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Jun 28, 2020
Nov 8, 2009
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PhD Student


Shadow Shinobi, Male, from Konoha

Bloo was last seen:
Jun 28, 2020
    1. Skilatry
      Where is your avatar from?
      1. Bloo
        If you Google "Itachi and Sasuke Jonin" it should be one of the first to pop up.
        Mar 24, 2017
      2. Skilatry
        Good stuff.
        Mar 24, 2017
    2. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep.:kthumb
    3. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      If you say so :maybe

      Did you discover Naruto through Shonen or the anime?

      Honestly, I thought the 1st Naruto series was miles better than the 2nd one. Much better character depth. Like Gaara's story for example. Even though I'm not a fan of his, I thought his backstory was incredibly deep and thought provoking. The 2nd series didn't really do that. Maybe with Pein and Itachi, but after that, it became emotionally bankrupt and generic.
    4. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      Precisely the point. The origin of colour distinction stems from cultural identity and an individual's personal connection to it, whatever that connection is to them. That's the parallel.

      Curious. What's your opinion of Naruto's character? What initially drew you to the series?
    5. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      I disagree. Both Gender and Colour are apart of personal identity. Thing is, a lot of people see Colour as a predetermined, genetic identity to identify peoples' race, but that's a very general misconception. Colours are ethnic terms. And when I say it's not clear-cut, I mean it's not as simple as just being African, Caucasion, Asian, etc. I don't believe you're one or the other, regardless of the mix proportions. Like you being "Black" or African-American, it's not necessarily true...or that simple. We're just thrown into a category that dubs us as just that, but our genetic composition (generally consisting of multiple lineages) make us more than just that. That other percentage, big or small, still means a lot. Sorry for writing so much lol

      I never read all of it. I was so hoping they'd expand on Sasuke but they didn't. As for he anime, don't you actually like to see the fights animated? I always like to see what it looks like in action. I never understood why you berated the anime the way you did...until I saw that fight lol It was so choppy and lazy! If you thought the Pain fight was terribly animated, watch the fight between Sasuke, Naruto and Madara :lmao
    6. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      I was comparing the social aspect of it, as far as Identity. Much like Gender, you can identify with whatever colour you choose, despite what many people believe. Plus there's the fact that Race isn't as clear cut as people paint it to be. So, do you personally know anyone who's 'transitioned'?

      Why not? I finally did and it was like the Naruto version of that show Maury :lmao The Naruto series is becoming lazy. If you've ever checked out the animated fight between Sasuke, Naruto and Madara you'd believe it was FAN Made :wha
    7. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      So what if I told you with confidence that I've transitioned into a white person? It's somewhat reasonable seeing as colours are social identities. But is it believable? That's the point I'm trying to make. The reality of a black girl becoming/transitioning into a white girl or a girl becoming a boy is questionable, to me. I understand your point, just telling you from my pov. You by far have the most reasonable look on this. The people on ATRL didn't say much to refute me, other than I'm wrong and I'm a homophobe lol

      But anyway, do you follow the Naruto mini series on MS?
    8. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      lol Yeah. I just don't know if I truly believe in the term MTF/FTM.

      That's precisely what I meant lol
    9. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      I feel similarly. We all have the right to identify as whomever or whatever we choose. However, the proposition of that is sometimes questionable. I personally find the veracity of MTF questionable.

      I'm a gaming nerd :wha Of course I'm aware of certain programming languages lol I know of 'em as well as their praxis, but that's the extent of my "knowledge" :lmao
    10. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      The idea. That's why I made the distinct choice of using 'sex' and not 'gender'. It's incontrovertible. Identifying with the opposite sex isn't the same as truly being that sex. Because of that, the idea of anyone sementing their self as anything but seems a little dodgy to me. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea but I'm not with it, either. I don't think that warrants being attacked lol

      You are right. The coding, an integral component, I've zero experience in. I know a little about C++ and Assembly, but I can't do anything in that field. The only things I can possibly contribute in are the graphing and statistics facet. But hopefully I get to work in that division. The application of AI & robotics seems so exciting.
    11. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      I don't have a fear or stigmatize anyone for that. However, their overall genes/anatomy make them the sex they inherently are. I personally think if you're a boy, you're ultimately going to remain a boy irrespective of what you do to yourself :oh

      It's more of a general scientific research program. AI isn't the main study. But from what I've inquired, juniors and upperclassmen are delving into that avenue this summer. Only thing is that I don't think it'll be hands-on for 1st timers. Mainly assisting. I'm still going to submit, though. Really? What have you covered thus far?
    12. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      The other way around. Male to "girl"

      Artificial intelligence? That's AWESOME! I'm actually joining the stars research program this summer for artificial intelligence. Surely you haven't gotten into the gravy of it, but what's the class like so far??
    13. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      Oh. The OP wanted to know if we agree or disagree that a trans. male should be allowed to use the girl's bathroom. I disagreed and paid dearly for it :lmao

      So any interesting courses this year? For me, it's Death by Design: Health Inequalities in Global Perspective. Data analysis has to be the most unbelievably boring class in existence. Inexpensive books, though.
    14. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      That bothers me, too. You can opine something in a very respectful manner and people will still, oddly, be offended to the point of attacking you and then reporting you. I was so repulsed. I was apparently going back & forth with a 2012 member who allegedly has a B.S. in Molecular Biology (his basis for why his subjective opinion - something his degree doesn't truly delineate - is superior.) He frequents ATRL daily and has a post count of 55,000+. You buyin' it?

      There are a few ATRL/NF similarities, though. The underlying point in some of these threads is too deliberate underrate some of the characters. One I saw was Itachi's skill minus Genjutsu :oh
    15. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      Now that I think of it, you made a set for me once. I think it was almost a matching set, except you had Itachi. I'd totally update it but I'm fresh out of ideas.

      I feel so much at home here. You can have a debate here without getting consumed in your feelings. The other day I was attacked on ATRL for disagreeing that a trans boy should be allowed to use the girl's locker room :apathy
    16. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      Speaking of that, it's time I get an upgrade lol. You've never seen me with another default, have you?
    17. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      One of the very few times your display picture isn't Itachi :wha
      Trouble in Paradise, huh? :urahaha
    18. Duhul10
      I do not neg for Being an Itachi fan, I neg for Being an Itachi fanboy, Those two are completely different terms.
      I neg everytime i see Bad arguments, about Itachi or not, if i am interested in The respective thread
    19. Snake
      Somebody just argued that paper bombs equal Itachi's yasaka magatama in strength, I'm done.
    20. Snake
      Thanks dude, we can't let these guys speak of Itachi as if he's some weak genin. I mean, Tsunade beating Itachi? That thread should have ended on the first page.
    21. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Thanks for the link. It will come in handy in the near future.

      That's what happens to you when you realize you're awesome.
    22. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      In my current course, we've only started experimenting with html. We haven't touched Java or C++ yet. It's just an introduction course, so I don't really expect any in-depth information.

      Yeah, the same impression I got when I read his trial. You're only wise when you know you're dumb.:rotfl
    23. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Although, I'm somewhat fearful of my upcoming Programming 1 course next semester. :-(

      I will need to check that out when I have time. It will go well with the Anthology I have now of prominent individuals since Socrates' existence until modern times. :hmm
    24. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Same here. :brofist

      I only caught an interest to philosophy due to my First-Year Seminar prof last semester. He's probably the best prof. I've had so far.
    25. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Computer Science and Philosophy as interests? :nice
    26. Maroke
      xD!! Thank you ^^
    27. Shinobu
      I admire you for the patience you have with some people. They're coming up with totally dumb stuff like comparing Itachi to Hitler.

      And again, there's not one single post, in which I'd see a well-founded explanation, what else Itachi could've done. Or what he could've done better.
      I don't quite understand, what people are trying to get at. Is it really that hard to understand that Itachi was just the last link in a chain of actions and decisions?
    28. Shinobu
      I'm sure Itachi's story was never meant to be a retcon. Even though you could probably say, Kishimoto missed it to make some things clearer and more understandable, the reason Itachi had in part 1 just didn't make sense at all. Even in a world like this, with morals like this and "psychopaths" like Orochimaru... no one ever did something bad without a "reason".

      Though I saw you discussing in this new thread about Itachi in the KL. You're very patient, concerning that they're always coming up with the same things. And I didn't quite understand, what Lammy meant with this: "Ironically the amount of people that died would have been less than the ones that eventually did in the 4th Shinobi war. Respect to Itachi for admitting he was a huge failure at the end :'(" What was he trying to say?
    29. Shinobu
      That's how I saw it too. Even in this world you don't kill just because you want to try, if you're able to do it. It was very fishy. And Itachi never answered a question or said in general something, what made the whole thing really annoying and odd.

      Yeah, especially the elders and Fugaku. I was always wondering what exactly Fugaku was thinking. Was he really that selfish? And why didn't he see that it would've had a bad outcoming for his clan, 'cause even though if the Coup would've been successful, the following civil war could've most likely ended with the extinction of the whole clan. How could he risk so much lives, even his sons' ones?

      Seems like this is something most people can't or don't want to see that you can't simply compare our morals and laws to theirs.
    30. Shinobu
      Yeah, I had the same feeling about him in part 1. He looked good, his abilities were always kind of badass. But it really disturbed me that we literally knew nothing about him, and to kill his family just to test his own abilities, was so absurd.

      True. It's not that I don't understand the suspicion. I just don't understand how it was handled from both sides. They were "brothers in arms" after all.

      Though the user "Zef" you were replying to, is one of those typical haters, who don't even try to understand it in a way it was meant to be. It's nice to be idealistic, but the idealism in our world is just too different from the idealism in Narutoverse. We don't have 8 years old kids being a deadly assassin.
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