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Sep 15, 2016
Apr 28, 2009
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Active Member

biar was last seen:
Sep 15, 2016
    1. Sol_Blackguy
      lol at your thread :rotfl:rotfl

      Tell me when Naruto characters are Mach 14 which is mid Part 1 Dragon ball characters can do.
    2. Francesco.
    3. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      yeah you can read stuff online if you want pm me for more details
    4. DestinyDestroyer
      It seems somebody visited my profile :quite

      What's up?
    5. masamune1
      My sig is Date Masamune.
    6. Fran
      Hurpadurp, I'm Mattaru :33 . . . which used to be my old username on this forum.
    7. Fran
      what's your UWO username? :iria
    8. Vanity
      Okay let me know if you watch it/read it and tell me what you think if you do. :)
    9. biar
      TY for the advice!
    10. Vanity
      Yes FMA is finished now. The anime ended in July and the manga ended in June.

      I would read the manga if I were you since the anime does cut some stuff out. It doesn't have much filler(first ep was filler though) and is like 64 episodes. I'm talking about Brotherhood.....not the first anime because the first anime of FMA finished long before the manga did and therefore it ended up taking a turn in a different direction from the manga after so many eps. It was 51 episodes. Both series are good though in their own way. I've seen it all.

      I really love Envy and I love cosplaying him.

      I like Kimblee a lot too(although only canon manga/Brotherhood Kimblee). I didn't like first anime Kimblee. Canon Kimblee is sexy though. And he blows stuff up. Haha. XD I've actually seen a few fanarts of him with Deidara.




      Oh and I see my boyfriend posted on your page. XD It really is a very well done series. It never went badly at any point and ended well. And to get the full FMA experience it really is best to both read the manga and watch the anime.
    11. James
      I'll answer since I love FMA. The FMA manga finished this year in July, one of the few shounen too where virtually everyone agreed it was a great ending to a great series.
    12. Vanity
      That's okay. Since I saw you wondering where I was in Deidara's poll I thought I would let you know. :)

      You might also have not recognized me due to the Envy sets although I was using those before the name change.

      I love Deidara and Envy a lot.

      Have you read FMA or watched either FMA series?
    13. Vanity
      I'm Kyasurin Yakuto. I changed my name back in July.
    14. Cardboard Jewsuke
      Cardboard Jewsuke
      I didn't even see the matches yet. Was it that bad?
    15. dreams lie
      dreams lie
      Haha, I spent the first three years of my life in mainland China in a small town close to Hong Kong (Taishan... heard of it?), but I was born in Reno, and I was educated and most of my memories are here in Nevada. While I am fairly assimilated, I have relatives and cousins who are fairly fresh off the boat, and they keep the culture alive thousands of miles away from the Middle Kingdom. :awesome
    16. Cardboard Jewsuke
      Cardboard Jewsuke
      Jaedong is just playing so well right now. He was slumping for a bit when he had that stomach infection, but recently he's been a beast. Not to mention Dreamliner is horribly zerg favored, so thats like a free set for him.
    17. Cardboard Jewsuke
      Cardboard Jewsuke
      Flash, mostly because I am a terran player. But Jaedong's probobly gonna win.

      I know what you mean about Korea though, I only got into it my last like year in the military, adn then it was to late to get a free 6 month trip there.
    18. dreams lie
      dreams lie
      Sorry man, I am not at all literate with Chinese. My knowledge extends to maybe 20-30 characters maximum, and while I am able to hear Cantonese, I cannot even reply in return.

      "xie xie ni, tong bao."

      This looks like Mandarin, which I am hopelessly inept at. Help?


      After speaking it out loud, I recognize the first three as "thank you". Am I right? :(
    19. Undead
      Did you give Gato a 10 for the lulz? :sag
    20. Bart
      Ah lolol :lmao
    21. biar
      Nice...lol. I don't see many SC fans in NF, where are you from? I'm from USA (Chinese by race though) :p.

      I'm play Zerg btw, and I keep getting raped by SK Terran XD
    22. Cardboard Jewsuke
      Cardboard Jewsuke
      It's actually a long story. In the last OSL group selection they had all 16 players draw a map of their brain, and what each part was thinking about.

      Flash put down Jeadong twice and they asked him why:

      "Commentors: Jaedong takes up two slots! Is all you do think about Jaedong?
      Flash: It's not like that... I just wrote it down honestly. I lost to Jaedong hyung in three finals, so if I think if I had won all of them..."

      And that was Jaedong's reaction, which I thought was priceless.

      And to be fair, Leta is my favorite player, and Flash just rapestomped him in the OSL. :zaru
    23. KBL
      Thx for the PM...

      It's a great idea, i will talk with a MOD to make this project after the actual polls.
    24. KBL
      Hey that's an intersting idea, i will think about it... thanks biar. :dupe
    25. biar
      TY for the warning, I've edited my sig
    26. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Normal Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text and images."

      Your sig breaks the height limit.
    27. Rabbit and Rose
    28. Rabbit and Rose
      Rabbit and Rose
      NOOOO, I didn't even save it on my computer:cry
    29. Rabbit and Rose
      Rabbit and Rose
      I don't know who made it but damn it's godly.
    30. taeko
      your signature is epic :quite
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