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Last Activity:
Aug 17, 2019 at 11:44 PM
Apr 13, 2007
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B.C., Canada
Construction/Outdoor activities.


Destructive, from B.C., Canada

Beelzejow was last seen:
Aug 17, 2019 at 11:44 PM
    1. dixie
      lols at that gif!!!
    2. dixie
      Would Canada be cold because of the?. shity weather!! And all that snow stuff?? :hmm

      why Ireland has shitty weather

      Regional climates are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and latitude, Ireland is close to the Atlantic, which is generally a mild, wet and windy region, temperature ranges here are seldom extreme. Eastern areas are drier, cooler, less windy and also experience the greatest daily and seasonal temperature variations. Northern areas are generally cooler, wetter and have a smaller temperature range than southern areas.

      Though the UK is mostly under the influence of the maritime tropical air mass from the south-west, different regions are more susceptible than others when different air masses affect the country: Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland are the most exposed to the maritime polar air mass which brings cool moist air; the east of Scotland and north-east England are more exposed to the continental polar air mass which brings cold dry air; the south and south-east of England are more exposed to the continental tropical air mass which brings warm dry air; Wales and the south-west of England are the most exposed to the maritime tropical air mass which brings warm moist air.

      I could do plenty of things to you, most of which would also be illegal, and not very pleasurable for you!! :zaru

      I am glad you are getting sleep, the more sleep you get the less BS you can spurt into the world!

      The world is indeed indebted to me! :zaru
    3. dixie
      Hold on, I?ll just ask the next meteorologist walking down the street why the weather sucks!! I?m sure they will know! :nod

      You teach me, ha! I doubt you are qualified to teach anyone anything, and it would be a cold day in hell before I need lessons from you! :edu

      You seem obsessed with happy endings, tell me now who is living in a world of magical fairytales! :zaru

      Use you imagination on that, it seems to be the only thing you are good at doing!!
    4. dixie
      Harr harr! You do like your visual aids! :edu

      I'm a bitter, sadistic, narssistic, sarcastic piece of shit.

      All can be summarised to one word?. Jackass!! :zaru

      Yes, it is a nice place and it does have shitty weather, but it isn?t depressing?

      You get to watch people who are desperately trying to stay dry running around like headless idiots!! *good entertainment*
    5. dixie
      wow, an uneducated Irish leprechaun hobbit joke, oh that is indeed the first time I have heard that for sure!! :awesome

      If you are going to try and insult my intelligence make sure you try and use what little of yours you have!! :zaru
    6. dixie
      That sledgehammer must have hit your head if you think I would ever type something like that!! :zaru

      I did English lit, you think I would spew out literary diarrhoea like that, give me some freaking credit!!
    7. dixie
      One is enough to hold against you for the rest of your life, why would I need any more!! :kukuku

      That is indeed pretty f?$%&d up!! What the hell did you fight about!!

      You dear sir are wrong, I am Irish, the tea is for the calm periods in-between the meaningless violence! Besides fairies are nasty little critters, I?m not talking about Tinkerbelle, I?m talking about old skool mythology, where the fairies rip your face off to wear!! And tea is scolding hot? why do you think I throw it in your face all the time!

      Actually the 3 inch heels are kept strictly for stabbing people, mostly I wear flats!! Better for kicking people in the face! :zaru

      You not being able to cook for shit is not MY problem, I don?t cook for just anyone and most likely if I cook for you there will be cyanide in it!

      You can think that all you want, it will be you crying like a little girl when you are on the receiving end of said wrath!!

      I owe you NOTHING!! The only happy ending you will get is my 3 inch heel up your???????????????????????
    8. aiyanah
      so you didn't bother to read the post :giogio
    9. aiyanah
      your remembering it now so obviously its memorable.

      did you even read my post properly, or does reading comprehension not sit well with you?

      eat a dick
    10. aiyanah
      negged me again bro? obviously no ones entitled to their own opinion. Take your sexual insecurities elsewhere.
    11. Vanity
      I do think most women like guys who are a bit taller than them. I just don't always follow the norm with stuff.

      And yeah, they have 2 big ones that happen in my city each year and a few smaller ones.
    12. Memos

      Terrible try. Terrible. Anyway, answer my PM.
    13. Memos
      Telling you would make the deletion pointless, wouldn't it? :LOS
    14. Vanity
      Haha sorry. XD I don't tend to know who has read my posts before you see. :S And well he's not that much shorter than me. I'm 5'8". I've actually been attracted to a number of guys that are a few inches shorter than me.
    15. dixie
      Where the hell would you be hit by a sledgehammer? and don?t tell me the streets!! :argh

      Hmm, then I must find another weapon of choice!! Hammer and chisel!! :hmm

      I?d say I?d bludgeon you with my 3 inch heels, but I highly suspect you?ve maybe been hit in the eye with one of those before! (and not in a good way!! :zaru)

      Oh dear god, was that actually a ???.. compliment!! You are right? you aren?t well!! you are not well at all... did you fall and hit your head on that run?:huh

      I may be a woman, but I would have to use a very sharp knife to make sandwiches, and I would probably not be using the knife to cut bread?

      Besides you know where the kitchen is - get of your ass and get them your own damn self!! I?d only poison them!! :zaru

      Besides there are no happy endings in this world, only the pain and misery of my wrath!! :jackal

      (On a lighter note - are you feeling any better!)
    16. Vanity
      I'm trying to get my b/f to cosplay Rorschach someday by the way since he's the same height and weight as him. I'm actually taller than my boyfriend but I've never had a problem with anything like that.

      Oh and I noticed you live in Canada. Me too. XD I live in Toronto though.
    17. dixie
      Aww poor baby! Have you got the man flu? the flu that makes men turn into whimpering idiots!!

      Hold on? I know how to cure your insomnia :hurr

      *grab a sledgehammer*

      Now hold still, it?ll just take a second!

      At best you?ll keep running away from me and tire yourself out!! :zaru

      At worst.. Well? sledgehammers bruise a bit!! :amuse
    18. dixie
      Well, if you weren?t so full of innuendo and BS I wouldn?t have to make you out to be that would I!

      And hell no I don?t want paid in tea bags, I am not some find of financially challenged muppet!! Cold hard cash can buy me tea!! :jackal

      And I don?t use teabags? I buy leaf tea!! :zaru


      *pours boiling hot water over Grims ?teabag? *
    19. dixie
      Funny story, I nearly trained to become a nurse, but then I decided looking after sick people wasn?t for me!

      So that would be a no! :zaru

      Besides? you always have ulterior motives!! :notrust
    20. dixie
      You ran out of sanity long ago I suspect!! :zaru Or you have something on your conscience?? :hurr

      Well I usually I let it run its cycle, where I go without sleep until I HAVE to sleep! Then I collapse into my bed and the cycle continues!

      What kind is it, are you dozing off and then waking up and dozing off again? Or is it that you just can’t sleep at all? Cause it get them both.

      You could try having very MANLY lavender scents around the room you’re sleeping in sometimes that helps… and taking some warm milk… (not hot chocolate !! ) before you go to bed!

      It is either that or drugs!! (Nytol or Calms or some other sleeping tablet??) I tend not to like taking these as I don’t like taking tablets too often… only if it is a last resort!

      You could read this!!

    21. Vanity
      That's very true, I agree with you.

      I don't personally like the Comedian much though. I agree that he's a deep character but perhaps I don't like him because I'm a woman and out of all of the Watchmen he did horrible stuff to women. I can't say I'd want to be around that guy. Unlike Rorschach who I don't think has ever hurt a woman. He seems to have something against physically hurting women no matter how bad they are. Although I don't like that he seems to think all women are whores. XD I'm not a whore I'm actually a virgin. :S But he wouldn't agree with some of the stuff I wear(like my Envy outfit). LOL.
    22. Vanity
      Oh he also kind of reminds me of the random stranger who defended me from a group of 5 or 6 bullies a few years ago in a coffee shop.
    23. Vanity
      Well he's a really interesting character with a deep meaning. I think he was deeper than everyone else in that series. He wasn't the character that I thought would be my favourite in it until after I watched it and read the comic. And I've been treated like shit a lot in my life like he has.

      The actor who played him did a really good job too in the movie and his birthday is 2 days after mine. LOL.

      He's also kind of hot in a weird way. :zaru

      And redheads are cool(my mom is one).
    24. Vanity
      I love your new set. I love Rorschach. :ohpek

      Since I was born in 1984 he was still around then....I mean I know he's fictional but since the story takes place in 1985...yeah. XD

      Anyway, I would have repped you for the set if I could. ^^
    25. dixie
      No, you are trying to get me to react to you saying my rack is nothing special!! To say yes they are brilliant, they are magnificent, they are special!! Sorry? I don?t fall so easily into verbal traps like that? unless I am trying to toy with you, and the novelty has worn off slightly there!

      No, it involves something like a hockey stick, something which I could easily bludgeon you to death with!! :zaru And again, I keep telling men not to be sending woman to the kitchen that is where all the sharp things are!! You are basically arming us and contributing to your own downfall! :havoc

      Meh, your existence is a bit of light entertainment!! Nothing special! :zaru
    26. Kyōraku
      Yes, we're all aware Blender repwhores 24/7.

      About that message, no. I was talking about an owner of a fanclub. She always spells incorrectly, and she gets lots of negs for it...
    27. dixie
      Rugy is a mean sport I?ll give you that (you are probably used to being so close to other men?s groins! :zaru ) , but you obviously haven?t seen any of the women?s teams here? you underestimate them and their bloodlust? it will be your downfall!!

      And I shall point and laugh at it - (but you should be used to that already)

      Wow, trying to get me to react to that! Women don?t usually suffer from boob envy!! :zaru

      The only thing I will be Pm?ing you is my loathing for your existence in the world!!
    28. Fran

      It's from a SUGOIIII KAWAIII ^__^ animu called Shinryaku! Ika-Musume.

      Don't watch it, lol T_T
    29. dixie
      Why yes, yes I am!! :hurr

      I can hold my own!! , I have a mean left hook!! And ever heard of camogie, I used to play it, you think American football is rough try going out on a field with a team of Irish girls!! They are bitchy and ruthless and a lot more blood hungry than guys ever could be!! :argh

      And I doubt even YOU could lift MY bloody handbag!! :zaru



      It is pointy and deadly and will scoop your eyes out!!

      Inhuman method? I?ll take that as a compliment!!

      No sexual pun intended? I highly doubt that.. YOU WERE THINKING IT!! :notrust

      By making it AN ORDER!! You have almost guaranteed I will never tell you!! Don?t you know women at all!!

      And I?ll let you in on a little secret most Irish women don?t actually know their weight off hand, and I wouldn?t be publishing it where everyone can read it either next thing you?ll be asking for my bust size!!! But I?ll get the scales out tomorrow and find out.. Just so I can torment you by not telling you!! :zaru

      I will let you know I am older than you!! :p
    30. dixie
      That?s ok, I?ll kick you in the shin and take a sledgehammer (or my handbag) to your knee, then spray you in the eyes with my hairspray then punch you in the face!!! :zaru

      And, kneeing a man in the groin is so obvious!! Why would I do that when I can stab you in the eye with a spork!

      Sporks rule :yell

      Besides I get plenty of calcium, my bones are akin wolverine?s adamantium, I haven?t broke a single bone in my life!! All ------- years of it!

      it is obvious you are young and don?t know much about women, demanding such things will surely mean they won?t give it to you!! :awesome
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  • About

    B.C., Canada
    Construction/Outdoor activities.
    Favorite Character(s):
    1. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
    2. Zaraki Kenpachi
    3. Neliel
    4. Nnoitra Jiruga
    5. Ikkaku Madarame
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 121/166-167-190
    I'm a bitter, sadistic, narssistic, sarcastic piece of shit.



    Spoiler: Bleach

    Pantera King.

    The King is running
    Shaking free of his shadow
    The armour rings
    Kicking at the bones
    Slurping at the flesh
    Raising up a combat
    Crushing the heart
    Treading in alone
    Towards the distance​
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