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Avantgorepowerdeathjazz-core, from ...Somewhere in the Bowels of Endlessness...

Bishamon was last seen:
Aug 15, 2017 at 11:10 AM
    1. DemonDragonJ
      From where are those images in your avatar and signature, and what is occurring in them?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Thorin
        No, she has to pee.
        Oct 24, 2016
      3. DemonDragonJ
        That would explain the man's facial expression; where can the full scene be found?
        Oct 24, 2016
      4. Bishamon
        Nowhere, the movie isn't out yet for you unless you happen to live in japan, in which case you can see it in theaters
        Oct 25, 2016
    2. Indra
      Bisha I was updating the member list in the Boruto FC. Was wondering if you wanted me to list your name in it. Thanks in advance.
      1. Bishamon
        Yes! I think he's adorable despite what I said in the other thread, I liked the way he grew.
        May 17, 2016
      2. Indra
        Awesome! Gonna add you now. Do you have any suggestions for the FC title? I figure we might as well throw some ideas out there :hm
        May 17, 2016
    3. DemonDragonJ
      Who is that woman in the images in your avatar and signature?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Bishamon
        fuck u bitch i do what i want
        May 15, 2016
      3. jayjay³²
        yea this nigga needs to be cussed out fam
        May 15, 2016
      4. RemChu
        He gave the previous one to me. L O L. No need to shake this dude down.

        May 16, 2016
    4. RemChu
      anime in avatar pls?
    5. NarutoShion4ever
      What happened regarding the privacy settings, you mean?

      I always check all the options to give myself the best privacy---which usually isn't much but I take what I can.

      So imagine my surprise that everything was reset.
      1. Bishamon
        holy shit!! what the hell were they thinking... it probably wasn't on purpose but still, how did they let that happen? dumb af
        Apr 23, 2016
    6. Zyrax
      All Day Ninja
    7. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      The lady on the sig what anime is she from?
    8. Fourangers
      Have fun reading it yay~:hurr And ok, although I do get that a huge chunk of fanfics are shit, SNS is also like....a good portion is junk but the rare that are good are REALLY good, so I guess I also hold my pride that we get some really nice fanfictions.

      If I told you all the history we had in NF...I mean, let me tell you one. There's a chapter when the chapter cover featured Naruto and Sasuke as babies. Then obviously, we were fangirling because it's so cute but the other side actually attacked us out of nowhere saying that we're bunch of pedophiles imagining Naruto and Sasuke as babies having sex and WUT, we never said ANYTHING like that. And this is the tip of the iceberg, so you get why am I traumatized right. :hurr There's always a troll who would visit our FC once per month, and when there's a chapter who especially leaned towards our side, they attacked relentlessly.

      But anyways, thanks for being understanding, I really appreciate this. :hurr:hi5
    9. Fourangers
      I'd take it better if it was in neutral grounds, but that place is Sasuke X Naruto FC, so what you were saying, even if you considered "neutral" could be interpreted wrongly. We've received a lot of trolls and people attacking us from time to time that I get defensive if anyone would enter spouting those words.

      Plus you criticized fanfiction when you didn't even bother to read it, not to mention that just threw most fanfic writers under the rug...idk anything about you, you might as well start any other speech like "butthurt shippers, canon is better" which is also something that the SNS fandom is currently suffering from SS/NH.

      In other words, your timing was just terrible and it's easy to misinterpret but it's hard to take your opinion as a joke when I barely saw you participating the FC and when you participate, it's to throw these kinds of words in the fanclub.
    10. greatestchange
      1. That post was never serious.

      2. I never said you guys should be avoided, so I don't know where that's coming from

      3. I don't even know who you are, so I can't hate you. And besides, hating someone wastes a lot energy when I could be doing better things with my life.
    11. Lucky7
      Oh you haven't read it? It gets worse, prepare to be amazed :skully

      Sasuke knew he had a kid. And it is explained what he's doing- looking for the Kaguya army that will destroy the world, but to his own admission, is just a hypothesis. Thats right, he's looking for something that might not even exist. :sauceskully

      But wait! He's also shown to be able to send messenger hawks, and sends one to Naruto which is how Salad gets the idea to follow him :sauceskully. Also, he has dimension hopping teleportation powers, not to mention he comes home for a day at the end of Gaiden, so he could have totally come to visit them at some point during the last 12 years without his entire mission being compromised, he just didn't :sauceskully

      Also, there's even a shot of him just chilling for hours at his rendevouz spot with Naruto, so Kishi debunks the ridiculous argument that Sauce was busy 24/7 for 12 years. :sauceskully.

      I mean, it's so bad that he doesn't speak more than two sentences to her at a time when he actually speaks to her at all. :sauceskully. Papasuke indeed :sauceskully

      And despite all of this, the audience, after the shit show that was SS during the main narrative, is supposed to look at Canon SS and be convinced that SS is a functional relationship or that Sasuke feels strongly about them? The only people who bought it we're those who we're looking for any excuse anyway :catskully

      I'm not trying to deny intent here. Sasuke is meant to allegedly be in love with Sakura and his feelings connected to her and their daughter. But what the fuck does Kishi think he's communicating when he has Sasuke preoccupied with the love he feels for his family for quite literally the entire narrative, and then be completely fine with not seeing or speaking to the woman he "loves" for over a decade? Taking no interest in raising his daughter? He doesn't teach her the fire jutsu. He makes no real effort to have her truly know him and his clan/family. He doesn't even have a conversation with her in the Bolt Movie. For fucks sake, he shows more interest and pride in Bolt. Bolt takes a picture with him, Naruto, and the Kage. If she hadn't chased him down first, his own fucking daughter wouldn't have had a picture with him to this day :sauveskully. When he comes back, Sasuke is still wearing the scowling, miserable expression on his face, so it's not like we can say being reunited with his wife and kid shows any notable change in demeanor. The only time he smiles is around Naruto in the movie. To make matters worse, he leaves again after the events of the movie. :catskully

      It just gives off the impression that he's either uninterested, or any romantic feelings he has for her are rather weak.

      Kishi has developed a problem of telling, not showing, when it comes to certain aspects of his writing. He can have Sasuke say his feelings are connected to Sakura's because "they have Salad", but when, as you said, the fact that Sakura is his wife and Salad is his kid has no bearing whatsoever on how he lives his life and barely even seems to enrich it, then it's just words with no substance behind them.

      I will admit, Bolt wasn't nearly as bad as I thought he'd be in the Bolt movie :quite. But, Bolt going rogue would leave a lasting impression that this character had a story of his own, not being there for Sasunaru wank (Kishi's favorite, along with Itachi wank, of course :catskully )
    12. Lucky7
      Yeah, but added to all the bad writing of the latter half of the series and especially the post ending works, it just ain't a good look.

      The Boruto Movie having a villain wasn't nearly as bad as Gaiden needing a villain. Like shit, you're gonna drop some shit like that on SSS and think you have the chops to fix it in 10 chapters while you waste all this time on a filler villain that literally made you nerf the characters nonsensically then squash him like a bug at the last second? It was bad enough that with all her daddy issues, Kishi decided to make mommy issues a main plot point, but to shift the focus to the point where there is still not a substantial or developed relationship between Sasuke and Salad? And then try to sell anyone on a happy ending because despite Salad's issues not being resolved, she's just content to know he gives a shit at all on some level?
      Of course we all knew Kishi would try, but it was obvious he didn't have the chops to fix this.

      I agree, the New Gen series could have actually been half decent. Speaking of missed opportunities, am I the only one who thinks that the "villain" for the Boruto movie should have been Boruto himself?

      After Naruto publicly shames Bolt and takes away his headband, declaring he will never be a ninja, Bolt-feeling cast aside by his father- leaves the village to become a rouge ninja that will train and defeat his father, or some such thing. Boruto doesn't have to be a villain like Sasuke. There are many different ways to write a villain; however, Kishi has become such a one-trick pony that anti-establishment villains are all he can offer.

      But for whatever reason he goes bad, having the main character's son walk on the wrong side, however briefly, would make for a better plot with greater tension and higher stakes than centering it on a pair of fodder villains. I personally see no reason why we have to like Boruto. The series is done. There will be no more of it after this, so he's not needed to carry the franchise. And besides, good villains gain their own sort of popularity, so he still could have enjoyed a special place in the fandom.

      Not just that, but its kinda fucked up how the SP advertises the movie as if its an equal or almost-equal spotlight sharing of Bolt and Salad, when in reality Salad is just a side character. Considering that Salad already enjoys more compliments to her character from multiple people (not just SS fans), and she's already proven to be an interesting and likeable lead during the Gaiden, that Salad would then become the hero or "good guy" of the Bolt Movie. Since Kishi was already going for reversing Naruto and Sasuke's motives with their kids (Salad wanting to be Hokage, Bolt wanting to "watch from the shadows"), why not really do it?

      As it stands, Boruto has no core as a character. He has nothing to define him apart from his relationship to Naruto, no goals he wants to reach or things he wants to accomplish. He's a patchwork of stolen traits and abilities from other characters but has nothing original to himself and gives us no reason to care about him. In fact, he comes across largely as a gimmick. There to initiate fanservice and be a symbol or walking message to perpetuate Kishi "my kids don't understand I have to work" self insertation (he even says as much himself). At the very least, him going bad would have gotten people talking.

      And the Sasuke tutorship would have worked out even better in this case. Sasuke could have came up to him like on of those reformed AA members to tell him about the dangers of the darkness and the power of bonds and how wonderful Naruto is. Shit, this could have even led to some real developement of a substantial relationship between Salad and Sasuke, who both leave in search of Bolt and Salad learns about her father's angsty past that paralells Bolt's behavior. They could have even put a timeskip in there after Bolt's hypotethical departure, and have Himwari be a ninja at that point so she can have more purpose as a character besides being the walking "cute little sister" trope.

      Kishi making Boruto a villain after he's been cast aside by his father (in his perspective) and making Salad the hero would have been a risk, but it would have been interesting. People might actually be interested in the Naruto series again because it was using the elements of the series that captivated people in the first place. Actually exploring the new ninja world (that has trains and blimps now? ) and actually fighting other ninjas rather than aliens in another dimension.

      Certainly Boruto being a villain would be far, far more interesting than the stupid, bottom of the barrel kidnapping plot the movie's got. But it seems Kishi isn't interested taking risks or doing anything interesting anymore.

      And right :lmao? I mean, fans of the ship were eager to swallow whatever bs Kishi pulled out of his ass, but for casual readers? Does Kishi really think he can make it look like Sasuke is deeply in love with Sakura and has this great connection to his kid when the M.O. of his character was angsting about his family, and then he gets one and he can just be straight with ignoring them entirely for 12 years? I mean for fucks sake, the fact that Sakura is his wife or the he has a child has no bearing on how he lives his life, but people still think "because we ave you, Sarada" is anything more than just words? :catskully That this was supposed to suffice for actual substantial development? :catskully
    13. Lucky7
      Oh no, I was just kidding when I mentioned Naruto spoiling his kids :lmao. I completely agree with you. While I think Naruto, and pretty much all the notable characters, had their characterizations fucked, I still maintain that at his core, Naruto is a kind, loving individual. Showering his kids with love, affection, and attention, and that's not a bad thing at all, really. I mean, the whole idea of Bolt's discontent isn't that his father has always been shitty, but that Bolt and his family loves him so much that Bolt wants him all to himself. Its a testament to Naruto being a good father, at some point at least.

      See, thats the thing though. I've thought of that rationalization myself regarding Naruto and Hinata's less than stellar parenting, and I would completely agree with you if this was actually what was written there. If the New Gen series followed Naruto as a man who loves his kids dearly but feels inadequate with parenting because of his own lack of parenting, and has no idea what he's doing and is constantly worried about making mistakes and hurting his family, I'd be far more forgiving. If Hinata was characterized as being soft, tolerant, and lenient on her children because she doesn't want them to possibly grow up feeling they had to measure up to her standards to be of some worth, or adversely see her as a cruel parental figure, I'd be all about it.

      But they make no such allusions or characterizations to that affect. In fact, Naruto displays multiple times with Salad to be a level headed, kind, insightful, and intuitive father figure not just to Bolt in 700 but toward Salad in Gaiden. That scene where he talks to Salad and helps her work through her thoughts and feelings as a guide, allowing her to reach her own conclusions? That's a man whose learned something over the years about dealing with kids, or, at the very least, people in general. Not to mention that, while I give Nardo props for trying, he isn't being inactive or taking precautions to avoid doing things he knows will hurt his family. He's not treating them as some precious thing he's so afraid of messing up that it leads him to doing nothing. He's just flat out neglecting them and having little thought for his actions. And Hinata just takes all that previous characterization of insightful speeches and being able to read people, and just flushes it down the toilet. I mean, you would think that after all that "Naruto-kun" obsessing, she'd be the first one to jump at the chance to TNJ her son about the virtues of Naruto rather than Sasuke doing it.

      Now that I think about it, Naruto did have more substantial development with Salad than Sasuke didn't he :catskully. Especially in parenting her :LOS.
    14. Zyrax
    15. Ganta
      Well it had my Johnson pointing north by north-north.
    16. Ganta
      Dat AVY tho.
    17. [S-A-F]
      Dat Anna avy.
    18. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee
      Where is your avatar from?
    19. Zale
      Oh, the same of course. I love SS as much as I did before and my other fanclubs didn't change. :catdance Gaiden didn't effect me on any negative way, it was fan service from Kishi which I really enjoyed. The number of people hating SS has grown? I think it's the opposite, we never got as many new members in the SS FC like we did since Gaiden started, and I saw many positive reactions from noSS fans....but well doesn't matter anyway.

      Yes I did, what a fantastic game :catblush But where the hell was Iorveth, how could they :catsob
    20. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Boredom is starting to set in a bit. These SasuSaku fans, it's like a mouse running into the same electrified wall in a maze you know? You point out the flaws of their response, and even predict exactly how they will respond and they just keep walking right into it, making that point about them over and over again. It's like they can't help it. They are lost on what to do, and keep going back to old ways that never worked before.
    21. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      They keep dodging my arguments, but I expected as much. Honestly the main reason I can remain patient is because I already know how they will react.
    22. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition

      It states my feelings briefly. However I'm on mobile and I can't divulge details like I want to.
    23. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      Honestly I would have to write a book if I were to tell you everything. But I'll say I think NH is cute, but the fandom... not so cute.
    24. balboass
      Aint gonna lie, i like your name
    25. Zaru
      Nice name :lmao
    26. DemonDragonJ
      From where are those images in your avatar and signature?
    27. Mider T
      Mider T
      Your sig

      Where is it from?
    28. Freechoice
      Gwynbleidd fuck yeah bro

      Witcher is the shit
    29. Lucky7
      No Prob! :harley

      I think RTNHinata was just born with a confident personality (the way canon Hinata was born naturally kind and softspoken) and with her talent and background she just developed into who she is :lmao. I'd imagine she is the Hyuuga genius in this verse :maybe. Or, at the very least, her personality makes them respect her :noworries

      That's an interesting thought :hurr. Menma seemed like a happy, Naruto like kid until he apparently became a rebellious asshole and died his hair black. :maybe So, I wonder why RTNHinata likes Menma (since the whole canonHinata reason doesn't work in this verse for several reasons)?

      To be honest, I kind of see them accepting and just being a childless couple, running off to live a vagabond life of adventure. :hurr. But, if they can't have kids I can see them adopting and being pretty happy about it. Though one would have to go into why RTNHinata is so excited about the idea of motherhood. :hmm

      Yeah, this manga was in its prime back in Part 1. After that, its just isolated instances and random bursts where the series actually climbs above mediocrity and Kishi reveals that when he wants to, he can write.
    30. Lucky7
      Yeah, Sasuke being all flirty was pretty much the most focused on aspect of his RTN counterpart (and c'mon, we all know who lost interest the minute it was revealed that his romancing Sakura was not what it appeared to be :hehee ) but as for other aspects of his personality, actually, RTN Sasuke was far more friendly and amiable than Sasuke's ever been. I'd imagine that would be his personality had the Uchiha Massacre not changed his life. Which is why I don't understand how they missed such a perfect opportunity. Sasuke was never allowed to take a main role in any Naruto movie besides the first two because after Part 1, Sasuke could not interact with any of the "good guys" unless he was making a cameo appearance because he technically wasn't one of them anymore (though he was generally neutral for half of Shippuden). But now we have a Sasuke in the village where the Massacre never happened, and instead of using this to perhaps elaborate or deepen their understanding/bond with Sasuke, he's just, like you said, a joke/tool used to forward the plot with Sakura's arc.

      And yes, exactly! Hinata had turned into a character that is unlike any other female character in Naruto. Tsunade, Karui, and Temari are the only ones that even come close to Bitchnata's level, and even they have different ways of going about themselves than RTN Hinata does, and its kinda refreshing. RTN Hinata was severely underused. First off, for that promo poster, she only interacted with Naruto, what, once? And then considering she is the opposite of Hinata and wholly confident, this Hinata might kick more ass than canon Hinata. She, as well as the rest of the Rookies, should have been included in the final battle. And yes, imagine a Hyuuga house where Hiashi is super proud of his take no shit daughter. :maybe

      And Menma proved my theory that, honestly, with Naruto's personality if he wasn't an orphan who went through all that shit as a child and his parents lived and raised him, he would have grown up into kind of an asshole :hurr.

      Now you've got me interested :( . So, how do Hinata and Menma remedy this? Do they adopt?

      And yes. Let me tell you, I have read some amazing fanfictions in my life (yet why did Fifty Shades of Grey that was originally a Twilight fic get chosen as the one to become a multimillion dollar success :catcry ) and Naruto, despite being a mediocre at best manga, has some of the best fanfictions I've read period.
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