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Last Activity:
Jun 15, 2017
Jul 20, 2006
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Oct 3, 1988 (Age: 30)


Does want a Custom Title, 30

Bresakar was last seen:
Jun 15, 2017
    1. Ivyn
      Merry Christmas Ali <333

      Expect my letter to come after holidays :>
    2. Ivyn
      I'm happy to hear that :love

      I'll write to you soon :3
    3. Ivyn
    4. RaiRyuu
      Bres...you lack activity...
    5. Ivyn
      i just saw first page of fc and colorful memberlist -- surely you were bored :lmao <333

      add Rios, Anjali and TWF, btw :>
    6. Ivyn
      I disabled vms for now because I'm busy with thesis and can't keep up with answering people :arg

      Good luck with Latin! You can do it, Latin isn't that bad :ruri

      Once I'm done with chapter 1 I'll write you a PM :3

    7. Ivyn
      i'll try to write you PM sometime this weekend. I got your postcard some time ago, it's lovely :iria
    8. Ivyn
      5000?? :LOS awesome :LOS

      i'm going to grandparents now, will be back soon though <3
    9. Ivyn
      Merry Christmas Ali!! :<3

      After holidays i'll write you a pm and update with everything, ok? And I expect the same from you. :p
    10. Ivyn
      why don't you say anything if you're online? I did something wrong? D:
    11. Halo
      Breast Breast is busy? Who keeps fondling our Breast Breast and taking him away from us?!?! :C

      I'm doing beautiful darling, just having the time of my life and enjoying every bits of it. 2009 has been very generous with me so far! :love What about you doll? I miss your country severely! :arg
    12. Seany
      *Shrugs* just wanted a change :B
    13. Seany
      Sexy red :ho
    14. Halo
      You mean u remember me? :-(
    15. Ivyn
      long time no news from you :-(
    16. Ivyn
      You're welcome. XD I'm glad you liked it. :iria
    17. Ivyn
    18. Ivyn
      Thanks for PM :love

      I'll try to reply soon -- but anyway, it's okay now, uni starts tomorrow and I'm kinda excited about it. And I finally feel like I want to get busy with someting. Just anything. :D

      Also, you know that now we can see all reps in user cp? I've just read them, it's so nostalgic, old times... Especially 2007, when four of us were active. :love

      And since I cant sleep I've started to read old PMs and --- we had some problems in past and reading about them now is strange and bittersweet. But still I'm so damn happy we're still such a good friends, Ali <3
    19. Ivyn
      No, I understand, after reading school books I only want to read something mine, that I'll truly enjoy.

      8 hours a day sounds crazy. :O good luck dear~

      Nope, I didn't. I wasn't really looking to be honest. I'm such a loser :(

      I wanted to reply to your pm now, but I'm not in the mood for internets today. D:
    20. Ivyn
      What? After reading all those books you want to read them once again? :O You're crazy :lmao

      Officially 1st of October, but I think nothing will start before 5th. Actually, I will not have many classes - 3 or 4 plus masters seminar, but finally I'll do something. And after I'll know my schedule I could start looking for a job. I'm broke. D:
    21. Ivyn
      I'm alright, but bored, I want school already XD

      I'm seeing my friends today, finally I can go out. :iria

      You're still reading, right? D:
    22. Ivyn
    23. Ivyn
      i'll reply to your pm later, ok?
    24. Ivyn
      Hello ~

      Yes, you should feel guilty and bribe me with this bag. Or any other cute bag. :>

      I think I understand what you mean. Here we have it different - at least at my uni. Here to pass a class we get points from discussions, papers/presentations and oral or written exams in the end of semester. So actually in three years of uni I wrote only couple of essays. It's a shame because I like writing -- and one of my teachers admitted that I'm quite talented in this area. Anyway, I kinda got what I wanted because in Portugal I was writing essays all the time. XD In English, though. That made me really hate writing in English. XD
      Now comes my last year so -- master thesis. I still haven't chosen my topic. >_> I want to write something about erasmus students but I'm not sure what exactly...

      What are you reading? Those books are theoretical books or something interesting? Because 400+ pages sounds quite scary to me. D:

      Suddenly you've become such a top grades student :eek: Congrats =D I know, you're a genius. =D But situations like this -- when you don't study or only a little bit and get best grades -- make me think I shouldn't study at all. I always do everything late or at the very last moment and usually it turns out good. It doesn't give any motivation at all. :lmao

      Hehhehe it's not freezing here, come on, it's not arctic pole or something. XD But I miss September in Braga. One of the hottest months in the year. And it didn't even rained, which doesn't happen so often in north Portugal.

      Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I was kinda sad. I had a fight with my sister and one brother, so I've been like "meh" for three days. Moreover, I don't have any motivation to do anything, even meet with friends. :( I'm such a failure these days. :(
    25. Ivyn
      i'll reply to this big one later, now i'm feeling really tired (it's only 12pm though) :(
    26. Halo
      Breast Breast has a lot of joy in his life and isn't sharing it with me. :-(
    27. Ivyn

      It's great to see you so hyper :DDDD it made me happy too, really :lmao

      And don't worry, it's good to have at least this kind of contact <3

      how are your days now? My life looks good atm. I'm enjoying it. :iria

      LOVE YOU :love
    28. Ivyn
      hello hello ~~~

      I know this store! D: There's one in Braga, they have AMAZING things there!! But I never got enough money to spend on bags or other stuff... Partying was more important. :LOS
      Oh well... I'll buy this bag one day anyway!! :D (thanks for the info)

      Oh you'll stop studying till middle of October, right? Great! :D You need to rest before entering university! Any thoughts/feelings about it? Do you know anyone who will study with you? omg uni life :spaz

      hehehe I couldn't ahve him, he had no romantic feelings towards me. Our friend set up this date, because he couldn't stand me being so miserable. :lmao Byt yes, I agree, he's stupid. XD

      Yes, I'm okay. Still a bit shocked when I think about this accident but also hella glad that nothing serious happened. I could die lol. D:

      hahaaha Ali the pimp :pimp Yes, it's cool XD And btw, this guy is in fact DA Dave, you remember him, right?

      But yeah, it made me laugh. :lmao You know, I'm having a really good day :D I spent all day with my friends and we were playing board games. It may sound silly and childish but I love it. :D I won at monopoly. :LOS And this week they'll teach me how to play texas poker. :spaz

      take care dear!! (btw, I'll try to install msn on my brother's laptop, because it doesn't work at all on this one, don't know why)
    29. Ivyn
      IT IS SO COLD! and I need to go shopping for warmer clothes and shoes. Good :hehee

      What? This cool and amazing guy called Ali can't manage studying and posting in my fc at the same time? I'm highly disappointed, sir. :edu

      But seriously, you should study. And I'll too! I'm starting learning German again! :LOS

      I'm not sure if I even wanted to talk to him that time. XD As I said he was my high school crush and it was completely one-sided. And he knew about my feelings, it was so embarrassing! :lmao

      Actually, we alsmost had a date right after graduation. However lol, we never met on that date because I got lost (we were supposed to meet at his workplace after he finished his work that day) and couldn't call him for directions or anything because my battery was off. :facepalm

      Now I can laugh about it but back them I felt completely depressed. :lmao


      As for other things, I came back from my grandparents' house today. It was cool and relaxing. :del But today morning me and my cousins almost had a car accident. Seriously, if this car hit us, we'd be in hospital now. Or even worse. It was so damn scary! :S
    30. Ivyn
      I write way too much to you XD
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    Oct 3, 1988 (Age: 30)
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    Sean Schlong, Shrymbolina, Sado-Karo Gangsta Lu, momo, Captain Ivy, Kiwi


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