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Aug 19, 2012
Aug 19, 2011
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Feb 6, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
In Tia Harribel's closet


Banned, 30, from In Tia Harribel's closet

Azure-storm was last seen:
Aug 19, 2012
    1. Clay
      Maybe I should start executing some people. :hmpf
    2. N
      I was surprised Vanille was 19. :-( Let's talk about Hope. :LOS

      Somewhat Greidy also. Those bastards. :tomacry N is awesome. :pek

      Fate/Extra? -Too lazy to search- :del One of those Fate/Stay Night games I presume. :maybe

      I'll add more later. :del
    3. Synn
    4. Clay
      Some say Jack the Ripper was a woman. :hmpf
    5. Midaru
      I know sweetie... he didn't leave without telling me first...

      I emarried him because Heloves is not only another guy, he's the most wonderful, interesting, caring, awesome man I've ever met (too many things to describe him)... he's not a member here now, but I'll stay loyal to him, I'm so madly in love with him...
    6. Plush
      I'm back!~ :tomacry

      Sapphy...I missed you. :cry
    7. N
      Fang was a bit too masculine for me. :distracted She definitely had her feminine sides, but...

      I'm Ira that people stopped trolliny my N Fandom when I cared about him less. :tomacry

      You had me at trolling Danzo. :O:O:O

      Fuck. I got FF13, gonna have to wait a month to get it. :(

      Been 10 hours, r u back? :S
    8. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      lol People in the battle pit would mostly have fun with other people's fandom lol. I remember when during my first days in the battle pit; Almost everyone is picking on Komamura just to annoy his fans. Don't worry, I don't join parade like that~

      Hmm.. Actually, it's not always romance which brings drama~ heehee

      AHh., My pet who died happens to be a dog as well. It was our family's first pet but back then, I wasn't attached to animals. I just feed them, leave them outside and that's it. But that dog happened to be so loyal to us. Until when he became sick, loses hair, and became thin. I was so afraid on how he looked like. One night, I was eating a stake outside my house when the dog approached me. I immediately ran away fearing that the decease might transfer to me but he can't follow me. He was so weak and all he can do was look at me with his eyes crying melting from sadness as his owner is afraid of him. I can't help it so I come to him and brush his head with my hand. He felt so much loved that he doesn't want me to stop. That night, I decided to bring him to the veterinarian

      but it was already too late. He died on the morning and I regreted all the days that I

      should have spent with him and took care of him.

      After that incident, I adopted two new dogs whom I spoiled a lot. Even taking them to

      the bed with me and bringing them to the car wherever I go.

      By the way, Sphyer is not my boyfriend. Where did you hear that?
      He's one of best friend here on NF.
    9. Olivia

      Also I'm doing pretty good, how about you?
    10. Magicbullet
      your idea of yaoi is just as good as IK's

      thanks, I've never actually seen that one before :distracted
    11. N
      I troll in mysterious ways. :blinditachi

      FF13-Versus better be nice to make up for it. :pek

      Look back further. :maybe

      It shall be difficult, but I could make it work after I back, or tomorrow. :del
    12. N
      I was trolling. :maybe I believed Renji wins at the time, but not that easily.

      Told ya it's gonna be lame. :pek

      Btw, did you see the only nice, FairlyLaw? :maybe
    13. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      Hmm, well.. I've read some of the convo talk discussing about your fandom~
      I don't think it's a filler. The manga has really an Ichihime moment~ the time when hime brought food to Ichigo.

      Yes, despite reading the manga, I still broke down in tears when watching the anime when it comes to dramatic moments.

      Well, i meant no harm but accidents happen. The duck managed to recover though but it wasn't long before we eat it. :geg

      Oh what was your pet before?
      I've also experienced pet death before and I know how it feels~

      I always have fun in shopping, don't worry~

      I'm so glad to see that my presence is still making other people's happy. You too~
    14. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      OoOoh.. I was expecting you'd like renji and rukia pairing but not the ichihime one~

      Yes, that scene too.. A lot of scenes made my cry in Bleach anime such as when Rukia leave the real world, when Ichigo heard Rukia's story from Hanatarou, Momo's despair over Aizen, Soifon's past. lol

      I'm not really rough. I just play rough with them. I remember not to be harsh because last year, I made a duck bleed just for chasing it. Ducks always move in herd and are together every time so chasing them would separate their ways. There was one young duck among their group which I'm really fond of. I always failed to catch it but one time, I decided I won't stop til I get my hands on it so I chased it endlessly. We went through pineapple fields, wires and under the track until it can no longer run and bleed so I finally caught it but was in bad shaped. I feel sorry for the duck.

      I love shopping, soo yeah.. once I get back to city, I will~

      Life in the farm is something not be jealous of. Life here is simplistic.
      I see, so that's why you have no avvy.
    15. N
      Snow is supposedly..."lost". Sarah is gonna find him. Lame point of the game, but meh. Better be cool. :pek

      Cya. :brofist TCG won't win. :del
    16. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      By the way, where is your avatar?
    17. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      By the way, which is your most favorite pairing in Bleach?
      (yes, hoping there's one :ano)

      of course.. heehee, compliments makes me more confident~

      Haha.. yes, I barely cry on manga. Anime impact gives thrill and drama.
      I'm not playing with animals here, I was being mean to them. :(
      I throw sticks to the goats and chase the ducklings.

      It's fun here but no shopping malls.
    18. N
      Hiei and Kurama are clearly wearing limiters. :blinditachi

      Well, not the mission but the small Cacts are Fodders'. :pek Yep, Fang is awesome as a usable char. Amazing Strength, got Dragoon Lance if I didn't note before. :datass

      Deals more or less 17000 damage with a single strike. He fucking spams it at low HP. :giogio

      FF13-2 doesn't have any cool chars. :wth
    19. N
      Hitsugaya is the best Bleach character, your argument is now invalid. Because he's the strongest Bleach char, clearly. :maybe

      I decimated that Cact. :canttouchthis Jumbo Cact can't be that much stronger. :del

      I fought Atticus(Mission 51). He had about 2000HP, then he killed me with Meditate. :tomacry
    20. blackfire96
      i knew that :sweatdrop lol

      umm well im a sophomore in high school (10th grade) i love my anime, couldnt live with out it...umm i dont know....what else do you want to know?
    21. Gogeta
      Yes i could, meaning, i have the power. The correct question is, will you make me an avatar
    22. N
      Yoko Kurama=Hiei :wth:gun

      Fought two of those damn turtles on the way. They two-shotted meh. :(

    23. Nami's Knockers
      Nami's Knockers
      I C U and ~Shadow~ plotting. :hurr
    24. blackfire96
      Yachiru-chan??? :hmm hehehe oh yea my profile picture right?? lol ok then Azure-chan :amuse
    25. Ace
      Not so good. :( Studies are driving me insane. :argh
    26. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      Yeah, I saw it :(
      They don't approve of ponies.

      Next time, keep it Bleach related.
    27. N
      If I see one of your arguments look weak, I won't hesitate to assist you.

      Because Renji is Renji, I won't flat out debate for him. :del
    28. Vermin
      So, do you play any sports?
    29. N
      Fucking TCG. That Hisagi Wanking cock sucking faggot. :giogio

      My comp froze for a good 5 minutes on that scene.
    30. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      Wow, Thank you very very much for letting me have the new convo~
      I promise next time that I'll have you get it the next time if I win, heehee

      And nah, I love compliments. I don't mind, that was so nice of you to give me~

      Also.. I haven't seen Jinta and Ururu from anime but I hope I'll see them sooner. I saw them in the manga though but I guess the anime impact is still better.

      I don't live in the farm. Just having vacation here
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    Feb 6, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    In Tia Harribel's closet
    Favorite Character(s):
    Tosen Kaname
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 143
    Watching anime, reading, video games.


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