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Bohemian Knight
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Aug 3, 2020 at 10:11 AM
Feb 2, 2014
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Bohemian Knight

Well-Known Member, Male

Bohemian Knight was last seen:
Aug 3, 2020 at 10:11 AM
    1. Dayscanor
      Thanks for the rep. Glad you like it!
    2. Gyro
      Hi! I just saw your message about Dragon Ball. It's true that a lot of the main characters became irrelevant but that's because the saiyans and the villains grew exponentially stronger with each saga without any real reason That's what I call power creep but maybe I'm wrong on the very definition of it :catthinks
    3. Donquixote Doflamingo
      Donquixote Doflamingo
      Top 3 Commander level but lower end. So Vista level and depending on match-ups can beat dudes stronger then vista.
    4. NO
      I wouldn't call an unfavorable presentation of a BM pirate and humiliating a seemingly harmless character intended to create threat "nitpicking." Those are writing flaws at worst, things to discuss at best. If you truly thought the writing was flawless in this chapter, then we have nothing to discuss. I have always held higher standards for One Piece.
    5. NO
      All I'm trying to say is that besides Jack getting 1-shot and the past 2 chapters being absolutely abysmal, that I've mostly said good things about the series. The last arc was good while Dressrosa was a mixed bag. When I say things like "his writing is just not that good post-TS" I'm not objectively wrong given the current state of affairs.
      1. Freechoice likes this.
    6. NO
      You seem to think dislikes bother me. Lol. It might bother you, but for me, I just don't really care. Most of my friends are repsealed and can't like my posts anyway and a lot of OL posters either don't give a fuck about the post rating function or stopped posting in the section altogether.
      1. Freechoice likes this.
      2. NO
        So, then we have children like you who get triggered every time someone criticizes Oda instead of saying "I respectfully disagree." Take a step back and realize you were hostile to begin with while I just explained to everyone why I thought the chapter was shitty.
        Jul 13, 2016
    7. NO
      Pretty sure I don't need to drop the manga because of 2 terrible chapters. Don't worry about me, kid.
      1. Freechoice likes this.
    8. BlueDemon
      Think that's more of a compliment than I deserve, but I'm trying brah :skullrouge
    9. BlueDemon
      Thanks yet again for the rep! =))
    10. BlueDemon
      Yeah, it all comes down to what he learned from Dressrosa!

      It's going to be epic, anyway. Just imagine, next year's 20 years since the series started! So crazy! And we're just now getting to the beginning of the climax. More or less :D
    11. BlueDemon
      Well, there are a few options and I really can't tell what Oda is going to go with.
      Luffy can't really get into a fight with the crew he's going to the Tea Party. So the "Big Mom is Lola's Mom" theory might become true, if only to ensure Luffy survives.

      Of course, they might somehow only have to deal with Sanji's folks and Jinbe will be there to help too.

      And any of those two options might lead Big Mom to collide with Kaido at some point before or even during Wano.

      I'm just in for the ride and hope that Oda will succeed in not making it too overloaded like Dressrosa was.
    12. forkandspoon
      Thanks for the positive rep!
    13. BlueDemon
      Thanks for the rep! =)
    14. Freechoice
      wallop your awesome face
    15. FUKYou
      I made it clear that all he does is spam shit like "maybe, maybe not" "I don't know cuz" "kpop gif", linked like 50 posts he made in the past few weeks to mods during that General Survey era
    16. meingbolt
      Thanks for the rep.
    17. Freechoice
      You heartless bastard :smack

      I haven't. I haven't even heard of it :hm unless you mean that Robert DeNiro movie from the 90's ?

      If you haven't seen The Revenant yet, I highly recommend it
    18. Freechoice
      wow wanted to rep yo silly ass but I'm always 24'd
    19. Freechoice
      that's how you always win an argument

      Make sure you bold and underline.
    20. Freechoice
      Where did I mention G6
    21. Amol
      Happy New Year !
    22. BlueDemon
      That's Ah Gou from Feng Shen Ji! He's GOAT!
    23. BlueDemon
      That's great! Thanks for the rep!

      And I have to second Zyrax here, saw you listed under someone's friends and did a double-take there :D
    24. Freechoice
      my alter ego has been revealed :wellshit
    25. Zyrax
      I mistook Franky's leg for his penis in your ava :hm
    26. Gyro
      Well I change my avatars relatively often so if you ever see me posting with a new one feel free to use Brook if you want, I never go back to my old avis :brofist
    27. Gyro
      Well he's got a pretty big fanclub in-universe already

      Now it's our job to praise him in the real world :maybe

      Nice Franky avi, btw :catflower
    28. Gyro
      woops, sorry bro

      although we could start a Brook cult :cat
    29. Metal Bat
      Metal Bat
      Yeah the original is further and by ONE but with fairly bad art. Whereas that's from Yusuke Murata artist for eyeshield 21.
    30. Metal Bat
      Metal Bat
      It's from one punch man the Murata version!
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