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Apr 17, 2019
Oct 15, 2008
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August 29


Let your will be done.

Bones was last seen:
Apr 17, 2019
    1. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      Your KC match has been posted.

    2. TheSweetFleshofDeath
      Yo bones post a strat assuming it's extended.
    3. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
    4. Kinjishi
      Thanks. I fixed them. I looked thru a few other entries, and it looks like a few others are dead too that I have to fix, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    5. Immortal
      No, he did not. He used Hirasingiri (whatever that is) in that one panel where we saw him fight Izuna. And some people think he Hirashin'd to the Hokage head earlier. That thread was really dumb, and Tobirama has been ruined. Hopefully we can fix him after the next trial.
    6. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      Mist+Jokey Boy, gg. Some minor anti-blitz and good anti-doton(most popular counter to the Mist) is needed. Maybe someone who can protect Clam from blind AoE(i.e. Kakuzu). Clamkage needs a lot of non-combat support so you don't have much points to pick someone who can abuse the Mist himself.
    7. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      She showed decent speed and got some doton-defense. She should be fine as long as she stays away imo.
    8. Immortal
      Well it depends on your team build. Minato is a very reactive character as well, you need to be able to adapt your strategy depending on who your opponent is. That's why support characters like Haku and Sai are so amazing for Minato since they give him so many options.

      But most matches boil down to one simple decision. Can you get to your opponent fast enough that they'll be at a disadvantage, or should you opt for terrain control? Something that a lot of KCers fail to accept is that Minato is just as deadly at Long as he is at Short.

      Obviously if you're at short you just follow the normal blitzing strategy rules. Account for their anti-blitz measures, make sure you don't fall into a trap and use your support to back up the blitzer.

      But if you're at Long, you should opt for terrain control. Have Minato spread tags around the battlefield. Get as many tags and kunai around as possible - around your team, below your team (underground) and above your team (in the air) Again, this is why Haku and Sai are such amazing support for the Fourth.

      At Medium range, you need to just analyze your opponent and figure if blitzing or falling back is the way to go.

      Minato is all about analyzing your opponent and guessing what they will do. Sometimes its as simple as blitzing at short and sometimes you need to make an elaborate trap to make up for Minato's killing power. There isn't a single Minato strategy that beats the rest of them, but when you're building your team you need to give Minato the support he needs to win both in short range blitzes and long range "terrain control."
    9. Immortal
      What do ya mean specifically buddy?
    10. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      Warp around, warp attacks and warp folks. Rather simple. His latest feats of teleporting Hokages into different tags in one go boosted him a bit. He can now teleport two people/objects into 2 different tags while simultaneously warping to yet another tag. Pair him with people who can grant him warpable offense or tools while simultaneously staying away. Or people who benefit from warping right into opponents' faces. Shino, Chiyo, current Sakura are good picks. Best sensor-choice for him is Tobirama or Kiba(people who can look out for themselves and not waste Minato's time by warping them out of harm's way). Minato needs offense, range and some good knowledge. A bit difficult to build a team with him. And he is the most controversial character in KC imo. You can try and build warp-into-trap kind of team - with Minato warping enemies into specific things like Jiraiya's Acid Lake or Kurotsuchi's quicklime. Or other combo-trap. So at Short you have Minato-blitz while Medium+ gives you prep to create some neat grave.
    11. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      it was a joke, I'll change it back eventually

      imo Tobi is too strong for the present tier list if he has his fan. Without the fan I think I agree with what you are saying
    12. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      Chiyo's game didn't change much. You have a capable puppeteer with numbers and neat abilities(Vacuum, Chakra Sealer). Many people(myself included) don't grant her poison which so she is mainly distraction/protection/utility type imo. Her Tensei jutsu is pretty potent but I don't remember it being used successfully in proper matches outside of some IS shenanigans(healing Armless Oro arms). Still some interesting and unexplored potential in that tech - assuming you get Long or can hide. I'd pair her with Minato - tagged puppets, good distraction and Minato-lvl Chakra Sealer is boss. Edo Tensei buffed chakra strings usage a bit and gave somewhat hyped Chiyo(she avoided sealing altogether without puppets, against Mifune+samurais).

      Kankuro is an odd one. Maybe it's me but I can't see in what team he is most effective. I'd rather pick 20 points Sasori(before fuckers removed him :(). He has some poison gas, trap-based puppets and Sasori-puppet. Sasori is great but without poison and without him being autonomous he loses a lot. And I don't think about Kankuro's physical abilities highly - it is a lot easier to kill him than destroy his puppets most of the times. The best usage of him was from Kinjishi - Deidara-Kankuro-Kabuto. Kinjishi used the latest feats of puppeteers controlling human bodies and Deidara planting bombs inside their stomaches. So Kankuro was on guiding-rigged-dead-bodies duty.

      I will post my thoughts about Obito-teams tomorrow. Gonna farm pokemons a bit more.
    13. Alex Payne
      Alex Payne
      In my opinion Obito should be played as a a very mobile Controller who can gank low-to-mid tier folks with Human Path when they are distracted. You have his powerscaled(up to Itachi's level at least Gokakyu) Gokakyu, Mokuton Sashiki spam and giant Shuriken spam(overlooked imo, he was pressuring Hachibi and BM Naruto with those) + any copyable Katon/Suiton available from his support. He spams ranged shit at you non-stop(Zetsu-stamina) with eyes that can track everyone sans Minato. If you manage to get close - Obito can use Gunbai/Human Path and/or gtfo quickly with Doton. Said Doton also grants pseudo-sensing and allows to sneak up and spam Mokuton from below.

      His movement speed is indeed unratable but considering his insane reactions and general "level" I don't consider it a weak-point. He is a bit below Sasuke/Kakashi movement-speed-wise in my opinion so I don't see him being successful with Shunshin-blitz at Short against a capable team.
    14. WolfPrinceKiba
      Haven't payed enough attention to the KC lately to have a good opinion on it. Obito already has a fairly solid defense and range, so I don't see him benefiting all too much from Gaara.
    15. WolfPrinceKiba
      I haven't really analysed him as a KC character and hes more of a mix then a good deal of other characters but my initial thought tells me skirmisher.
    16. Immortal
      Come fix the KC with me.
    17. LovePeaceandHope
      For our match later?
      I usually mirror what my opponent does. If he/she doesn't botther rebutting much I won't either. Only time I get get into the back and forthe rebuttals is when nobody bothers positing int he match. More of a boredom thing but I don't have a problem avoiding that.

      That said, I'll typically address voters/voter concerns. Usually because my strategies include questionable ideas. But if we want to keep the rebutting on voter issuses to a minimum it doesn't bother me. In all honesty, there probably won't be much of that in this match anyhow. A straightforward kind of team build that I'm running with is pretty far outside of my comfort zone.
    18. WolfPrinceKiba
      It depends. I will usually post a general rebuttal addressing things in my opponents strategy and issues I believe may come up/have come up(if people have posted some concerns by the time I'm making it). If other issues come up I'll wait to see if they stack up and address them in another post. Sometimes if a persons concerns are specific to them and are vital to their vote, I'll address them specifically.

      Its not about posting just one rebuttal, its about only rebuttaling whats necessary in a limited amount of posts. The first step to successfully doing that is to rid yourself of the idea that you'll convince your opponent that your team win. Its fruitless and you should refrain from directly addressing his points(as in quoting and debating against him), though if he/she brings up a valid point or a voter asks you to reply to one of your opponents rebuttals then you should reply to it.
    19. Suu
      Hey mate, I think my MSN must be busted. Sometimes it lets me log on, others it tells me I have an incorrect password. :S

      How you been anyway?
    20. WolfPrinceKiba
      Fu is good with any controller. Theres no exact reason why he'd be good with Sasori other then the fact that hes a great sensor choice in general due to his low price combined with being a more experienced ninja and having a better secondary use(Shintenshin) than Hinata or Karin.
    21. Vagrant Tom
      Vagrant Tom
      I'm cool, nah my life is pretty good, got everything I coudl want, good job, good girl and all that.

      Will check out your teams later today.
    22. EnergySage
      What I meant was that, at any given time, a 36 pointer should be able to survive, for a little while, against any of the higher tiers
    23. nick1689
      bro why did you remove your vote? :p i cant see the reason in your vote. can you explain what it is in the match so i can rebut :D thanks mate
    24. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels

      Left you a rebuttal, if you feel like checking it out.
    25. DreadTalon
      He is one of the more versatile guys, he doesn't really have any weaknesses that need filling. You just want to build an extremely powerful and versatile squad with many tricks and options.
    26. RemChu
      japanese girl group. too many of them ~_~
    27. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
    28. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Bones, I know you've got a semifinal going on right now--do you want to postpone our KCL match?
    29. WolfPrinceKiba
      I don't have much problem with your usage of him considering your team. I think you went WSM too early against me personally, I normally don't like to have my Orochimaru resort to it until the exact time it is needed to take down Minato/Raikage. You use the Sannin snakes in your offense more then I normally do though thats due to my main Orochimaru team having Chouji. Since you don't have him you need a replacement distraction.
    30. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      I can't exactly remember. Check his first World Cup matches, where we had the debate. I'm sure we answered it there in more depth.
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