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B Rabbit
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Sep 21, 2017 at 7:40 AM
Aug 4, 2011
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B Rabbit

OL's Best

B Rabbit was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017 at 7:40 AM
    1. Nevermind
      Hey man, don't know what happened last month, but we're getting ready to release this month's issue. Have you progressed along on those HST/Toriko entries on your own blog?
    2. Freddie Mercury
    3. Freddie Mercury
    4. Nevermind
      Hey, how are you on all of those entries?
    5. Nevermind
      Tonight is fine.
    6. Nevermind
      Hey, we're preparing to put the issue all together. How are you with your entry?
    7. Nevermind
      Ah, got it.
    8. Nevermind
      When do the last chapters of Toriko, Bleach, and One Piece come out this month?

      Once those are out, get your article for this month to me before the 31st.
    9. Nevermind
      Request the other one?

      Haven't receive the One Piece. Try again.
    10. Nevermind
      Got the Toriko review. Did you have anything else to send?

      Also, what would you like to add for your author bio section, if anything?
    11. Nevermind
      Did you use my proper address (nevermind@outskirtsbattledomewiki.com)?

      Try again and if that doesn't work, we'll just do it the other way. I'll also send an invite to the private Slack chat room.
    12. Nevermind
      Was there a problem in sending the work?
    13. Nevermind
      I'm way behind on it myself, TBH.
    14. Nevermind
      Sure, put those feats in. I'll take all the reviews, just no need for DB since GM is doing that.
    15. Nevermind
      Hey man, how are those reviews of yours coming along?
    16. Nevermind
      Plan is for the 29th.

      Publication schedule that we're running on is that we release on the last day of every month.
    17. Nevermind
      You're welcome.

      GM's already doing Dragon Ball though, so stick to the other three.

      Email me at nevermind@outskirtsbattledomwiki.com when finished.
    18. Nevermind
      B Rabbit, GM recommended I contact you and tell you that we've launched a monthly publication to an email list we've begun to gather for the OBD Wiki. He suggested that you should consider adding your Toriko chapter reviews to the publication.

      He also told me you have a site/blog of your own, so this would be a good way to get traffic for it. The list already has dozens of subscribers, and you can add a bio section to the bottom of your article to promote your websites, products, social media links, etc.
    19. Furious George
      Furious George
      Heh thanks man.

      Oh and I'd didn't miss the end of Dressrosa. I stopped commenting because I stopped caring. :lmao

      Fuck is Blackback?
    20. Marcelle.B
      Thanks :catfeels
    21. Louis-954
      Thanks for the reps! :D
    22. Freechoice
    23. Rax
      How long is a while? :cat

      Also I am super dandy :33
    24. Rax
      Yo Yo Homie B

      How's the best OP fan I know? :datass
    25. Imperator100
      You responded to my thread "Tier List Masterlist", So I thought I'd inform you that the thread has been created.
    26. Josh
      What's your skype and link your matches with Tim, please
    27. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      For fun? Or for bets?
    28. Josh
      You intersted?

      Throwing a free 50K literally your way just for a quick 5mins of fun
    29. Josh
      I was asking you to train me cuz I'm terrible :maybe
    30. Roƅ
      Don't read Death Note.

      Watch it.

      The anime only slightly changes the ending, but they add a few things (that don't mess with the story) that makes it one of the best anime ever.

      That on top of the amazing OST's.

      Only 37 episodes.
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