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Jan 20, 2019 at 1:05 AM
Jan 18, 2012
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May 21, 1991 (Age: 27)


Omega~Ish, Male, 27

No Face Killer Sep 29, 2016

Blαck was last seen:
Viewing forum Outskirts Battledome, Jan 20, 2019 at 1:05 AM
    1. Haruka Katana
      Haruka Katana
      Aw thank you. Aphrodite made it for me :catsun
    2. Fry J
    3. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Are you still in the business of making sets? Cause if you are, I'm really trying to find a YYH Yusuke set. Or better yet learn how to make them myself. Black and White manga style is always the best for me.
      1. Blαck
        Yeah I still dabble in set making, I might actually have some yusuke images in stock. But I won't be able to check until I'm off work :catsupine
        Nov 17, 2017
    4. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Read one issue, too Batman centric for me. DC has enough Batman, a whole multiverse of them is not needed.
      1. Blαck
        Admittedly yeah it sorta is but the villainous group looks rather interesting. I'd say read issue 2 then decide because it set itself up to not lean on the usual "batman will find a way" thing
        Sep 14, 2017
    5. Freddie Mercury
      Freddie Mercury
      Bro i already know. This just further strengthen my resolve not to watch this season.
      1. Blαck
        Ikr, lebron can't do it all
        Jul 23, 2017
    6. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      I don't agree with LS Spidey but prefer to avoid that for now.
      1. Blαck
        Glad to hear I'm not the only one.
        Jan 29, 2017
    7. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Thanos is part of the Ultimates story.
      1. Blαck
        Really? Might start it from the beginning then
        Jan 25, 2017
      2. Blαck

        Any thoughts?
        Jan 29, 2017
    8. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      It is part of a book canon to main universe. The excuse was that the multiverse reset so new rules and unspecific cosmic chain. Should not work regardless, he may come back but for now new multiverse allows for this it seems.
      1. Blαck
        That's pretty wacky, I was hoping for a cosmic event to happen with Nova or thanos soon but with the way things are shaping up...doubt it.
        Jan 25, 2017
    9. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Yes, Order/Chaos merger.
      1. Blαck
        Was wondering if any of that is canon? I mean if master orders words were legit then they took out a or the Lt. Which sounds way above their paygrade
        Jan 24, 2017
    10. Blαck
      No Face Killer
    11. Dove
      heyy there long time no see :33
      1. Blαck
        What uuuup!
        Jul 18, 2016
    12. Sablés
      stop inactifagging and read mango :caticon
      1. Blαck
        A ^ (use bro) finally escaped the shadow realm, how you been? :urouge
        May 18, 2016
    13. Brightsteel
      Is Magneto still depowered right now, or has he gotten back up to his old level?
    14. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Panther uses time gem or reality gem to go back in time to prevent Incursions, Owen decides to let Reed with some of his god power remake reality along with Franklin. New Multiverse, main Earth is called Earth Prime instead of 616 it seems. Owen incorporates Miles into 616 because he likes him. FF members are explorers of Multiverse/Omniverse now.
    15. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      No(not yet) but I'm upto date on it.
    16. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Well it's the weekend, sure why not :pimp

      Link me to the tier list and I'll see what I can do :chainer
    17. Didi
      Actually, he's still on my to watch list

      I've only seen Rear Window. That was really good though
    18. Freddie Mercury
      Freddie Mercury
      Mother Snake

      Is the Toriko author on crack? :lmao
    19. Sablés
      meiya mitsurugi from muv luv :mittens
    20. Satsuki
      Merry Christmas :catflower
    21. Sablés
      merry kurismasun :mittens
    22. GIORNO
      Oh, nah, I ain't about dat Tom Clancy life.

      Yeah they did. :catsalutears
    23. GIORNO
      What's The Siege? :mikebatman
    24. GIORNO
      I got DR3, Halo 5, Gears UE (all of the 360 titles included), Rare Replay, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo Master Chief Collection. :hm
    25. Araragi
      lol that's true
    26. Araragi
      pc or laptop?
    27. Araragi
      struggle is too real for us
    28. Araragi
      >2 hours
      m9 you ain't living this lyfe unless you hit that submit button one minute before the deadline :catprone
    29. Araragi
      although, I've just been procrastinating lately.
    30. Araragi
      thanks bruh, you too. :urouge

      what's up? how's lyfe? :catprone
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    May 21, 1991 (Age: 27)
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    Birthday 05/21/1991


    Urouge FC

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