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Aug 10, 2019
Jul 25, 2012
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Well-Known Member

barreltheif was last seen:
Aug 10, 2019
    1. Mider T
      Mider T
      Why have you been so rude to me, lately? When we first met, you were extremely friendly, but, now, you are not; what happened? Why has your attitude toward me changed so drastically, recently?
    2. giantbiceps
    3. Freechoice
    4. Freechoice
      gonna rep you when I can bro :thumbs
    5. meingbolt
      You're a very, very good poster. Your posts are highly consistent with what Oda portrays of things in the Manga. Even though we don't agree sometimes, glad to have you in this forum.
    6. Freechoice
    7. Freechoice
      did you like my rep on mf
    8. Mockingbird
      It's me Garbage Haus :catcry
    9. Mockingbird
      My ^ (use bro) barreltheif do you remember me???
    10. Freechoice
      they eat da poo poo
    11. Freechoice
      What is this topic even about? Doffy said that Law should've tried to pit Kaido against him. This is just a repeat of a conversation he had with Law 70 chapters ago.
    12. Amol
      WB fighting Spandam was a joke you know. It is not my fault that you don't have sense of humour and I definitely don't need lessons on how to make threads from someone like you . You lack basic understanding that there are many ways to make a gauntlet and just because it doesn't suit you , they didn't automatically becomes bizarre. You have this annoying self righteous attitude.
      Go check back thread.You will find that many members believes that Old men even can't complete the gauntlet and here you have balls to come in my thread and tell me that how ' easy' and ' bizarre' it was.
      I really pity you .
    13. BashFace
      Yes Kuma is heaps stronger than Akainu. Kuma can teleport instantaneously, whereas Akainu has no advantages at all. Neither strength nor speed. There's no way that Akainu is one of the top five strongest in One Piece. Kuma protected Sunny for two years.

      Akainu is stupid. :kaga

      You are the worst debater I have ever seen.
    14. BashFace
      Why did you neg me, what the fuck? Yeah I'm serious Akainu's not one of the 5 stongest in One Piece. Holy shit did he just say that. Blackbeard or instead of Blackebeard go Mihawk,Shanks,Kaido,Dragon and Bartholomew Kuma can you tell me who there is weaker than Akainu?
    15. Freechoice
      Hey bro, nice post in the Who/What is Over/Underrated in OP? thread.
    16. Freechoice

      You're so damn silly.
    17. Guybot2
      barrell.. i see 8 men standing beside shank.. do you want me to show you the panel?

      im sure there is more on the ship... but from what i look at is that those 8 men who stand beside shank is his main officers.. the point is that shanks ask everyone on that field to challenge him and his crew.. everyone was motionless.... sengoku made a wise choice to call ceasefire.. theres too many causalities on the field..
    18. Guybot2
      you neg me because i have terrible post? seriously?

      forgive me, my grammars suck.. i cant help it.. i am deaf..
    19. BlueDemon
      Haha, thanks again! :D
    20. BlueDemon
      Thanks for the rep :)
    21. Garbage Haus
      Garbage Haus
    22. Garbage Haus
      Garbage Haus
      Isnt your name supposed to be barrelthief?
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