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Last Activity:
Jun 19, 2010
Mar 18, 2007
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Jan 4, 1989 (Age: 30)


Nico Robin fanboy, 30

Ax_ was last seen:
Jun 19, 2010
    1. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Meh, well it's not so bad, I just slow down with my posting now since I've got an image to maintain :gar
    2. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Yeah, I'm kinda stuck with the OBD bothering though considering my position :zaru

      No, even as the mod I can't do anything about it either.
    3. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Well that sucks, KH Sora is still at around the same place, reflect isn't considered very good, he's around hypersonic, and Genie is the main argument now.

      I kinda gave up on my video game characters since no one ever responded to them :zaru
    4. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      So what was up with the absence?

      You just get bored or some real life things going on?
    5. Gig
      I remember who you are :pek
    6. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Oh man, I didn't actually think you'd come back.

      Thanks for the congratulations, I'm sure someone else remembers you :zaru
    7. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      On here not but a few days ago, should've said hello or something.
    8. Gig
      I think he is temp banned
    9. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Hey Ax_, well it's good to see your back :p
    10. Ax_
      I know.
      It fucking pisses me of.
    11. Dark Evangel
      Dark Evangel
      Yes, indeed CBR sucks.:nod They have this mod who almost banned me for making a 4chan vs. Gaia thread. And it's full of retarded Bleach fanboys who pulls random calculation out from their asses.:zaru
    12. Azure Flame Fright
      Azure Flame Fright
      Hey Ax_, long time no see :p
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    Jan 4, 1989 (Age: 30)
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