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Oct 15, 2014
Nov 18, 2007
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Under the Same Sky, from USA

azurelegance was last seen:
Oct 15, 2014
    1. thecerealgirl
      Hello I saw you on the SS fc and I think you're a Bommie fan too! Im a Bommie fan and an Ss fan too and I just wanna say hi if you don't mind. >.<
    2. Deatz
      If you thought the German Naruto opening was golden, you should read some of the changes the German dub made due to censorship for young children.

      In the German dub, Sasuke is not on a quest to kill Itachi, but to find the entire Uchiha clan, who've been kidnapped by Itachi. :lmao

    3. raizen28
      haha oh righty then. and yeah I agree
    4. raizen28
      nucking futs! I messaged you back in 2011 about a friend request and you didn't even know who I was! You accepted anyway being a nice person to such a noob despite my random rudeness, apologies ma'am.
    5. raizen28
      changed name?
    6. warp drive
      warp drive
      SN? Wuts that?
      College cool! Wat r u studying?
    7. warp drive
      warp drive
      No much. Trying to find a job in this bad economy.
      (U were shown in NF main, buttom pg xD y?)
    8. warp drive
      warp drive
      Yo zup? Wats cookin
    9. Kryptic
      :wtf That's so pretty!!

      - I'm gonna find some more to art spam when the SS fc comes back :33
    10. Kryptic
      Spreading some SS. :wtf

    11. RedAsATomato
      Mhmm... and you're welcome. :3 Thanks--added you back! Can't wait until it comes back, it feels like it's been awhile since it poofed. o:
    12. Kryptic
      Oh lol :laugh Not sure if you'd like this one- I loved it, great song and everything :hurr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqQ1bbdGElk
      I love them both, esp after her confession <3 Hopefully SS will have a moment in the future.
    13. Kryptic
      And amvs <3 Do you like NaruHina btw? Cuz I found an awesome NH + SS amv :love (it's cool if you don't ^^ )
    14. RedAsATomato
      Props to you on that post you wrote for Blue--if there was a rep. option for profile comments, I would have pressed it at that point. Hehe. Definitely did good for the user I think, and on that note, I'm rather glad my post got missed and focus was given on yours--reading it really prepped me up as well.

      So thanks for that, and when the FC comes around again, I'll see you then too? :)

      (Also, mind we add each other? It's always cool to find another SS Fan... .w.)
    15. Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha
      Thanks and I will take your advice. I'm to much of a noob to the story that I sometimes show that.....a lot.
    16. Kryptic
      lulz 'redonkulous' :cry Mee too </3 I'm just looking up so much fanart/drawing so much fanart that it's almost crazy.
    17. Kryptic
      Oh hai ;33 I saw your post on HoU. Haven't talked to you in a while/many of the SS members :(
    18. CandleGuy
      Thanks for the rep
    19. terminator16
      hey u want to see something realy funny
    20. Rose
    21. Rose
      omg another gokudera/haru fan :wtf
    22. Libra
      Hello lalalagirl55! I am the new owner of the KohzaxVivi FC, and I just added you member list! Come over and just talk about the pairing!
    23. raizen28
      hello fellow narutofan may i send you a friend request sorry if i disturbed you
    24. terminator16
      wanna be friends
    25. terminator16
      wanna be friends
    26. UchihaB-Chan
      Ahh, I loved you, I'll add you to my friends! *---*
    27. Yomi
      Thanks for the rep!

      Really? I love you too <3 :hoho
    28. Purely Sadistic
      Purely Sadistic
      OMG can I just say that I LOVE your siggy? :wtf Under the same sky...So beautiful! :cry
    29. Rima
      Your welcome! :hug

      Just helping a fellow SasuSaku fan in need. :amuse
    30. Rima
      I just didn't want to see you get ganged up on because the Anti fans are really jerks and can't stand to see anyone happy but your right I believe SasuSaku can still happen after this and I truly don't care what they say. :P

      Anyways, If more start to argue with you it's best you just ignore them. They don't run kishimoto's manga. :amuse
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    Favorite Character(s):
    Sakura Haruno
    Itachi Uchiha
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Anything with: Itachi or Team 7.


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