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Apr 16, 2016
Aug 6, 2008
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., from horrizons

bloodplzkthxlol was last seen:
Apr 16, 2016
    1. Megu-Nee
      why did you choose your avatar name like that?
    2. Annamay
      Hey apparently I reported you by mistake. I'm really sorry about that! My phone was glitching like crazy and I thought I was making a post but no... :sweatdrop
    3. Suigetsu
      Yeah, that one will also always be my Canon Naruto.
    4. Yagami1211
      Gimme your PS4 ID so we can have some fun, dude.
    5. Yagami1211
      Hey dude, Storm 4 has been announced on PS4 with the last battle with Naruto & Sasuke. And maybe some "The Last" characters :D Can't wait to play Kaguya !
    6. Suigetsu
      I see now, well I will try to ask her a cool question. She said she would be making her own ending, so that's great news because she can imitate Kishimoto's style perfectly.
    7. Suigetsu
      Man, I cant contact her... :(
      Where did you saw that thing of her getting depressed? Fucks sake.
    8. Revolution

      made a new one for you
    9. Hussain
      killing jedi
      killing jedk? O_O

      are you a NS fan? :hmm
      and if so, how do you feel about it now? You know, since there are only 2 chapters left. :hmm
    10. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      OK. I'm not totally unforgiving, but don't let that happen again.
    11. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Did you apologize to Kage?
    12. NarutoShion4ever
      There are actually quite a few annoying character clinches I ignore. :lmao

      I think the pervert moments are the only moments were it's actually funny for Sakura to hit Naruto. Mostly because it's already a ridiculous situation. As if Sakura has never used Henge to try out a new hair style or made herself look more like another girl or...

      Now that I think about it, it would be interesting to read a fanfiction that explores body privacy and body identity issues and how chakra/ninjutsu influences that.
    13. NarutoShion4ever
      Well, calling Hinata's character arc awesome was maybe a slight exaggeration. :maybe

      But while you call her a satellite, I'd call her character a foil to Naruto's. Both Rock Lee and Naruto are determinators: they simply never give up. It's what allows Rock Lee to do all that hard work. But Hinata is not a determinator so she's trying to live up to a code that doesn't come easy to her. Which is why Hinata thinks that the most important thing about not giving up is standing back up again after a failure which is why she got inspired by Naruto during the Ninja Academy.

      That said, Hinata has that annoying shyness/stalking clich? I could really do without. Just like Sakura has that annoying violence clich? I could do without (hitting someone because he's stupid isn't really funny). Still, Hinata is the only female character who actually has a character arc.
    14. Megu-Nee
      Hey, saw ur post in saku fc and I totally feel the same way. Kishis words abt making sakura a better heroine is just to appease sakufans.. all those sakura's distrustful and determined panels in this war, they are just fanservice as well imo..
    15. Alfons De Beauchamps
      Alfons De Beauchamps
      kushina is hug, minato needed bro fiest
    16. Alfons De Beauchamps
      Alfons De Beauchamps
      minato has no arm for hugging mon ami
    17. CA182
      Heya :skysun

      How've ya been bro.
    18. Wan
      Hey, what's your sig from?
    19. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      A travel forward into the future story would've been interesting. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan vs Future 17 and 18 would've been a curbstomp for the ages.
    20. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      That Gohan sub-Super Saiyan mode is tight.
    21. Bitch
      Where is it from?
    22. Bitch
      Is that Roy?
    23. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Your sig, where is it from?
    24. Ernie
      Good posts in the Naruto FC
    25. Freechoice
      Why wouldn't you want one? :wha
    26. Freechoice
      Get an avatar :lmao
    27. J★J♥
      Boring, good luck :giogio
    28. J★J♥
      Thats all ? :lmao Come on its not 2001 you could have said something more original, something that would make sense, but yeah its you probably best you could think :lmao
    29. J★J♥
      Hey remember my post about Minato and his fanbase ? Yeah i admit that i was wrong not even he is that retarded :lmao
    30. J★J♥
      truth hurts ?
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    Episode: 133
    Chapter: 450

    killing jedi


    my essay about the ame orphans and why they're the best written characters

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