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Dec 22, 2017
Jan 28, 2005
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Oct 15, 1983 (Age: 35)
South Africa


ah, made you look ..., 35, from South Africa

blacklusterseph004 was last seen:
Dec 22, 2017
    1. Zhen Chan
      Zhen Chan
    2. Suigetsu
      If you liked it it's cool, I get that a lot of folk loved the fights and the art style. It was very well drawn yes, top quality as a matter of fact. And gags and stuff its one thing

      But suddenly it changing completely of genre, It was the greatest thing until it stopped being about having fun with super cool mechanical rollerblades and sports. Changing into gang wars and how these rollerblades control world and giant mythical towers that control the rollerblades which control the universe.

      The story it's just nonsense, and maybe you buy the chaotic and convoluted justifications that he came up as he went. But I felt cheated.

      I am not saying that the mangaka shouldn't draw what he wants, but I am saying that he cant change the genre and premise just because it pleases him at the middle of it.

      Also I don't get how he dropped Simca, from being a main part of the story into basically a side character, to such degree that he even did a pointless copy of her. It saddens me because he had nailed how a crush can make you do awesome things, and she wasn't just a hot chick but she and Ikki really had something in common and looked like they had some real strong bond thing.
      And the obsession with Ringo, wtf that was i*c*st and her romance was forced as fuck, don't come at me with "they where not related by blood" that don't happen in real life.

      It just saddens how he went from being super original manga into a cliche camp thing. That's all man, sorry I had to vent it here but there aren't many AG readers around except a few. Again, cause it turned into another of the countless typical battle manga with cliches.
    3. Suigetsu
      Dont you even think it went lazy and dragging once it got to the point of becoming a battle manga? After all the mangaka was doing two mangas simultaneously which means his attention and mind is somewhere else.
    4. Suigetsu
      I liked Air gear up until the first half, when the story was about extreme sports. But then it turned into a battle manga, with excessive and ridiculous fan service and simca dissapeared. Oh and that i*c*st obsession with Ringo.

      What the hell happened man. o_O
    5. Chronos
      Sorry about the late post man. I didn't see it until just a moment ago. I thought you might have forgotten or something, but I just skipped it over doing that other arc post things I'm doing. Anyway, sorry again man. Posted.
    6. Sumon
      Ok, here's the thing. Bob has paid those dark robed individuals and put the target on his own head just to test both genins. He did that before the mission had started. He is doing an experiment of sorts. Hopefully that's okay with you. Didn't want to reveal that in IC thread so we could have a twist or something in case our chars find out.

      By the way, feel free to control Bob :)
    7. BringerOfChaos
      Not sure if you check the OOC or not, but just stopping by here real fast to tell you I posted.

      Hossaim is considering returning once he hears Anarchy's thoughts on what happened between him and Island, but as of right now let's just keep the mission going. It won't be hard thinking of an IC reason for Hossaim's character returning once more.
    8. Belphegoob
      It's cool, hope you're doing well these days (:
    9. Sarun
      Sure. Hope you are having a great summer.
    10. Sarun
      You played in my previous mafia game (WWE mafia game) which is having a 2nd version (Link).

      If you are interested in playing the mafia game, please sign-up!
      Thank you.
    11. Alisdragon
      Than make a Cs and InfIchi will help you out where to be and what is going on.
    12. Alisdragon
      Now I remember who you are, we rp in the Naruto RP.
    13. Cocoa
      Wanna join my X-men mafia game? :awesome

    14. Alisdragon
      Maybe you can join later when you get a good idea. Hopefully it is a guy.
    15. Alisdragon
      Are you going to join the new Naruto RP?
    16. Alisdragon
      Are you going to post soon?
    17. Alisdragon
      Responded to your post.
    18. Alisdragon
      Did you ever got your internet fixed?
    19. Alisdragon
      It is is okay, it happens when a computer or the internet is messed up in someway.
    20. Alisdragon
      Do you need a link to my post or are you good?
    21. Alisdragon
      Take your time, I am in no rush. Have a good night's sleep.
    22. Alisdragon
      Do you want me to post first?
    23. Alisdragon
      No problem at all, you are a good friend to me.
    24. Alisdragon
      Read this post to get your answer.

    25. Alisdragon
      Today is Easter and he could be lazy or busy.
    26. Alisdragon
      The summoning information on the front page of any OCC just click on the link that said Infomation on summionings.
    27. Alisdragon
      Sounds good to me, when you are ready I let you post first.
    28. Alisdragon
      Are you still busy to RP?
    29. Alisdragon
      It is okay, if you are busy than you are busy.
    30. Alisdragon
      After Chronos post his post do you want to LT in the naruto RP?
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    Oct 15, 1983 (Age: 35)
    South Africa
    Favorite Character(s):
    Rock Lee, Kabuto, Hyuuga Neji
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:


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