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  • As long as you ate like a kind hten that's all good.

    Woord...and considering I can't help it's a bit of a bitch but I should be good.
    I feel you. At least you got something to start off.

    That's always good, man. What's your position there?

    My summer has been good actually. Went to the movies, beach and a lot of good restaurants, due to relatives coming over. Only bad part is that I had to cover most of the expenses but that's okay.
    Good money is always good, mate. Must feel good eh?

    What kind of company is it?
    Sorry for the late reply. Nothing much man, just enjoying my summer. How about you, how are you?
    Devious. How very very devious.

    Yeah Bleach is a good username either way. Definately better than a random string of letters and numbers like me. :lmao

    (Btw nice avatar. I thought it was a 150 x 200 ava for a second.)
    Thanks for the rep. :33

    You have one of the best usernames around. Although I have to check, do you still like Bleach? :amuse

    I am watching DBZ Kai, Jojo, this volleyball anime and other shit I dont remember by name but I seen their poster/
    Yeah, personally I am looking forward for the new season of anime.

    Any series you're looking forward to?
    It's like playing a WHOLE Season since it's 12 hrs long.

    And lol April 25th like a boss, fuck consoles! I might get it for PS3 just because it's the mother console of the game and then later for PC, IDK.

    Yeah, I am trying to get back into eating healthy and working out.

    Damn I dont know why the fuck I didnt reply.

    I am doing mighty well, friend. Just relaxing and playing video games. Recently beat South Park: The Stick of Truth Just gaming and I see you're interested in Dark Souls II. I might get it soon as well. How are you doing now?

    Also, have you heard that video of Selena accidentally screaming WTF? XD
    i just kinda
    forgot about this site lowkey
    i just recently remembered it existed :ruri
    I graduated last year.

    Right now not looking for a job, doing YT and my website maintains me for now.
    Website: shonengamez.com
    Youtube: GameEmpireHD

    We're Selena Gomez fans, so it's good Selena Gomez fan service.

    But disney channel movies tend to be baaaaaaad.. This one was alright, but felt too rushed. Watch it regardless.
    Nothing much, man. Just hanging out there.

    I have a successful (its hanging there) website and youtube channel. They are going well.

    You watched the last Wizards of Waverly Place movie?
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