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Dec 9, 2019 at 12:41 PM
Mar 9, 2007
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Oct 12, 1989 (Age: 30)
The Hall Of Lolhalla Troll Kills: 58
None of your poor person's buisness


Banhammer Science, 30, from The Hall Of Lolhalla Troll Kills: 58

Banhammer was last seen:
Dec 9, 2019 at 12:41 PM
    1. Detective
      Hello Old Friend, hope you are well.
    2. Narcissus
      Hey Ban, how've you been?
      1. Banhammer
        Terrible. Yourself?

        Also I accidentally reported your post
        Feb 28, 2019
      2. Narcissus
        No problem about the accidental reporting. :lmao

        Why terrible though? I've been really good, just decided to check up on this old place.
        Mar 2, 2019
    3. Jeroen
      Just curious, but how good (or bad) is the Ducktales reboot ? :blobsweat
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Jeroen
        Don't say that....

        Do I need tissues ? >_>
        Aug 18, 2018
      3. Banhammer
        You'll definitely need them in season 2
        Aug 18, 2018
      4. Jeroen
        > season 2

        Aug 19, 2018
    4. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      to answer your rep question, if that was indeed your max, then yes.
      1. Banhammer likes this.
    5. Detective
      My dear old friend, the dawn of summer is indeed here. Pray tell, is thou taste in the literal genre, still the sameth? I might have a few suggestions for thee, if so.
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      2. Detective
        Excellent! I will start by verifying, have you begun any of the Stormlight Archive(3 long ass books but amazing) books yet? Or the Dinosaur Lords(3 books)? Still into Urban Fantasy? The Daniel Faust books are a Dresden-esque take, from an Anti-hero with a heart of gold POV(8 books so far). Hellaquin Chronicles(first series is over 7 books, but another begins next year)?
        May 15, 2018
      3. Banhammer
        I'm well updated on the archives. Thanks for the others
        May 16, 2018
      4. Detective
        I may have given you this series before in the past, but Michael J Sullivan's Riyria Revelations is a completed 6 book series which also acts as one of the better fantasy novels without much magic present(only hints). There is much, much, much magic fantasy elements in it's currently being released prequel series, The Age of Myth, which takes place thousands of years prior.
        May 16, 2018
        Banhammer likes this.
    6. Es
      Get on skype nig
      1. Banhammer
        Computer is gone. I'm mostly off line. Anything big happening?
        Oct 4, 2017
      2. Es
        Lots of shit yes

        Punisher got pushed back

        White Knight Joker becomes Deray

        Planned parenthood panel in comicon in NY
        Oct 6, 2017
      3. Es
        Oct 7, 2017
    7. Detective
      Hope you are well, old friend.
      1. Banhammer
        I'm doing okay buddy. Thinking of you
        Oct 4, 2017
      2. Detective
        Oct 4, 2017
    8. Castiel
      james marsters returns to dragon ball
      1. Jeroen likes this.
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      3. Castiel
        ha, yeah toriyama isnt ever gonna let that movie have a sequel, but it looks like while he was researcghing that role or whatever he actually became friendly with the dub cast? The dub director said folks would get a kick out of the VA they got to voice this villain and very recently he just started following a bunch of DBS voice actors on twitter and they followed him back.
        May 1, 2017
      4. Castiel
        So we're 98% sure James marsters is anime now
        May 1, 2017
      5. Banhammer
        As a voice actor, he's one of the pretty big ballers in the field.
        May 2, 2017
    9. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Hey. I seen you around in the SU thread and I thought you might possibly enjoy this show, as it's basically a Conan Star Vs the Forces of Evil, before there was a SVTFOE.

    10. Mider T
      Mider T
    11. Amanda
      And for my part I regret using the phrase "being annoying". It was the closest I could get at the moment of writing to express "posts that you'd rather not want to have to read on NF, but which you quite can't delete either, as it would be a too dictatorial approach to things."
    12. Amanda
      Hi, I thought to write to you about the posts you've reported and I've left to stand.

      I know you got angry when I quoted the Café rules, but the point of it was simply to show I'm trying to stay objective to the point a human - a being by nature subjective - can. I don't want to start deleting posts or threads just because they're annoying to some, as long as they're within the rules.

      If there's something I'd like to keep an eye on it's continously posting nothing but threads and posts aimed at mocking some country and annoying its inhabitants/supporters. This doesn't mean people can't take sides or drive their agendas. But somewhere there has to be a line.

      There is one particular poster who keeps doing this and I have brought his name up, but was told he hasn't done enough wrong to warrant action. So I stay alert and if the chance comes, collect evidence.

      As for what we mods "are and always have been", I can't speak for any other mods or what they have done or what their motives have been. I myself am simply trying to do a job I didn't want, find unsavory and simply accepted because I have the nice girl syndrome where you can't say no.
    13. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Probably a double post if I didn't leave a message.
    14. Megaharrison
      I don't think it's banned yet even though it probably should be
    15. Megaharrison
      Lots of palis are gonna die, then they'll beg the eu for more welfare
    16. ane

    17. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      There's a thread right in LOK, made at the same time, notifying everyone that it is also being shut down.
    18. Freechoice
      you are the worst

    19. martryn
      Well, for logical arguments, Thomas Sowell is a good place to start. He's got almost all of his syndicated column online, and it's easy to find. Going back from there, you can find lots of videos and lecture transcripts of Milton Friedman. These two are older, but the principles apply today.

      If you're browsing YouTube, one of my favorites was Lee Doran, though he typically only posts videos talking about current news stories that aren't of interest to me recently. His videos countering some of the bullshit videos that made the rounds of Facebook a few years back are golden, though. Following that thread, you can eventually find videos by LearnLiberty, which are great, short, and concise.

      You basically want to stay away from Bible thumpers and focus on raw economics. Economics is a science, and it's theories are supported by experimental data like any science. This information, and these facts, are your best tool. When I'm in a heated argument I can typically find that economic theory backs me up, and there isn't a great counter to facts.
    20. martryn
      Can you be more specific in what you're looking for, or what you're trying to defend? Do you want a list of not-crazy-sounding conservatives?
    21. Kenneth
      I've sent Savior a warning but you should consider leaving him alone, too. It only takes one spark to ignite a fire.
    22. Detective
      Man... just reading that thread makes my heart fill itself with sadness. :(

      Let us toast to our brothers in arms... internet armchairs that is. May they be shit talking with each other and casually checking out sexy angels in that big OBD/KT forum in the sky.

    23. Narcissus
      Have you seen Book of Mormon? I just saw it for the first time, and it instantly went high up on my favorites list.
    24. Detective
      Me too, but I have some hope that Supes gonna Supes in the 2nd half of the film.
    25. Narcissus
      In other news, I'm glad you're enjoying Steven Universe.
    26. Narcissus
      oh yes, it's a massive step forward.
    27. Narcissus
      No problem Ban. I can understand your frustration with that, and I know that there are still massive problems to be worked out. Just like this one though, they'll be dealt with in time. It's cool that you're doing such a good thing.
    28. Jay.
      i am drinking again. i don't remember
    29. LIL_M0
      I got interested because of the Point One book, is there a translation for the Asgardian stuff Loki is saying?
    30. LIL_M0
      :lmao Okay. I guess I'll read with caution then.
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    Oct 12, 1989 (Age: 30)
    The Hall Of Lolhalla Troll Kills: 58
    None of your poor person's buisness
    Favorite Character(s):
    Yondaime Hokage, 'cause he was smart enough to get killed first.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Smiting thy, filthy changeling!


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