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Sep 17, 2019 at 2:48 PM
Apr 20, 2012
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Well-Known Member

blk was last seen:
Viewing thread Pain vs KCM Naruto, Sep 17, 2019 at 2:48 PM
    1. KisaitaParadise
      I always thought your avatar was that blue avatar lady.... Is that predator?
      1. blk and Yamato like this.
      2. blk
        No, it's a protoss from Starcraft.
        Similar to predators tho.
        Sep 12, 2019 at 6:37 PM
    2. Mad Scientist
      Mad Scientist
      Thanks for the rep! :D (What is that avatar, a cyborg?)
      1. blk likes this.
      2. blk
        You're welcome.
        No it's a protoss (alien) from Starcraft (blizzard videogame).
        Jun 1, 2019
        Mad Scientist likes this.
    3. Mad Scientist
      1. blk likes this.
      2. blk
        Hey what's up?
        Apr 14, 2019
        Mad Scientist likes this.
      3. Mad Scientist
        Mad Scientist
        What's up!

        Well, I'll tell you a story. I woke up, and noticed I was going to be late for work. After getting dressed, it was already too late if I had left via conventional means.

        I looked at the mirror, and my eyes inside swelled a crimson haze. I instinctively muttered KAMUI!!

        I still didn't make it in time :(
        Apr 14, 2019
        Santoryu and blk like this.
      4. blk
        That was funny, thanks for the story ahah

        Would be pretty convenient to have something like that in real life... even tho you still didn't make it in time ;)
        Apr 14, 2019
        Mad Scientist likes this.
    4. Kai
      Madara was able to use his Rin'negan techniques as an Edo Tensei and so was Nagato; Kabuto explicitly stated in his ET demonstration that bloodline [dojutsu] users have all of their abilities preserved upon resurrection.

      Gedo Mazo is no more when the Juubi is present and no more than its empty shell when it's separated from the bijuus. Obito sealed the Juubi within his body and overcame its hatred; Madara can't summon the shell of what is already made whole, and through his failure to summon Kurama out of Naruto it's far fetched to believe he can summon Gedo Mazo out of the Juubi's Jin.
    5. Kai
      Actually, as shown Madara needed to wait until the Juubi was *reduced* to the Gedo Mazo via multiple bijuu extraction for summoning to occur. Gedo Mazo is literally no more while Obito is the Jinchuuriki of the actual Juubi.

      If Madara couldn't even summon Kurama from Naruto, what makes you think he can summon the Mazo, as the Juubi, from Obito's body?

      You're right, we don't know the limits of Limbo Hengoku which is why, more often than not, that one technique won't ascend him to Juubito's level. That's all I was saying on that matter. I think the possibility exists for Madara to be above Juubito if not one but both of his original Rin'negan eyes return to his sockets. As Madara stated, dojutsu users need both of their eyes to unleash their true power — so while we do not know the limits of something like Limbo Hengoku, we know Madara will be limited to the extent of having one Rin'negan. I don't believe Madara will be above Juubito until he has all of his powers complete and in tact.
    6. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      It isn't necessarily evidence that non-energy objects can't destroy it. It is support that energy attacks are more effective. The only thing against non-energy attacks, imo, is that they tend to comprise of the material CT would use to form its shell.

      Couldn't we say the same about the beliefs that non-energy attacks vs CT? Them being unjustified compared to -- or the case being weaker than -- the case of CT vs energy attacks.

      You know what's even worse: Obito with ST. :hurr
      Imagine that, every 5 seconds, he just remains intangible. :uwah

      I'm willing to bet all the Hashirama bandwagoners will jump to the Madara bandwagon if that happens. :LOS
    7. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Sure, if people weren't sceptical then there'd be no debates and my post count wouldn't be as high as it is now. :p
      Though I wouldn't necessarily say unjustified as the justification is that wood is among the raw materials. I wouldn't use the energy attacks as proof, rather as support seeing as proof implies it was verified. I.E. the assertion that CT can really be destroyed by 'energy' attacks is supported by the fact that the energy attacks around it destroyed it whilst the raw materials contributed to it.

      IMO Madara, the way he is now, should be banned from the BD. :p
      You've got a mobile Nagato, Hashirama and some of the best Susanoo feats alongside the Sharingan all in a single body. :uwah

      I might just bump that thread if Mokuton does get absorbed. :LOS
    8. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      This is where our notions differ. In my case I believe that the composition of the thing hitting CT should be an energy attack like FRS/Bijuu Dama/Jinton- because attacks of such calibre were used to take it out the first time.
      So agree to disagree, or alternatively postpone the conclusion till we get something new relating to this?

      Same deal with Obito actually. I mean Madara did teach the jutsu to Obito, so that in itself should mean he can use them too!
      I think he had a hard time finding someone to take seriously (shockingly Naruto hasn't triggered this reaction; though he was the closest iirc). But my hope is that Hashirama will be taken seriously insofar that we'll see Rinnegan jutus. :gar

      Of course that can backfire and we'll see a Mokuton spam fest :D:

      Imagine the BD though if Madara ends up taking Hashirama, then the overall fight turns into Madara vs Hashirama and Tobirama? :maybe
    9. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Interesting point. :hmm
      Though I'm still not totally convinced because it may have the force of Bijuu-Dama, but it wouldn't have the properties of the Bijuu-Dama. For example even though it'll be fast and hard hitting, it'll still be wood hitting. Whereas CT is an energy ball, and with Bijuu-Dama (or rapid ones) you'll have multiple other energy balls colliding with it.

      However if we're lucky we'll see it for real. :gar At least I hope, seeing as he couldn't beat Hashirama with just EMS :p

      Pirate on Wheels made it and it somehow ended up on that thread and it was lolzy that I had to sig it :p
      IIRC Rocky has the entire set version.
    10. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Can't you say that depends how much chakra (thus force) is put into the orb? E.G. a God Realm CT wouldn't do as much compared to a Nagato CT.

      There doesn't seem to be evidence either way, maybe slightly towards my side because the only 'threatening' things to the core seem to be energy-like chakra attacks like CT and Bijuu Dama.
      Whereas it seems objects made from 'earth' just literally stick. That's where my scepticism stems from.
    11. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Though, one can argue that after that the trees eventually broke. But those were smaller trees compared to the statue. So couldn't you argue as the statue would be moving more etc, it'd probably break?

      Its cool, but you seem to be pretty fluent in it despite it not being your first language. :D

      Though attacking a super gravitational force is different from attacking Susanoo. Arguably the arms could literally tear off if the statue tried to spam punch?
    12. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      http://[Blocked Domain]/index.php?mode=view&series=Naruto&chapter=Chapter%20551&page=10 The forth panel here

      http://[Blocked Domain]/index.php?mode=view&series=Naruto&chapter=Chapter+439+-+Chibaku+Tensei&page=3 The last panel here.

      Particularly with the latter page, we saw that trees were also destroyed to some extent. Looking at the final result we can deduced they were crushed to make that rocky structure we call CT.

      Could you please rephrase the second part?
    13. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Interesting input. :hmm
      Though it then becomes the question of on what basis would we say the arms wouldn't shatter to smaller pieces?

      At times like this, a DB entry of CT would be extremely useful.
    14. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Plausible. Although my only wonder is if the composition of the statue will factor in at all given it is made from wood (which CT breaks apart) whilst Bijuu Dama is dense chakra, like CT.

      Despite seeing it a few times... it still gets annoying. :D:
      Though usually it is quite fun to guess who the next spotlight character will be. :LOS
    15. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Truth be told I'm on the fence on how it'll work. If it'll be pulled like how Susanoo was or if the statue would be torn apart due to the composition. :hmm

      Personally I reckon that's due to the the current Hashirama bandwagon. Every so often when a character takes the spotlight (when I joined it went from Hebi Sasuke, to Jiraiya, to Itachi, to Pain, to Sage Naruto, to Ay, to Sasuke again, to Naruto... you get the point :LOS) a lot of BDers suddenly underrate anyone pit against them.
    16. ueharakk
      lol no worries man, even though we cross horns a lot I still think your one of the better posters.
    17. AlphaReaver
      Naruto makes people follow him with greater potency than anyone else before him. Thus he is the best at leading. Point blank. I'm done debating with you.
    18. AlphaReaver
      Who is limiting? You are the one trying to trim the definition to discredit Naruto's feats.

      Naruto already has good terms with Hokage, Kazekage, Raikage's Brother. Now he's cool with all of them except maybe Mizukage lol. He's leading the Shinobi world, not just 1 Village. Lol. Naruto's leadership in this war > Hashirama by far. He's been everywhere, he's been able to detect Zetsus & prevent more casualties, he's powering up the entire army. Hashi shared Bijuus with 5 villages? Naruto shared a Bijuu with the entire Shinobi World. Open your eyes man.

      Naruto's ability to subjugate & gain the loyalty of thers is what makes him the leader he is. His ability is UNCANNY. Hashirama does NOT have that. Hashi did it with POWER. Naruto does it with an unexplained empathy, understanding & trust that NOONE can emulate. Naruto LEADS BIJUU!! After the war he will solve all problems. All of them.
    19. AlphaReaver
      A Leader is one who Leads. & I disagree with your incorrect view on Leadership. You might be using half of your brain if you don't think Naruto's Resolve & status as a Child of Prophecy has any relevance to his Leadership lol. By being the CoP, Ruling & Leader the Ninja World is his Destiny, Purpose & Birthright.

      Who did Hashirama convince? He might have intimidated many while alive, but he left very little aside from the Will of Fire which he himself inherited to others. As soon as he died, the Uchiha were oppressed & the peace faltered. Do you TRULY know the definition of words? You are the same guy telling me that Naruto has inferior Leadership to Hashirama. Lol. It's YOUR opinionated interpretation.

      Naruto >= Hashirama as leader. Not only do people fear & admire him, but they will place blind faith in this individual. The fuckin Bijuu acknowledged him lol. The BIJUU. This kid is not even exclusively leading Humans. Naruto will fix all of the fuckups brought forth by Hashirama's System & he will bring TRUE Peace, Prosperity & Success to the Shinobi world. Naruto will DEFINE what it means to be a Shinobi, which he just did when Neiji died, if you have not noticed. Naruto is akin to a 2nd Rikudo Sennin & he will even surpass him.
    20. AlphaReaver
      I disagree.

      A Leader is One who Leads; One Who People Follow.

      Naruto does that. He's actually been the youngest character to have an apprentice. Amongst other impressive feats.

      The system makes people: that is the problem. The solution is thus allowing people to make the system. A "Revolution of the Ninja World". Naruto was determined to bring change ever since he met Haku & Zabuza.

      It's purely opinion to say that Hashirama is more well rounded.

      Naruto will > Rikudo Sennin in Leadership skills by the end of the manga. Do you understand that? There's nothing wrong with him being on par with a YS Heir at the age of 16 lol
    21. AlphaReaver
      I can't stand your entire perspective. How can you try to praise Hashirama & make excuses for his "Leadership" but try to deny Naruto of his praise & credit? The bias you have is crazy & your logic has clearly been tainted by it. One can argue that Naruto's leadership is already on par & in some cases already superior to Hashirama's.
    22. butcher50
      what sickens me is how childish the "adult" characters in Naruto-verse act when the chips are down.

      peace will come to Shinobi world when the shinobi parents will start loving their children more then they hate their designated enemies.
    23. butcher50
      why naruto-verse is a shithole.

    24. butcher50
      the problem is that on most profiles they forget to put brackets to mention under what kind of situations/circumstances these stats for durability and other things are viable.

      Durability: Building-buster+ ordnance required (only before temperature extremes of cold/heat or rough/flat/blunt-edge physical attacks, a super quick stab from a knife sturdy and sharp enough will still make him bleed like any normal human)
    25. butcher50
      http://outskirtsbattledome.wikispaces.com/Naruto (scroll down and click on any of the profile picture to see their calculated/measured combat stats)


      the most common bodily superhuman hardness of Naruto shinobi is anywhere between (give or take) Wall/Tree-buster and Small Building-Buster, what the OBD fails to clearly point out is that most of the superhuman characters of Naruto-verse are of such nature (still flesh and blood glass-cannons under specific type of attacks, circumstances and other factors) that the actual full-package of that kind of firepower (to blow up the entire wall/tree/small house to kingdom come) is not really necessary, any ballistic instrument of sufficient caliber, cartridge and content that can reliably pierce all the way through these kinds of thicknesses and densities is all it's gonna take, especially if you send them the bullet right to their face.

      (and it's really still a great question how their "danger sense" instincts link up and activate their super-reflexes/reaction times plus physical speeds to deal with sudden sniper ambushes placed outside of their eyesight horizons with the bullet's muzzle velocity to MATCH)

      we seen how in naruto-verse, many characters showing off very impressive superhuman toughness to flat/rough/blunt-trauma attacks...or atleast half-surviving these sort of blunt weight smashers/crushers in a non-combat functional state (where normal human will have a good chunk of his skeleton reduced to shattered splinters or dust) almost no matter how massive.........BUT as soon as sharp-pointy/razor-cutting type of attacks is brought for use (with adequate force and speed applied of course) all that superhuman durability evaporates and it's open season on their internal organs.
    26. butcher50


      think .50 Barret but about 3 times bigger in every aspect.
    27. krakonfive
      Well thanks for the post lol. If you could do the same for other characters .... XD
    28. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      It's nothing, sir! Keep up the good posting! :salute
    29. orthoanduro
    30. Grimmjowsensei
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