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Azrael Finalstar
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May 17, 2016
Jun 12, 2009
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caught in a mosh

Azrael Finalstar

The Corrupted Shadow, from caught in a mosh

Azrael Finalstar was last seen:
May 17, 2016
    1. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Hunters was really that bad. It had like three or four good episodes, and that was it. The main is worse than Davis, and is completely incompetent on top of being legitimately stupid. At least the music was still good.
    2. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Is that a new Digimon season I haven't seen yet, still not ringing any bells. It sounds kind of like that fake Adventure sequel people were talking about years before Tri was announced. It's a good thing that never happened, because it sounded aweful :maybe
    3. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about :maybe
    4. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Since he's fighting Alphamon Ouryuken, we might be getting universal feats :maybe
    5. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Sorry for the late response. Mostly just Cyber Sleuth really. Nothing else major has happened. It did lead way to a small hand full of new multiversal characters though. Namely The will of Yggdrasil, which apparently exists in multiple realities at once and what we see are just avatars of it. Also Mother Eater, which is the final form of the games villain, who take control of the WoY's abilities. Shoutmon EX6's profile was translated, which gave us another star level mon. There was a 100c calc for Duftmon X's profile, so that gets scaled to things like the Royal Knights and Demon Lords. Zeromaru was confirmed to be the Ulforce to appear in the Xros Wars manga, so he is now sitting at planet level stats. The theory that Alphamon require a host body and are a separate being was confirmed to be canon. There is probably other stuff I'm forgetting.
    6. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Good to see you again man. The upcoming Adventure Try has renewed my interest in seeing the Tier List complete. Also, it's nice to see your two favorite seasons get significant upgrades huh? :maybe
    7. LordPerucho
    8. Xeogran

      That topic :lmao
    9. Cygnus45
      I was always curious: Are you Jewish? Don't worry, I won't sucker you into a religious debate, I'm just trying to figure out why you have the word "Azrael" in your user-name. I have only met like 2 or 3 Jewish people in my life and I don't like to sound or act ignorant.
    10. Whitebeard
      Verifying your account doesn't cost 20 bucks, still costs 1$ though. Not sure if you're willing to pay that for a community where you don't even post anymore, I'd be willing to do so if you could give me creator status but I don't know if that's even possible, lol.
    11. Whitebeard

      http://soulsocietybattlepit.wikispaces.com/; for some reason, non-members can't access the wiki anymore and I can't really do anything about it as an organizer. The problem probably lies in Settings->Permissions->Private, but it can't be changed to Public unless "the creator verifies his account"
    12. Jakers
      I wish they made more disney animated films like Alice in Wonderland and animated sequels to it.
    13. Jakers
      what's your favorite disney animated film? do you love alice in wonderland and peter pan?
    14. shade0180
      yea still fixing it, thanks.
    15. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Just relaxing, so how has the OBD been recently?
    16. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      How have you been dude?
    17. Jakers
      really in what sense would it be a lie? surely isn't seeing your religious god/being getting beaten just as bad?

      but yeah i get what you mean. have a nice day. :)
    18. Jakers
      just curious.... back this past month, why did you think the first one is worse than the second?
    19. EndlessStrategy
      Luffy has his moments, but he's a fool often enough that he can't really be called a "total" badass, don't you think?
    20. Ernie

      You like it or not? Opinions and tips are welcome in the thread! Thx...
    21. Jakers
      I kinda figured the first one would be SLIGHTLY worse. For some reason.
    22. Jakers
      I want to know what do you think is more terrible:
      God or any favorite real deity/being damning you and your friends/family/favorite real celebrities and idols to hell forever no matter how much you rightfully loved, worshipped, and defended Him/It in the OBD or in real-life?


      The thought of seeing God losing/being defeated/being destroyed by your most hated fictional verses/chars of all time or anything at all in the most humiliating and gruesome way imaginable and seeing everyone make fun of God or your favorite real deity for that, no matter how much God or anyone has told you since babyhood that He is awesome, good, benevolent, omnipotent, unbeatable, and will always help you and cheer you up successfully when you're in need or desperation. Or God no longer existing for that matter?
    23. Zeromaru
      Yeah, it's not bad though, they generally have the right idea. I read like 8 threads on "Digimon vs Pokemon" before joining the obd.
    24. Zeromaru
      Haha, I know that feel.

      Yeah my brother wants to watch it dubbed solely for Steve Blum and it would be strange hearing anyone else do it -- I feel the same way about Kazuya Mishima's(Tekken) voice actor.

      Also, what's your opinion on lounge.moviecodec.com?
    25. Zeromaru
      New set's cool. what's going on?

      Also, question. Did you watch Cowboy Bebop subbed or dubbed. :hmm
    26. Jakers
      No shit, sherlock.
    27. Jakers
      but you get what else i'm saying right?
    28. Jakers

      but one of the specific kinds of new stuff I hate are bakugan and all the new pokemon rip-offs...
    29. Jakers
      and not only still remember the two decades you said, but i'm still going to live like them, only difference being is that i'm going to be an adult looking for a job and finding girlfriend/family.

      I hope the possibilities for the future are good and not shitty.
    30. Jakers
      many decades from now, i'm going to still be remembering this decade.
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    caught in a mosh
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    anime, Heavy Metal, Dinosaurs


    Dragons of the Earth
    "I'm a Christian. Hallelujah, saved by Grace"

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