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Blaze Release
Last Activity:
Aug 8, 2020 at 6:23 PM
Apr 13, 2012
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Blaze Release

Karasu, from Limbo

Blaze Release was last seen:
Aug 8, 2020 at 6:23 PM
    1. FlamingRain
      Thanks for the rep and comment~. I get a similar feeling reading your posts. :aww
      1. Blaze Release likes this.
      2. Blaze Release
        Blaze Release
        Were you ever on NB or just NF?
        Jan 9, 2020
      3. FlamingRain
        Just NF.
        Jan 9, 2020
      4. Blaze Release
        Blaze Release
        Ok Cool.
        Thought you might've been on NB too.
        Jan 10, 2020
    2. DaVizWiz
      Thanks for the rep
    3. ~Kakashi~
      It is. How about yourself?
    4. ~Kakashi~
    5. Sage light
      Sage light
      What do you think Power mean in Narutoverse? Many think it is chakra reference but I think this's wrong.

      Chakra is not power in my opinion. Jubi is not a infinite chakra being but Naruto and The Kyuubi said it is in possession of Infinite Power.
      1. Santoryu likes this.
    6. Sage light
    7. FlamingRain
      You're welcome~. :)
    8. ~Kakashi~
      I'm doing alright, glad football season is finally here and waiting on the shitty manga to end already, lol. How about yourself?
    9. ~Kakashi~
      Are you believing this shit, man? Susanoo for Kakashi? LMFAO
    10. Waltz
      I apologize about that popz, I'll make the thread and leave you a link.

      (Reading PM)
    11. Waltz
      Drae and I are pretty much done. It was dragging on for too long anyway.

      Did you upload, old man? :gar
    12. iSpeak
      Yeh im still on there but I hardly post on there anymore, seems like it is the same threads coming up again and again lol. Plus i have gotten less interested in Naruto aswell.
      Yeh cool, pm my anytime ill take a look at it. Is it a theory that you were making?
      I been all good though, how is it going on NF?
    13. iSpeak
      Yo, sup Blaze. You still on NarutoForums?
    14. Waltz
      I could juggle both debates but I'm now realizing that would be a stretch, especially for this weekend.

      Interesting, it's something i've been wondering about and something I think many people do not understand. Tell me when you do Blaze.
    15. Waltz
      I apologise for the absence as I am working and conincedentally busy as well lol; i'll have the thread up later, I guess.

      if you could, Leave me a link to that sharingan thread.
    16. Waltz
      Alright pops; I'll make the thread during the week.
    17. Waltz
      Yeah Part 2 and that's fine m8. What of restrictions, distance, mindset?
    18. Waltz
      Lol, had a mind change Blaze. Would 3T/Base Kakashi be alright?

      Varrah's going M.I.A in a bout a weeks time and I think he's interested to Judge our match. How soon do you want to begin?
    19. Waltz
      Hmmm...How about Jiraiya?
    20. Ascend
      I only care about Sasuke, I wanna see how his story ends
    21. Waltz
      Also a 2v2 is an option as it would make things more interesting. Depends on if you're up for it.
    22. Waltz
      Haha, you just made my day Blaze. I've been quite bored and true, the entire concept of Naruto is deteriorating. Even Varrah said he's done with it.

      Alright, we should use evenly matched characters. Who are you using?
    23. Ascend
      My boi Sasuke a God now, how you like that
    24. Strict
      Amaterasu = Enton

      Sasuke himself called these Flames Enton once. Enton also means Blaze Release, so Blaze must be an own nature which gives birth to black flames. The theory; Blaze is Katon + Inton. Inton creates shape and form of nothing and has a dark appearance. Combined with Katon, it makes appear black flames out of nothing. As Sasuke surpassed Itachi with the black flames, his right eye unlocked the technique Kagutsuchi, which is the counterpart of Amaterasu and creates the flames as well at Sasuke's own range and can practice shape manipulation to form the flame into various weapons and defenses.

      So Enton is the nature, Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi the Jutsu of it.

      Your opinion?
    25. Bjorn
      Hello there, Ablaze.
    26. Ascend
      I would've love to see your video reaction to Minato getting Sage mode. But I mention your name on the base, and Bogard wanted to know what you be saying about certain things. Do I tell him you got and Account or here or nah?
    27. Ascend
      My bad. I be forgetting about this site. Why kishi play our boi Sasuke like that.
    28. Strict
      Dat ^ (use bro) is chillin out here I see.
    29. Waltz
      It's regarding the concept of continual growth of ocular power's. Of the two visual perspectives available [EMS, R], which do you think Madara was utilizing at this point: [x]

      I'm wavering between the two.
    30. Waltz
      Ah...there you are, old man. ;D

      I need your thoughts on something but first, I would like to know if you've read Varrah's Cherimoya?
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