.
    Btw ^ (use bro), start reading The God of Highschool, in case you haven't start reading it already.

    9/10 manhwa/webtoon series.
    Ah that scene.

    That isn't what happened. Gatto used Hakkai's vines to conduct the lighting which were already attached to Goku's leg. No-one moved after it started moving.

    Furthermore, even if they did. We're talking about 2km of distance for them to react to it. Supersonic is the best you'd get.
    What about him?

    He isn't very strong. I went through Saiyuki again before I made the video. Couldn't see anything above large building level and supersonic speed to be honest.

    The general area around Maka was difficult to rank as you'd imagine due to the general closeness of stats.

    Yoh's power I tend to disagree with quite a lot of people on. The best feats from the SoF (outside GS) were destroying some battleships and stating that a 1000 ton bomb (1 kiloton) so just into the high end of multi block may not be enough to kill him. Maka is also in the multi block range. Only thing is, because of Mifune reacting to Azusa's bullet that gives Maka, Kid and Black*Star speed far above what Shaman King has, which is just about into supersonic.

    So whereas Yoh is stronger, Maka's superior speed for me at least means she may get the win.

    Ban is different. He's faster than even Maka but he also has an attack that can erase you from existence (as well as dimension hopping which can protect him from attacks with large AoE). So his optimum method of killing (with bloodlust on this is what we assume), is dimension hop behind his opponent and erase them from existence (he did this just before the Belt Line arc in the tournament).
    Tenchi wasn't in for a reason.

    I only use series which have manga as the original source material. So essentially Tenchi couldn't be included because he's eliminated automatically on a technicality. Likewise with the Slayers series.

    Kurohime is where she should be. Not only can she be one shotted by the people she's below but she's also far too slow to extend her blade before they cross the standard distance and decapitate her. She won't even have time to use her healing bullet.

    I thought about Kurohime LONG and hard and I simply could not find a legitimate reason for her to be above those individuals. And once you dodge the initial extension of her blade it's a matter of her simply swinging a blade with a length = to the standard distance. Essentially a normal blade of 5m usable length which can kill you with a single hit. Very dodge-able.
    Voice to me your disagreements.

    I've ranked it according to every calc recorded, it's as accurate as accurate comes given there are quantifiable values to rank against.
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