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Black Leg Sanji
Jan 26, 2007
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    1. Blade
      Big Thanos Pump :trinny
      1. Black Leg Sanji
        Nov 30, 2017
    2. Aokiji

      1. Aokiji
        Welp. :hmm
        Nov 1, 2016
    3. Aokiji
      Is it no longer possible to write private messages? :lmao
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Satsuki
        Oct 31, 2016
      3. Aokiji
        How do you send PMs?
        Oct 31, 2016
      4. Black Leg Sanji
        Black Leg Sanji
        Huh, seems like there is a seperate message system when you enter the Inbox (Its in the middle of your Profile-button and the Alert one, all my old PMs are there)

        Guess its still here then :bmay
        Oct 31, 2016
    4. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      LEICESTER!!! :kloff x 1000
    5. Freechoice
      8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Black Leg Sanji
        Black Leg Sanji
        > Atoms hype rises again

        Z Acacia holding his own still

        But-but-but he's no threat! :mikebatman
        Jun 30, 2016
    6. God Movement
      God Movement
      i remember it like it was yesterday
    7. Sablés
      Best part about this chapter has nothing to do with the content inside it

      Its how can one nigga (Shawrong) be so wrong about everything? The words Hitsu and Yammy used were almost verbatim :skully
    8. Sablés
      Niggas be salty as f :bookerskully
    9. Weiss
    10. Marcelle.B
      I know right?

      They're so magical
    11. Ulti
      Falcao may not have played in the champions league, but he has a record of getting teams there (Porto, Madrid, Monaco) and he scored a record 17 goals in the Europa league. He also shredded Chelsea's defence and banged 4 goals past them. Also this beauty:


      Van Nistelrooy and Falcao were almost unmatched in the air. One things for sure, I would hate for either of them to be in the box :lmao
    12. Ulti
      Another one

      Ruud Van Nistelrooy or Radamel Falcao? :maybe
    13. Sablés
      Luke's an okay guy but this is just denial.

      Kubo's practically spelled it out at this point
    14. Sablés
      that ship has sailed at FTL speeds :maybe
    15. Ulti
      And then you have Ole Gunnar Solskj?r :maybe
    16. Ulti
      Who do you think the better striker is?

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Henrik Larsson?
    17. Sablés
      Nimaiya had me at this :maybe

      Yama's dat nigga but damn, these guys need to let go. He wasn't going to remain the strongest forever and the RG are more relevant in the hierarchy.
    18. willyvereb
      I hope you also make a third scenario considering their sense of fashion.
    19. Laillo
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/toriko/260/6

      Who was the best? Ichi was the BEST.
    20. Weiss
      maybe :noworries

      what about your own opinion ? :maybe
    21. Weiss
      as opposed to you wanking the unholy fuck out of them ? :maybe (*cough* MFTL SN, *cough* planet-level MCU Thor :maybe)

      I haven't played Bioshock: Infinite (yet) or watched Lain, so don't know or care about that thread .. also omnipresence debates are boring

      I do suspect Byrdie might be bs'ing about the multiversal stuff tho :noworries eh, whatever
    22. Əyin
      :hmm I'll see what I can
    23. Əyin
      I still doubt it I guess. We still don't know the method of Anna's scattering Sam's cells across the universe. She could just blow up Sam and BFR'ed his remains by using apportion.
    24. Weiss
      saw your SN MFTL edits on the wiki

    25. Freechoice
      Poor Ichiryuu.
    26. Weiss
      you only now saw IM3 ? or only now remembered it ?
    27. Weiss
    28. Weiss
      oh that episode

      saw that

      no episode this week tho
    29. Weiss
      yeah, maybe someone in either of the 2 convos remembers/has screencaps

      i'll watch AoS today or tomorrow
    30. Weiss
      zenath was already negging people for not liking chobits before i ever got to him

      my hands are clean
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    Fiction, Sports


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