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  • Yo! How's it going?
    Have you listened to the new Digimon Tamers drama CD? It's freaking awesome.
    so hi, how have you been, mate? been a while since we talked...

    and last month, i saw "when marnie was there" and ever since then i can't stop thinking of ghibli and miyazaki-style characters everywhere I went. and i keep wanting to search for more classic anime with similar animation, drawing, story, theme, and genre to ghibli or takahata's works like Nippon Animation's older stuff (excluding licensed crap like beyblade) and that new animated movie based on some Arabian Nights tales they released on the fourth of july yesterday in japan.

    so yeah... hi lol.
    We should be so lucky

    I'm slightly disappointed that our one chance of an awesome all series anime crossover has already been squandered
    Sounds like we're getting some good feats
    And we'll probably get lots more once Tri comes out
    Here's hoping for planet + omnimon :D
    I see. Well, I remember really liking Adventures when I was younger. I would imagine the humor is a bit different in the original since the dubs tend to use many bad puns. :lmao Also, they'll use actual Japanese terms for the Japanese stuff they do and the Japanese food they eat. :lmao I remember there was a hitchhiking scene in Adventures 1 where the dub made the driver who stopped for them Sora's cousin. :haha

    Alright, I suppose I'll watch K-On! later on. I gotta finish Kill la Kill first. Then finish up part 1 of the Naruto manga. I'll consider the other two shows in the future. I got enough stuff for now. XD
    I see. I read it was something like that. Apparently that "love Tai" moment from the 2nd Adventures 01 special was also a dub only thing. In the original Japanese, he misspelled his name. :lmao Unless that Japanese special also had some shipping moments... : O Do you feel Matt x Sora was a bit out of nowhere? I heard it was planned from the beginning, but I doubt that... :geg You do think the first two Adventures seasons are worth watching in Japanese, right? ;33

    Well, I don't really care about music. Not big on music. I suppose I like slice of life fine. I guess you would recommend it slightly, right? :hmm I haven't heard of the other two. :I
    Really, huh? ;33 I want to rewatch the first two seasons subbed. I've only ever watched the English dub.

    Two questions:
    1. Is Tai x Sora really a product of the English dub? I know the original Japanese dialogue between Matt's concert was Tai encouraging Sora to confess to Matt/Yamato. : O
    2. Is K-On any good? Someone keeps recommending it to me. It's not Digimon related. :lmao
    Why can't you just tell me? No one likes it when people beat around the bush. :ippy

    This is why I don't like people on this site. :angry All I know is that it's Digimon related. That's at least somewhat redeemable for you. :>
    No one likes a wise girl either... :catflip

    Man, it's not even in English. So let me get this straight... you want me to first decode it and then translate it? What do you think I am? :angry
    No one likes a wise guy, BB. I will shoot you with a BB gun if I get the chance to in the future. :maybe
    I would rep back but I no longer care about rep. :catblush

    What does your spoiler tag information mean? : O
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