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Dec 17, 2017 at 5:38 PM
Jul 16, 2008
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Club Bangerz, Male

Just got a lil blurb saying Happy Birthday lol. that's cool Coulda sworn I faked it when I made my account all those years ago. May 5, 2017

blakstealth was last seen:
Viewing thread The Arcade Convo Thread - Featuring Dante From the Devil May Cry Series, Dec 17, 2017 at 5:38 PM
    1. Kyouko

      old but one of my fav trance tracks
      1. blakstealth
        Damn, that is some old school stuff right there!
        Oct 23, 2017
    2. Kyouko

      simplistic and short but i like it :catsalute
    3. DemonDragonJ
      Who are those women in the images in your avatar and signature?
      1. blakstealth
        Anime called Sakura Quest!the most comfiest show this season!
        Jul 10, 2017
      2. DemonDragonJ
        I see; thank you very much.
        Jul 10, 2017
    4. Kyouko

      d-dat drop is so disgusting :catsweat
      1. blakstealth likes this.
      2. blakstealth
        Dude, been jamming to this remix for a while now. I really dig it! Sounds great in the car lol.
        Jun 10, 2017
      3. Kyouko
        his own tracks are no doubt fire but his remixes are besto imo :catsweat
        Jun 10, 2017
    5. blakstealth
      Just got a lil blurb saying Happy Birthday lol. that's cool Coulda sworn I faked it when I made my account all those years ago.
      1. White Wolf
        White Wolf
        Pack your bags, the CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, BIA, FDA, DOD, BOD, COD, GOD, MOD, CEA, FEA, DMV and BOB are onto you.

        Happy cake day.
        May 5, 2017
      2. blakstealth
        thank you I looooove cake
        May 6, 2017
    6. blakstealth
      Is the site down?
      1. LordPerucho
        Probably ISP issue, this week the site wasnt loading for me as well
        Jan 20, 2017
      2. blakstealth
        Thanks for the reply. Everything seems to be fine now. It only affected me for a minute.
        Jan 20, 2017
    7. Kyouko
      I feels

      Got a friend who went to Tomorrowland a couple years ago and said it was fucking insane

      I was instantly jelly lol
      1. View previous comments...
      2. blakstealth
        Tomorrowland is the mecca of PLUR
        Jan 19, 2017
      3. Thorin
        what is PLUR
        Jan 19, 2017
      4. blakstealth
        Jan 19, 2017
    8. Kyouko

      I love nearly all forms of EDM but trance has a special place in my heart

      And nice to know you're getting into DJ

      I bet you attend alot of festivals lol
    9. Kyouko
      Oh shit, you like Armin? :catsalute

      I also really like his label. Some real talent on there


      To this day, one of my fav tracks
    10. Kyouko
      How do you feel about trance?
    11. Kyouko
      Curious but do you produce? Your UN gives off that vibe to me
    12. Kyouko
      If the drop is anything besides banging, it ain't trap


      Btw, you like dubstep?
    13. Kyouko
      Yo blak, what you think of this

    14. Haze
      Yeah, they didn't let people who stayed at hotels attend day 3, which made my friend really upset because she paid a lot for her tix. Also, I heard a lot of people were pretty much stranded in the rain with no shelter, sleeping on cardboard boxes, girls getting sexually assaulted--downright crazy. I did want to go, but now I'll stick to more organized events like insomniac and ultra.
    15. Haze
      I think they cancelled TomorrowWorld because of what happened last fall. My friend went for her first time and she said it was the worst experience in her raving life.
    16. Haze
      I wish they'd announce the lineup, this is making me weirdly anxious.
    17. Haze
      Nope, not yet, but most likely the same guys as UMF. I'm excited to see who and who will be there.

      Hardwell for sure I'll be seeing, his sets always kill. I definitely wanna see Above & Beyond since I won't get a chance to see their acoustic concert.
    18. Haze
      It's official, I'm going to Vegas for EDC round 3 http://i.imgur.com/2RnjE3l.gif

      It's going to be a magical nocturnal wonderland.
    19. Haze
      Hah, the live streams are nice bc you can see them. But live is where the real party is.

      Yeah, you'll definitely have to go. I'm thinking of officially going to EDCLV round 3 again.

      Also, I turned the thread into a more EDM convo/discussion thread, so it looks more official. I noticed that there weren't too many people who streamed or talked about it last year, so maybe it can draw other people in as well.
    20. Haze
      They amazing and you would have so much fun. People are so amazing there. They're even better at night. The only one I've gone to is EDC but I've only been there twice. UMF is one I've always wanted to go to!
    21. Haze
      I wish I was there, I actually made plans to go, but I couldn't get work off. But, I guess now I can cave in and go to EDCLV again.
    22. Haze
      I know you made last year's thread, but I just HAD to make the 2016 one http://i.imgur.com/0ikFTzO.gif
    23. Freechoice
      What are we talking about?
    24. urca
      Hello. ^_^
      Excuse me but what's the anime in your avy, and the one in your sig, and the one in your profile pic?
      Thank you. ^^;
    25. [S-A-F]
      Interesting info thanks. :p
    26. Mako
      Barakamon (:
    27. Evolution
      Hello, can you tell me the name of the character from your avatar?
    28. Kirito
      where does your sig come from? has the idolmaster movie been out already? idc if it's raw.
    29. Evolution
      Thank you.
    30. Evolution
      Hi. Can you tell me the name of the girl from your avatar and what series she belongs to?
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