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Sep 25, 2015
Feb 17, 2005
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Nov 13, 1986 (Age: 33)
I don't know how I got here, im not good at intern
    1. Mintaka
      Go ahead.

      lol10 char
    2. Evil Ghost Ninja
      Evil Ghost Ninja
      Bikkubiku by Takuya Mori
    3. Phoebus
      Thank you very much, Botzu, it is reassuring to know that I can be coherent at times. :amuse
    4. Basilikos
      My apologies about not fulfilling what I said about presenting the resurrection argument. :( Real life has been very taxing and stressful lately.

      I will start on it later tomorrow.
    5. Phoebus
      I sincerely hope I did not scare you away from the Christianity Debate Thread, especially if you had any further questions regarding Calvinism and my rather formal admission of belonging to such a particular confession drove you off.
    6. Basilikos
      OBD = Outskirts Battle Dome
    7. Terra Branford
    8. Basilikos
      I already told him in my four post reply that I wasn't going to continue since he clearly wasn't being honest about the situation.

      I'm an OBDer and even in the OBD, EM tends to reply to posts in that tl;dr manner rather than posting up a summary response.
    9. Basilikos
      I've got my hands full again with this thread lol.

      At least this Kid Cudi guy is civil and sticks solely to the arguments. That I appreciate.

      He's still driving me crazy though. :argh
    10. Lupin
      It's Kirino from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
    11. Basilikos
      Hey, I was wondering, what's the story behind your username?
    12. Basilikos
      With that said, what made you ask me about this thought experiment? Anything in particular?
    13. Basilikos
      "If I asked you, do you believe jill does not have the coin, what would your answer be?"

      No, I wouldn't believe that she does not have the coin. I would maintain that it is unknown whether she has the coin or not.

      "If I asked you, do you know jill does not have the coin, what would your answer be?"

      Similar my above answer. I wouldn't know that she does not have the coin. I would maintain that it is unknown whether she has the coin or not.

      No, I don't think it would be different whether it were 2 friends or 100 friends.
    14. Basilikos
      It's more of an introductory book IMO but I think it is a helpful read.

      Also, I'm considering no longer posting in the debate/philosophy section. The overwhelming majority of people in there hold secular views so all you ever get is a one-sided argument. Thus nobody learns anything or is challenged look at things from a different view. To make matters worse the majority of them are just as dogmatic and close-minded as the minority of theists they complain about 24/7. I come to these two sections expecting maturity, civility, and clear thinking. But it looks like my expectations were totally misguided. Frankly, I'm tired of this mistreatment and being forced to absorb the abuse, derision, hypocrisy, and slander from people in there. I'm tired of this shit.

      Good thing I'm already part of another forum where people are actually civil. You're mostly ok but your fellow secular individuals have totally exhausted my patience. If they will not take what I have to say seriously then I certainly won't be taking what they have to say seriously.

    15. Basilikos
      What do you mean by that?
    16. Basilikos
      The Official Agnostic Thread is awesome :ho
    17. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Yeah, I got them from there, I thought it was really cute, I keep showing everyone the picture lol.
    18. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      I don't even know who they are, I just like the little picture :33
    19. Basilikos
      That always ends up happening in these threads. =/
    20. Basilikos
      :pek 10charlimit
    21. Basilikos
      Sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring your posts lately. It's just that every time a discussion gets going I end up having to reply to 10,000 different walls of text.
    22. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      Eh I have no problem if someone wants to believe something, my problem is when people start forcing there ideals on others. If you believe in God okay, if you dont no problem.
    23. Vanthebaron
      I can't believe she's (the autistic girl) is in her late 20's. She looked so childlike.
    24. Jagon Fox
      Jagon Fox
      i just wanted to tell you that you are interesting
    25. Vanthebaron
      Saw the movie in you sig last year on Netflix, it was kick ass. She whips almost everyone and her yakuza father is a badass. Moon dying was pretty sad though.
    26. Gnome
      it's from the movie Summer Wars
    27. perman07
      Yeah, this is me:
    28. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      lol even thai people didnt like ong bak 2, was in my fav thai place today talking with some of the staff and then mentioned watching chocolate, and she mentioned seen ong bak 2 it was good for the first part but the ending killed it, and i was like lol thats what i thought too; apparently tony jaa went crazy during the shooting of the ending or something

      but thats my point the thai stories are not simply they are a mess, or throw in unnecessary things, whatever happened to a guy just giving some gangsters an ass whooping cause they were messing with his uncles restaurant , oh well
    29. Tekkenman11
      I didn't get your last sentence, but it has no relevance to me so :zaru. Though I messed up in what you were attempting to point out. There are cases where the absence blah blah blah = evidence of absence, so yeah. GG.
    30. Tekkenman11
      You just supported my point lol. Read the first sentence of your quote of the fallacy. The bold part. What qualification is there for the existence of anything pertaining to a Universal force such as God? None. Deists, theists, atheists are all incapable of coming up with one for if one party could then this topic wouldn't be such a bag of shit.

      You're right in the sense that practical logic tells us that in certain cases the absence of evidence can be evidence of absence, but life isn't usually practical now is it. :zaru

      And no problem for the rep.
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    Nov 13, 1986 (Age: 33)
    I don't know how I got here, im not good at intern
    Favorite Character(s):
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    I <3 rpgs

    RPG's, anime, and classic movies.


    ^-From KiwiesRule dA and thanks to gizamimi for making a stylish small sig version.
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