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Apr 13, 2007
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B.C., Canada
Construction/Outdoor activities.
    1. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Sweet...sounds like you'll be using Grimmy:LOS Now that I think about it, casting some votes should help you with rebuttals.
    2. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Badass!:awesome I didn't realize you were watching it. You have some experience in the Battle Pit, right?

      There were 2.5 months between T1 registration and DB. We tried 24 tier between, too. I'd estimate T2 should be up before the end of the year.
    3. Unohana Retsu
      Unohana Retsu
      My avatar... or signature? :) Thank you, regardless.

      I don't really get to draw lately, so there won't be coming much soon. :(
    4. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      This is so sudden! I'd like to thank the academy, Kanyeezy, baby Jesus, grownup Jesus, Yammy Fc..:LOS

      Excellent Knighting you're doing:quite The Yammy fight has not yet begun to start..plenty of time to make bets with the non-believers. Bitches to be owned, trolls to be had:datass
    5. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      I'm glad to hear it!:iria There are some trial matches and those from the last tournament you could read. That's if you're not in a hurry because it's your choice in the end.
    6. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Oh, I thought I saw you post there before.:sweatdrop

      You make a team with 74 points. Then you post a strategy for you match and try to sway voters.

      Instead of a standard tournament we're doing Davy Back. Winning gets you 16 points to buy a character from the defeated team, or you can save them in hopes of winning your next match and buying a stronger character.

      There are only 3 days to register so if you're interested feel free to give it a shot
    7. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      A spot of tea, Good Sir?:quite

      Registration for the 2nd Bleach tourney is up.
      Davy Back
    8. Sajin
      You should become his Knight to spread his word even better :pek:gun
    9. Sajin
      ...You need to join the Yammy FC. :pek
    10. jam3sbob
      hey man, why can't we rep you? not that i have a lot of reps but, i would have liked to rep you for arguing on the kenpachi vs hachi thread. though i don't know who's right, i still like the argument. don't mind them ganging up on you.

      row row fight the power!
    11. Kobe
      It's too bad I can't rep you but you and Solar Bankai pretty much owned him there.
    12. Brooke Logan
      Brooke Logan
      I agree with you that Hidan made the series better (Konoha TV thread I'm referring to) and if you were able to receive reps, I'd pos rep you for that post.^^
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  • About

    B.C., Canada
    Construction/Outdoor activities.
    Favorite Character(s):
    1. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
    2. Zaraki Kenpachi
    3. Neliel
    4. Nnoitra Jiruga
    5. Ikkaku Madarame
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 121/166-167-190
    I'm a bitter, sadistic, narssistic, sarcastic piece of shit.



    Spoiler: Bleach

    Pantera King.

    The King is running
    Shaking free of his shadow
    The armour rings
    Kicking at the bones
    Slurping at the flesh
    Raising up a combat
    Crushing the heart
    Treading in alone
    Towards the distance​
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