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Last Activity:
Jan 5, 2017
Oct 15, 2006
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Bishop was last seen:
Jan 5, 2017
    1. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Didn't even know people were bashing me. Not that I care or like it has an effect on my life or anything. I'm barely on the forums anymore except for when it comes to the League of Legends thread and browsing around some. More than likely they're mad that someone doesn't buy into their "feminism is the root of all evil" bullshit that they spew in the Cafe. The whole thing has gotten out of hand to the point that the place looks like one of the sexist forums you find that are men only things.
    2. baconbits
      Here's the thread:


      And you don't have to remind me of your credentials. I've talked with you about counseling before.
    3. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      What I love about my phone is that I can pretty much take anything off of it that I want. Right now it's running zero apps I don't use. I love it.
    4. baconbits
      Yeah, things are going pretty well for me. It would be cool if you visited my relationship advice thread every once in a while and threw your wisdom in. Guys would benefit from that.
    5. Garfield
      Hey man sorry for super late reply.

      Happy New Years to both you and wife mang, hope life treats you to the time of your lives in 2015.
    6. baconbits
      Lol. We have some odd convos. Thanks, tho. How's it going? How are the twins?
    7. Mintaka
      You would be correct in your observations things are going much better than they were. How have you two been?
    8. makeoutparadise
      glad to hear from both of you guys!! hope you guys are too
    9. Mider T
      Mider T
      Hey long time no speak:hi5
    10. Mael
      Oh lol you have no idea man. A guy like me, with the adult ADD I'm going through? Stability is what I need. Believe it or not some men do crave it because it's the only thing that brings peace to their minds.
    11. Mael
      In my age I can't really afford to just treat things so disposable nowadays. Sucks when all you want is stability in work, life, love, etc., and no one wants to give you a fucking break despite you trying to work for it.
    12. Mael
      Both of them.
    13. afgpride
      whoa, haven't seen you around in a while

      i'm just having fun, and likewise man

      i've grown an affinity for snow, though, so i should be fine
    14. Mael
      It's complicated.
    15. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      The same shit as what? Like you mean in the Cafe? I think it's gotten a little worse. As the manga gets worse the members the site attracts are shittier because they enjoy that shit. Couple that in with a fact that there's a large number of members who go unpoliced for the things they do and I think the problem is pretty clear.
    16. makeoutparadise
      Bishop you're back :glomp!!!!
    17. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Ah, so you're still around. Good to know.
    18. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Where the fuck are you?
    19. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
    20. makeoutparadise
      Hey bishop wanna see some more of my paintings
    21. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      I post at work.
    22. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Your a wise ol' egg I think.

      Hopefully I can get enough info to make the right choice tbh.
    23. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Ok so job interview next week

      But 3-4 hour drive?

      Good pay (if you sell well)

      2 a week sets up a good yearly salary

      but its a lot of hard work

      plus I'm studying ecology (Have a got spare time after this, say?)


      Sorry this sounds confused right now lol
    24. dream
      Only admins can ignore the daily rep limit and not have to spread in-order to rep the same person. Mod/smod perks are big avas, colorful names for smods, custom html usertitles, sparkles, unlimited name changes, ability to see the staff section and make decision regarding the forum from new rules to new mods/smods/admins to policy changes to bans/unbans and so on.
    25. dream
      Nope. It's more than possible. While smods can only alter the comment admins are able to alter the points given/taken to whatever we want.
    26. dream
      Fun fact, I can turn that neg into a rep. :hehee
    27. dream
      I'll go anywhere I want, whenever I want, and no one will stop me. :pek
    28. dream
      Your section? :lmao
    29. Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman
      Having a congress known for their stupidity isn't something to be proud of.

      They know our Parliament House of Representatives from the awesome fist fight we have.

      Your congress are a bunch of pussies that use words and throw hissie fits to settle differences :maybe.
    30. Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman
      The kettle shouldn't be pointing fingers and your congress makes ours look like a bunch of Newtons.

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