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Apr 22, 2015
Feb 12, 2012
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Dark Continent
high-school student


problem?, from Dark Continent

Bamboo was last seen:
Apr 22, 2015
    1. Not bamboo
      Not bamboo
      LOL i would figure so >.>

      Well your name is kind of a meme on luffyforums >.> thanks to a guy named mirage/Couple of pimps, we were having an argument and he mentioned bamboo for some reason and from that day forth "who is bamboo" mem was born u.u

      Well now you know!! And knowing is half the battle!!

    2. Not bamboo
      Not bamboo
      Are you "THE BAMBOO"? :amazed
    3. Markel
      Yo! Happy New Year!
    4. ArmorOfWisdom
      Yu Yu hakusho was different though. For me, demons being killed isn't the same as humans being killed :distracted

      What I know from your disease is that Scoliosis affects the entire skeletal system including the spine, ribs, and pelvis. It impacts upon the brain and central nervous system and affects the body's hormonal and digestive systems. It can deplete the body's nutritional resources and damage its major organs including the heart ect... Like you stated earlier, Should Scoliosis not be monitored in a patient and the curve progresses it could potentially squash other major organs of the body, the result of this could be death,

      You should get a lot of rest bro.

      After a long stressed day of college, I tend to hit the gym more than often. Helps a lot
    5. ArmorOfWisdom
      I agree, the first time I read the chimera ant arc I was shocked by the gruesome scenes. Hence killua plucking jone's heart out. A lot of people have labeled me "soft" for these reasons, but HxH has been rather too cruel for my own tastes. I hate it when Togashi makes some development for a minor character, hinting that he or she will appear later on in the series for cameo purposes, then gets killed off recklessly.

      Man, I'm sorry to hear that. How did it feel? were you in pain? I think I know the name of your ex-disease; Idiopathic Scoliosis, it is when When the natural outward curve in the thoracic spine is actually reversed, curving into the chest, the condition is called thoracic lordosis.

      Lifting weight is a good stress reliever, hopefully you recover at 100% and start pumping some Iron!
    6. ArmorOfWisdom
      That didn't surprise me, the only thing that truly surprised me was seeing the children's clothing tainted with blood after the bot swore an oath to protect his sister :cry Feel sorry for the mother right now...

      More will come of these gruesome actions. King splitting a 4 year old girl with his tail and eating her brains...

      Surgery? What happened?
    7. ArmorOfWisdom
      I just watched the episode. I was a bit disappointed since they added the filler scene of the boy protecting his sister and later getting killed and eaten along with his sister :lmao

      I'm just relaxing and came back from the gym... too tired.
    8. ArmorOfWisdom
      what's up bro?
    9. Markel
      mabuti naman pre. nasa mahaba-habang bakasyon so todo relax. sinusulit ko na dahil medyo malapit na rin ang pasukan.

      walang anuman, bro. you deserved it.
    10. Hozukimaru
      :brofist np man and yeh Yammy's the king, how can he not win?
    11. Lurker
      Yourwelcome, just repay me some time lol.
    12. familyparka
      Your welcome mate :brofist
    13. Donquixote Doflamingo
      Donquixote Doflamingo
      Whats your signature from
    14. Roƅ
      Honestly, I didn't even notice all the dots until you Noted it at the bottom of your post :lmao
    15. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      That's sad man....but he's a fake messiah. :-(
    16. Reality
      That shit be cray... ^ (use bro), you trynna kill me or suming wrong with you ?
    17. Reality
      I'll check it out when I have time.
    18. Reality
      Yeah, that scene freaked me out... and I totally didn't expect that she was going to grow a D**K

      I'll check it out sooner or later but tell me,what is it about :hmm
    19. Reality
      Or, ShemalesInterestedInSorceryWhileRapingInnocentGirls.JPG


      Seriously though, the anime is beyond creepy :distracted
    20. Reality
      *Interest Bible black... :lmao
    21. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      Lolmods can easily handle with us. :maybe
      His words are already spreaded across OBD. :LOS
    22. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      Lolmods are too strong for us. :maybe
      But we have The Messiah RottWeiler. :LOS
    23. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      Just as planned. :villa
    24. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      Accept my friendship, buddy. :distracted.
    25. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      How you dare to ask this question?:obd
      Yes, is a very good game series.
      Worth to play.
      Lucifer swag will bring you to his side. :maybe
    26. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      This sounds very homo. :zaru
      Ok, let's be friends.:distracted
    27. Markel
      Haha! Makitawa ka na lang. Lakas tawa ko sa ibang pics na naka-post dun.


      Sa akin (no particular order),
      - Bamboo
      - PNE
      - Urbandub
      - Franco
      - Kamikazee

      Eto yung ngayon, yung medyo bago2x tsaka mga active pa.
    28. Markel
      madami-dami rin palang magaganda dito sa NF forums. http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=814229
    29. Markel
      Narinig ko na yun, mas gusto ko nga yung version niya kaysa dun sa original ee.

      Ano bang mga gusto mong local bands?
    30. Markel
      Haha. Hinihintay ko reps mo, dito mo pala sa page mo pinost.

      Narinig mo na ung 'War of Hearts and Minds'? Ganda nung song na yun, underrated nga lang talaga.

      Oo nga, Bamboo yan ee. Favorite ko ngayon ung version niya ng 'Imagine' ni John Lennon.

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    Dark Continent
    high-school student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Chrollo Lucifer
    Hello! I'm Awesome :yes

    Bible Black


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