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Last Activity:
Aug 7, 2020 at 10:38 PM
Dec 8, 2007
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Classy Gent, from PUNK HAZARD

Bluebeard was last seen:
Aug 7, 2020 at 10:38 PM
    1. LordPerucho
      Hey bro, What is the name of the girl in ur set? :)
    2. Mider T
      Mider T
    3. Ceria
      Death star had him in it, it revealed his relationship with Admiral Daala, so did Dark Lord rise of darth vader (book that immediately followed Revenge of the sith) that was the beginning of the partnership with Vader and Tarkin.
    4. Ceria
      Did you know about the Tarkin novel that's coming soon, it's by Luceno who did the Plagueis novel, oh fuck as good as Plagueis was I got chills for what Tarkin could cover.
    5. Ceria
      I'm one of the biggest fans of it here, read most of the EU, played a lot of the games and I eagerly await the next movies.
    6. Fiona
      here you go :Zaru

    7. Fiona
      Thank you :33

      I could resize that to 150x200 if you want.

      That way it does not get shrunk.
    8. Fiona
      Don't forget to credit me for the avy :33
    9. Parallax
      wtf are you doing, delete that asap or you will be banned
    10. Roƅ
      Hey Aohige :LOS

      TMF is trying to get their activity up, and one of the members (Millennium Creed) asked me to tell you that you still have an account over there :hurr

      Get in there :pek
    11. Ceria
      Thank you sir. I think i'll have one of ramsey next.
    12. Chaos Theory
    13. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, I have heard of that series, but never seen an episode of it.
    14. DemonDragonJ
      From where is that image in your signature?
    15. TaskMaster
      AJ Lee my dude...Wrestling Diva
    16. Rindaman
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/1730/kingdom.html

      Thank me Later - Drizzy voice
    17. Rindaman
      Thanks alot! I'll make sure to check it out.

      Ive been currently reading Magi, thought it'd be another Negima Harem type of thing, but it's been pretty amazing so far. I already rank it above the likes of FT. Gonna take awhile for me to put it above Naruto, but that's just a personal bias >.>

      NOTHING is beating Kingdom right now imo, that shits been better than One Piece lately.
    18. Rindaman
      Hey! , just wanted to get your opinion on something.

      I see that your Avatar is from NANATSU NO TAIZAI, Ive been meaning to get into it for awhile.

      What would you rate it?
    19. Bender
      that bitch :cussing

      How dare she toy with my feelings. :C
    20. Bender
      she must be pregnant with my kid :smoke
    21. Bender

      GOOD LORD that is a fine-ass set of Scarlett Johansson man. :datass
    22. andrea
    23. DVB
      Hey, I hope you're well. The Miracle Pirates are fending off the gang. maybe she can make her appearance there. Next sage is for them to learn about the crystal, find your character and then leading to fighting the Marine Captain with the Fishman
    24. DVB
      Time to meet Lana!
    25. DVB
      By the way, I updated the Miracle Pirates Arc 2 profile with the antagonists.

      I imagine as the fight goes on, the two will form an alliance of a sort (Jim respecting the Doc's strength while fearing the guy a bit because he's insane and the Doc because of observation). I imagine while that emeting happens, they interact with the crystal.

      They play keep away, while the crew gains insight on their new nakama and helps them bond to tag team against these guys.
    26. DVB
      Hey Bluebeard. So when the crew arrives, they will settle in an inn. After helping out to defend from the Marines and fishman supremist group, maybe they see her fight and Diego invited her to the crew. Diego and the others will also understand her plight (to some extent) through the Empathy Crytsal.
    27. DVB
      So how should they meet Lana on Blueheart Island? I was thinking Diego and the others see her as she is one of the few mermaids there. While they check out the town, they learn the town seems to be on cold war terms with thier marines, or rather the commander, who turns a blind eye to the fishman supremist group and he himself will go and serve an enemy against the group.
    28. DVB
      Heya! Arc 2 is going to be rolling soon! We're going to be meeting up with Lana after Diego beats the swordsman in a duel and invites him to join the duel! Besides doubling the size of the crew, this will also began forging the bonds of friendship and teamwork between them, especially with the Empathy Crystal.
    29. DVB
      It all dpeends on yoru schedule. As for the crytsal, empathy is something that you can't destory (since all people have it. The crystal is just a massive shortcut). With the supremist group, if they get their hands on it, their irrational hate will cause people around to start going kinda nuts, which is why they want to protect them. The crystal itself is not native to the island. I am thinking around the same time both could be recruited and I suppose the last arc in the East Blue would be in case anyone signs up, but also for their main ship.
    30. DVB
      So how are you doing this week? You having a good weekend so far?
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