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May 26, 2020 at 7:50 AM
Dec 13, 2013
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Fate's Testicles


Blindsteel, from Fate's Testicles

i'm pretty sure i can aim now Jan 8, 2018

Brightsteel was last seen:
May 26, 2020 at 7:50 AM
    1. Brightsteel
      i'm pretty sure i can aim now
      1. Baba likes this.
    2. Brightsteel
      really fucking lazy
    3. NostalgiaFan
      Hey Blindy, Nevermind is making a new Mafia game and we already got 18 people out of 30 needed to start the game. Are you up for one? :maybe
    4. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Yeah it's when he and Galan were attacking Diane. But idk if it was more about him specifically, or "commandment X not named Galan". Probably knew Monspiet had ridiculous range with the phoenix.
    5. trance
      Team RWBY enters Dark Souls. How far do they get before tapping out?
    6. Fang
      She got dominated most of the fight and her best showing against Vader is getting a cheapshot on him while he's distracted going after the holocron Kanan and the MC have. Maybe fodderize was a strong word but she really has nothing go for her lasting against Maul for anything but a very short period.
    7. Fang
      So he was just making things up? About my "cancerous" post?

      1. JoJo


        D A M N

        he got u
        Apr 24, 2016
    8. Fang
      Now why are you talking about me behind my back to Darth Autism?
    9. RadioactiveHaggis
      Naw, m8, naw! No nice.
    10. RadioactiveHaggis
      Hello there, ya jammy bastard!
    11. trance
      Edited my post. Curse sleep deprivation. :catprone

      Well, the first two are probably true enough but the last one? Still waiting on confirmation.
    12. trance
      OK. Can you validate that?
    13. trance
      Do they have resistance to soulfuck? With the Black Soulstone, Malthael can soulfuck on a planetary scale.
    14. God Movement
      God Movement
      yeah sure go ahead
    15. God Movement
      God Movement
      Huh? to what?
    16. trance
      At his full power (with the Black Soulstone absorbed), he's stronger than Seven Evils Diablo, who was going to wipe out all of High Heaven - a dimension described as infinite in size but for debating purposes, we'll say it's planet sized - and Inarius with the power of Worldstone, which created Sanctuary (basically Earth).

      *Note: Inarius was soundly defeated by Uldyssian while his descendant, the Nephalem (the MC of D3), became comparable to his ancestor relatively early in his journey yet was still at a far weaker incarnation than what was required to go up against guys like Diablo or Malthael. So, Malthael quite easily scales to him.

      He also has passive intangibility. A majority of his character involves soul fuck and can do it quite casually.

      Speed wise, he's in the quadruple digits mach range for reactions and can casually teleport between dimensions.
    17. trance
      Here's a thread idea...

      Malthael from D3 vs. the Torikoverse, gauntlet style. :hm
    18. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon
      we'll find out this saturday
    19. Kaaant
      The notion is like rape: let it happen :cat
    20. Kaaant
      You sound surprised
    21. ChaosTheory123
      Omega and Omega Weapon are one and the same

      Just has a couple incarnations in the same game though IIRC

      and I'll look at those when I feel like doing this kind of shit again *shrugs*

      I'm on something of a hiatus at the moment
    22. fyhb
      Yeah sure. You'll have to provide the quotes though because I have no idea what Inheritance Cycle is
    23. iwandesu
      What exactly he perceived?
    24. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon
      yeah, that's him
    25. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon
      powerful by Malazan Empire mage standards

      nothing really compared to the heavy hitters like Rake
    26. Galo de Lion
      Galo de Lion
      I could've sworn I'd heard something along those lines. :hmm
    27. Galo de Lion
      Galo de Lion
      Didn't PJO Athena use the Moon as a shield?
    28. MAPSK
      Oyeah srry, forgot to respond. Sure.
    29. MAPSK
      Do we know the exact nature of the spell tho? It might not have been an explosion. Maybe some sort of poison miasma or death curse? :catthinks
    30. trance
      Nah. Goku is just a Mary Sue. He's got a history for it. :caticon
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