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Last Activity:
Nov 7, 2016
Nov 7, 2007
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Inside Mystic
Pleasing mystic


Pretty Gay, from Inside Mystic

Belphegoob was last seen:
Nov 7, 2016
    1. A. Waltz
      A. Waltz
      Hey gurl. Went on a nostalgia trip while bored and wanted to just say a few things. Doesn't look like you've been on in a while but if by chance you do just wanted to say thanks for the camaraderie. You are a good friend and one of the people I could count on in this forum and I always thought you were a super nice person. Hope life is treating you well post NF.
    2. Suigetxuj
      [vote lynch belphegoob]
      1. Jeroen likes this.
      2. Jeroen
        You forgot to bold your vote, but, other then that, I fully support this lynch.
        Jul 5, 2017
      3. Suigetxuj
        *aint no bold in profile posts*
        Jul 5, 2017
      4. Jeroen
        I know, but still.... you could have added the tags. :p
        Jul 5, 2017
    3. Stelios
      I just found your new reactions gifs
    4. sworder
      Ah I see, no problem friend.

      Thank you and have success with that as well!
    5. Stelios
      heh you owe me this rep message.... 10fold :cat
    6. Suigetxuj
      Well WAD sure is taking his sweet time for that :lmao
    7. Suigetxuj
    8. Suigetxuj
      Wanna play a mafia gaem with me? wad is hosting

    9. RemChu
      U accidentally negged me owo

      But the ty is appreciated but not necessary
      Since I was just saying how it is.
    10. Suigetxuj
      2Xtreme4Me :catghost

      Nah, hypocrital or not, we do what we gotta do for ourselves. :noworry

      lool you just wanna watch the world burn :lmao
    11. Suigetxuj
      quarter-life crisis you mean :lmao I killed my facebook and sort of went monk mode, been doing a lot of soul searching

      lol dude stopped trying before it began it seems

      I'm totes feeling the bern right now, Trump thing is both hilarious and terrifying to me lol, if he wins I'll prob lose my work visa, get sent back, and then he'll want me to pay for his dumb wall. fuck dat noise
    12. Suigetxuj

      how goes everything?
    13. Sarun
      Of course boss.:salute
    14. Sarun
    15. Sarun
      lol, I actually would only feel better if you respond in someway.:hehee
    16. Sarun
      I thought you are mafia and that killing you would have proved my grand mafia read on the thread.:(

      Suffice to say I f'd for everyone and killed you despite our friendship.:cry

      Bit demoralizing to say the least.:(
    17. is a
      is a
      Are you in or are you out. :catprone
    18. Jeroen
      There was no doctor in the game. >..>
      Just a town cop, 6 generic townies and 2 generic mafia.

      So, fakeclaiming doctor would have expedited matters lol.
    19. Jeroen
      It was the first time I got lynched on day 1 in a long time....
      > town cop
      > lynched day 1

      Classic me.

      I don't know if there are many NF'ers there, but from what I've seen it does seem to have people from several different sites playing there. :hmm
      I do know Law has an account there, though. >.>
    20. Jeroen
      I got lynched there an hour before you VM'd me. >.>
      Your timing is impeccable as always.
    21. is a
      is a
      I believe 9 and 18 are the only ones you don't know

      9 will be her first time and 18 his 2nd time but they are promising players :noworries
    22. is a
      is a
      1. sworder
      2. Remchu
      3. Lucaniel
      4. Didi
      5. Lord Genome
      6. Melodie
      7. SinRaven
      8. Persecuted
      9. reilure
      10. Mystic
      11. Super Mike
      12. WPK
      13. Nighty
      14. Chaos
      15. Mr. Waffles
      16. Cubey
      17. Belph
      18. Afgpride

      I also have maybes from Gogeta, Shinobu, and Savage, with Kitsune on reserve :noworries
    23. is a
      is a
      Well you're the 17th confirmed slot and it hasn't even been 10 hours since I sent invites. Will finalize confirmations again days before it starts :kermit

      Nah no indie, been too long since a game lacked one :hm
    24. is a
      is a
      Am I supposed to confirm you or not :catippy
    25. Ishamael
      Haha, mainly just movies or reading.

      Nope, I have a Line but that's about it. I should get around to making a skype though
    26. is a
      is a
      I will give it my all :brofist

      But I swear if town is shit again (regardless of alignment) I'm gonna just take a break, not 2-3 years long, but yeah...
    27. is a
      is a
      Real talk though, don't think you played bad, lol.

      Honestly even for me, who was also one of the top scum hunters then, it's just so much harder to scum hunt when there's so many bad townie players that pervade games these days. They contaminate reads.

      Our respective failures in Cubey's game IS mostly on us, but our overall lack of ability to live up to our past as town is strong key contributed to a severe drop in quality of play since.
    28. Ishamael
      That long already, wheres the time go :sadpanda

      Same old same old tbh just more school work

      Give Kubo some credit, its more like 2 fights!
    29. Ishamael
      Haha ya its been way to long since we've talked
    30. is a
      is a

      Since you seemed interested :catflower
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