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Oct 17, 2018
Feb 11, 2012
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Biologist, Female, from Portugal

bluemiracle was last seen:
Oct 17, 2018
    1. Jimin
      Congrats to Portugal winning Euro. : O

      Griezmann screwed up in another final... :mad
      1. bluemiracle
        Thank you :D I honestly didn't imagine we could go so far to even win the competition, but hey, can't complain!
        Aug 31, 2016
      2. Jimin
        I didn't like the anti-football strategy they used (:ippy) but you gotta do what you gotta do if you think that gives you the best chance to win.

        But this means that fool Ronaldo might just win another Ballon d'Or. :ippy I supported Atletico Madrid as well. ;(
        Aug 31, 2016
      3. bluemiracle
        Ronaldo might be cocky and arrogant but he's a brilliant athlete, and he knows it. He deserves that Ballon d'Or fair and square :eek:

        Many people are complaining about Portugal's strategy but as far I know, we always played by the rules and never lost a game! And if its true many minor teams do it, I don't see those minor teams winning World and European cups :p
        Sep 2, 2016
    2. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      everything is well ms. blue
      hope you are having a good day :)
    3. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      merry christmas ms. blue :heart
    4. blackguyinpinksuit
      Did not expect a rep from you ever :lmao.

      Well yea again thanks alot :catwave
    5. Rima
      Just asking. It's always nice to have more SS shippers to follow. :D
    6. Rima
      Are you on Tumblr?
    7. Mr. Black Leg
      Mr. Black Leg
      N?o estar? na ordem certa, mas Corinthians, Flamengo, S?o Paulo, Gr?mio, Vasco, Palmeiras e tem alguns mais, mas eu n?o vou me lembrar ... Mas os dois maiores s?o o Corinthians e o Flamengo .
    8. Jimin
      I don't get it either... Why seek drama on the internet? Do you really need to look for more problems in your life? Especially petty ones that don't even matter? :sag
    9. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee
      Somebody else already pointed out what was wrong with that post. So I didn't feel it was necessary.
    10. Jimin
      It's true. I've known way too many dramatic people on this site... @__@ But you gotta remember one thing: even if you hate drama, it doesn't mean the other side won't love it. :sag
    11. Mr. Black Leg
      Mr. Black Leg
      S?rio ? Achei que fosse uma tr?plice dos maiores(Sporting, Porto e Benfica), n?o achei que tivesse tanta discrep?ncia . Seu pai torceu pro time errado, o maior de todos ? o TODO PODEROSO TIM?O(Corinthians) . Dois mundiais . Bem, embora o Corinthians seja o time do meu cora??o, eu n?o s? gosto dele por ter nascido em um meio corinthiano, mas tamb?m por causa de sua hist?ria, como, por exemplo, ser o primeiro time paulista que aceitou jogadores negros(O primeiro do Brasil creio que seja o Flamengo, mas n?o tenho certeza. s? tenho quase certeza que ? um time carioca) ou a democracia corinthiana, um epis?dio muito belo da hist?ria do Corinthians .
    12. Jimin
      Lame internet drama. It's a waste of time to go into it. The mods aren't half as capable as they think they are. :sag
    13. Mr. Black Leg
      Mr. Black Leg
      Se estivermos falando estritamente dos times Portugueses, eu tor?o pro Sporting CP, embora eu tenha um grande carinho pelo Porto . Gosto muito da categoria de base deles, formou um dos maiores jogadores que j? vi jogar, o Figo . E voc?, tem algum time brasileiro ?
    14. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee
      I see you took the neg personally.:LOS
    15. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      you're welcome ^^
    16. nightmistress
      Thanks for the post, Blue!! Sorry for the delay. I was away at Comic Con.

      At this point I'm getting over it. Kishi may have based a lot of his stuff on Japanese tradition, but he certainly applied western standards to everyone else but SS when it came to a normal family dynamic. Sarada gets that her situation isn't normal either. Fans, Japanese and western alike appear to be fine with this, but I can't bring myself to join the bandwagon. There's just nothing there for me except a long overdue family photo and lots of questions, crucial ones that would have been easy to answer but he didn't due to lazy storytelling. It's not like he started writing stories yesterday. And he started this gaiden knowing exactly how it would end which should have made it even better. It's utterly crap characterization of Sasuke for him to be a character that went batshit crazy because his family was slaughtered, but then when he gets a new family of his own he hardly sees them. Not a letter to his kid. Not even a kage bunshin. Just one. And he remains unbothered that it hurts his kid, leaving Naruto to do the emotional heavy lifting that he should have been doing instead. And we don't even get a reason for his coldness. It just makes ZERO sense. I was in tears for 700 I was so happy and I'm not a crier when it comes to these things. And now he's made me feel like a COMPLETE idiot for that and I'll never forget it.

      Sasuke didn't stay away for 12 years, but he was gone for long enough to not remember his kid's face or for her to remember him being around and that's what's important to me, but apparently not to other people. And Kishi points it out as something bad, but he never did enough to explain or justify it. I fully expect Sasuke to leave again after the movie. There will aways be some threat and if Kishi wanted Sasuke home for good then he would have been away because he was captured and literally couldn't come home. He wouldn't have the option to come and go as he pleases and we'd at least see that he was pained and conflicted about being away from his family, which we never saw so I can only assume he isn't. It had to take his kid tracking him down for it to occur to him to come home for a day or two. At the end of the day Kishi doesn't want the domestic life for the character...but he wanted to give him a family that he neglects spending time with for the occasional conflict that he shoddily resolves because Sakura is fine with it and Sarada's going to be fine with it too, just cuz Kishi says so. But it just doesn't feel right to me and no amount of telling me it's fine is going to work. The best we could get of long term family interaction is if they all go on extended missions together when Sarada's old enough, but we won't see her develop that much outside of SP and she already has her "Team 7" now.

      I don't even expect all of the Uchihas to be on screen together in the film at this rate. Not after that crap with The Last. Sarada will be with either Sakura or Sasuke but not both together for more then 2 seconds. And definitely no SasuSaku either. That's why we got this gaiden because Kishi already knows we're getting the complete shaft for the movie.

      In the end I've put up with a lot of crap to keep supporting this ship and because of the world they live in I was able to accept it even though I didn't like it. But I still have my limits and I'm just done with accepting it being a dumping ground and there's nothing I can do about it except move on from the series which will happen in time. As I said to Arinna, I will always wish they had something better, but if the creator is completely clueless about where he went wrong then it's a waste of energy to continue feeling upset. He will never give them better than this. I'm not convinced it's a good ship just because someone tells me so when the narrative doesn't present enough reason why. I had high hopes for it in part I. Realistically that is where it became my OTP. If I had to go on Part II and this gaiden it wouldn't be an OTP and that's what I've come to realize. I only held on because of part I. The glory days are long gone and it's a shell of what it could have been. I have several other ships, actually every other one of my ships, have had a more satisfying outcome even if they aren't perfect. All he had to do was leave well enough alone after 700 and I would have been okay. The only SS I can handle now is fanon. And it's more disappointing because I went on for months thinking it was better than it actually was, so being lied to like that doesn't help.
    17. Jimin
      I don't care for it. I don't see a different fandom as being a big deal. Ironically enough... most of the people I've met recently are SS fans... @___@ Anyways, these threads usually just cause internet drama. Internet drama is as stupid as it gets. I have no interest in internet drama. Even if it doesn't cause any drama, it's still just a huge waste of time. Why do you ask though?

      I'm not in any FC at all so I can have the freedom to go to every FC. :pleased
    18. Choco
      It is the only thing that gives them entertainment. These people need to get off the forums and go outside. Maybe have a social life lol It's seriously so pathetic, some of them have been here for years talking about that same bs over and over. I can't even take them seriously anymore and it gets them all pressed. I wonder what they'll do after the movie, seeing as there will be no more Naruto material. Probably have withdrawal :lmao
    19. balboass
      No problem!
    20. Choco
      Yes, not all. But lately it looks like even the ones who seems to be serious about SS, are throwing it under the bus because of their bitterness. I'll just laugh at them until this is over because it's obvious to me why they're so pressed. It must hurt to be irrelevant.
    21. Choco
      It's like another anti-SS, anti-Sakura and anti-Sasuke. Why bother? :zaru I like NH but it's canon version. Not the overhyped fanon version of what the fans make it out to be.
    22. Choco
      They always took the back seat. Don't know why they expect that to change :catskully
    23. Jimin
      Well, your friend has a point though. It's the most efficient one.

      And I'm assuming you didn't yet. What, you trying to be an hipster or something? :ippy
    24. Jimin
      ^ (use bro), did you get Skype yet? : O
    25. Jimin
    26. Luiz
      Eu sei.

      Eu levantei o t?pico por iniciativa pr?pria. :catwalk

      Enfim, foi necess?rio. Chega de ficarem rotulando todo mundo como A) f?s de SS ou B) fandoms rivais.
    27. LesExit
      Well I'm going to college soon, so I dont think so :0!!!
    28. LesExit
      I don't come here very often either :0! I appreciate your hug (?ー`)!! I think she did know that, I miss her. I'm glad I got to spend the time I did with her though :3
    29. Jimin
      I have a question about SS. A hypothetical one if you will. I would like your thoughts on it. I will probably not respond with a long reply to any answer you will give. I just want the opinion of an actual SS fan.

      I finished the part 1 manga a couple of days ago. As you know, I don't like the way SS is portrayed in the manga, especially part 2. I felt that SS completely kills Sakura's development in part 2. Anytime Sasuke came around, Sakura regresses back to the way she was in the first ten chapters of the manga. If SS was portrayed in this way instead, would you feel it would be far better than the SS in the manga?

      Say, these things changed:
      1. When Sasuke attempted to stab Sakura with Chidori, Sakura should have warned him not to try that again.
      2. When Sasuke told Sakura to kill Karin, she refused and instead punched Sasuke or something to tell him he was screwed up and needed to let go of his hate. Wouldn't it be far better than just crying about it?
      3. When Sasuke told her to STFU during the IT, Sakura doesn't just take it and instead bluntly tells him that he'll find her useful against Madara. Wouldn't that have been better than just accepting Sasuke's belittlement of her?
      4. When Sasuke planned on killing the 5 Kages, Sakura should have reprimanded him by warning him that would just lead to more chaos. Wouldn't it have been far better than just staying silent the whole time?
      5. Instead of begging Sasuke in 693 (I think), wouldn't it have been far better if she told Sasuke quite bluntly that he'll regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn't to be with her instead of begging him?

      If SS was portrayed like that, I could have actually supported it. :geg
    30. Jimin
      Yeah, we clearly do. :ippy That's alright though, we can still be friends. :skysun

      I watched part 1 and read part 2. I'm almost done reading part 1. I don't plan on watching part 2. :geg Oh, you Sasuke apologists crack me up. Instead of remembering the big things, you mention the little things like he thought of Naruto and Sakura when he left. Here's a big thing you don't want to remember: He clearly had no problem attempting to kill Sakura thrice (that kunai to her throat in which Naruto interfered was planned? that Chidori was just for show?) and attempted to kill Naruto during their final battle. He may not have been happy doing it, but he still did it. You need to hold Sasuke responsible for his actions. Everytime he had a choice, he picked the worse one. It's not a bloodlust and a personal feud with his brother when he left the village? Then what was it? An attempt for world peace? An attempt for Orochimaru to turn himself in? :headscrat Nope. He decided to betray his village/country to join forces with a guy who tried to destroy his village. When Itachi died, he joined Akatsuki and destroyed the world. He's tried to kill the 5 Kages at least twice. What? Should he be excused because he's confused? Do all the people who died because of him come back to life? Does Karin not get stabbed all of a sudden? He willingly joined Akatsuki knowing they were an enemy to the shinobi world. And for what? So he could destroy Konoha? Is the personal goal of revenge worth so much more than global peace? And what's his goal? Where will it end for him? He killed Danzo? That's not enough? You want to kill people who had nothing to do with the Uchiha clan massacre too? So yeah, he is more evil than Orochimaru and Madara. Both Orochimaru and Madara had goals. Sasuke had none. He just wanted to satisfy his own bloodlust. If the world got destroyed, so be it. Oh, I remember. The Uchiha clan valued love more than anyone else. And Sasuke loved revenge more than anything else. It was the only thing he ever loved in his life. Was the world being destroyed more important than personal revenge? Of course not. He has fought for both sides in the final world war in the same battle. As a result, he has literally betrayed everyone and is an enemy to every single being in the world.

      Itachi was a hero who prevented a world war. Sasuke was a villain who brought the world to the brink of destruction.

      Good luck with those papers. :< And dust mites? DX That's unfortunate considering... dust is inevitable.
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