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Dec 15, 2017 at 4:50 PM
Jun 13, 2014
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Sep 8, 1998 (Age: 19)

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Calamity, 19, from Sweden

Decided to not pull a break and just decrease my time spent in front of the computer/phone so i fix my obsession with that, that way. Dec 12, 2017 at 6:55 AM

Brook was last seen:
Dec 15, 2017 at 4:50 PM
    1. Brook
      Decided to not pull a break and just decrease my time spent in front of the computer/phone so i fix my obsession with that, that way.
      1. NW
        Dec 12, 2017 at 7:22 AM
    2. Brook
      Taking a break from this board until the new year starts. I be back to active posting after that.
      1. NW likes this.
    3. Uraharа
      I advise you to watch movie 4 after the Arrancar Saga or before the final fight. If I remember correctly there was even a prologue to the movie somewhere between episode 297-301. I forgot the exact number.
      1. Brook
        Yeah i decided to save movie 4 for later so i don't get any potential major spoilers.

        I checked and you are correct that there is a prologue episode (299) so might aswell watch it after that episode. I won't skip any episode after Zanpakuto since there won't be many fillers by that point anyway. I guess i can watch movie 2-3 without being spoiled on anything.
        Oct 13, 2017
    4. Uraharа
      From episode 110 and onwards the pace becomes slower and stretched out to avoid filler arcs. Therefore the episodes become less enjoyable individually, although I must say it didn't bother me overall as a binge watcher when I was done watching the arc. The weekly watcher probably experienced it differently though.
      1. Brook
        Yeah the pace will probably not bother me much when bingewatching. I will probably just notice it being long.
        Sep 26, 2017
    5. Uraharа
      I kinda forgot your situation with Bleach. You did read the manga or some parts of it but never watched the anime? You already know all characters?
    6. xmysticgohanx
      Thanks for the follow
      1. Brook
        You are welcome! :D
        Sep 12, 2017
    7. Don King
      Don King
      Thanks for the follow man, have a nice day
      1. Brook
        You are welcome. I enjoy your posting. Keep up the good work man.
        Sep 12, 2017
    8. Donquixote Dolfamingo
      Donquixote Dolfamingo
      You are getting some really solid screen-time in this Big Mum arc, good job.
      1. Brook
        Yup, Brook is the straw hat i enjoy the most aside from Luffy right now. He truly has been awesome. :datass
        Apr 22, 2017
      2. Donquixote Dolfamingo
        Donquixote Dolfamingo
        Yes. I'd also like to see some more Brook back-story.
        Apr 23, 2017
      3. Brook
        More Brook backstory at some point would be pretty cool.
        Apr 23, 2017
    9. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      Yes we are, and np :catwalk
    10. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      Nah i live in norway fam :cat
    11. Marcelle.B
    12. Magician
      Vergo, eh?

      Good taste in characters. :catsalute
    13. Impact
      Take my former name Sir crocodile and continue my legacy
      1. Cheeky
        Reported this post for being excessively gay.
        May 14, 2016
      2. Impact
        How did you even find this comment. stalker, perverte etc.
        May 14, 2016
      3. Brook
        Okay so why are you commenting on a two year old post and why did you choose to do it on my profile?
        May 15, 2016
    14. Impact
      Although it's not my place you could use a better name than your current it's looks nooby.
    15. Jigen
      Thanks for the FR.
    16. Impact
      Sorry, I don't accept random FR's from people I barely interact with.
    17. Hero
      On the first page there is a mafia section. Go in there and scroll down a bit. You should see a how to play mafia thread :33
    18. Hero
      I know you just joined, but would you be interested in playing a mafia game? If you don't know anything about it, I could give you links.

      It's pokemon themed
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    Sep 8, 1998 (Age: 19)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi, Gai
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I have been a big fan of anime/manga since around 2007/2008.

    Cartoons, Football, Anime/Manga, Games, History among others.


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