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Brooke Logan
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Dec 21, 2014
May 17, 2006
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Married to Ridge Forrester, living in a mansion in
Former chemist and CEO of Forrester Creations

Brooke Logan

B&B's heroine since 1987, from Married to Ridge Forrester, living in a mansion in

Brooke Logan was last seen:
Dec 21, 2014
    1. Vanity
      Oh yeah good idea. I should probably post it there. lol.
    2. Vanity
      I'm not able to buy something like that at this point in time. Not sure if I ever will. I mean cels are nice but there is on a character that isn't nearly as expensive.
    3. Vanity
      Oh wow. It's way too expensive though. :(
    4. halfhearted
      Apologies for the delay in reply, and yes! It's perfectly fine.

      It doesn't look like JT has signed in recently, so I went ahead and edited your name in the Kiba/Akamaru slot for this Wednesday :3
    5. Vanity
      Yeah I tend to add people who request being on my friends list even if I don't really know them. I just don't add people that are obvious haters.

      Anyway, you could always just stop adding people to your friends list who you don't really know.....and remove the people you don't know that well so that you've only got contacts who you know you can trust and who have been your friends for a while.
    6. Vanity
      That's weird. -_- It seems like you have some kind of untrustworthy friends. :S Although, well, I don't know exactly what happened.
    7. Vanity
      Well, Envy stuff but also other things....I might get my b/f a shirt later today if they still have it at the store when I go there. LOL.

      Anyway if people are trolling you, you don't have to turn off your VMs and PMs if you don't want people posting that stuff on your page. You can just change your VMs and PMs to "Contacts and Mods only" so that people like me who are on your friends list can still post on your VMs but people trolling you won't be able to.
    8. Vanity
      Nah. The shipping to Canada is really expensive for some of those for some reason.

      I'm more interested in saving my money for other things right now anyway.
    9. Vanity
      Kaen, did you see this?

    10. Vanity
      It actually wasn't anyone that he killed. It was a dummy that was created to be like a person.

      They did it so that she could escape and people would think she's dead.
    11. Vanity
      Do you want to know the truth about Maria?

      Anyway, yeah I don't like him.
    12. Vanity
      Do you care about sharks and stuff like that by the way? A lot of people don't care about them because they see them as evil things that eat people and stuff like that....so there aren't many laws to protect them and people fin them and throw them back in alive without their fins and it's really horrible. :(

      This video is really sad and graphic...(just warning)....you don't have to watch it if you don't want to see that but it shows a lot about how horrible it is: TWPoSr76ub4

      The sharks are kind of like Hidan in the sense that they have a bad reputation and people feel like that means they can be abused. :( The sharks aren't protected enough because no one thinks they are 'cute' and stuff like that. And people think they eat people so people don't care. Well, some people do...but not enough people care so there aren't many laws protecting the sharks. :(
    13. Vanity
      lol. Envy has lots of other fangirls that like him just as much though. :lmao

      Anyway, Ling is okay. lol. I think he's interesting. He's not bad looking either. I guess I'm just not really into him. lol.
    14. Vanity
      lol. That's pretty random. XD
    15. Vanity
      Did they actually even interact in the first anime? I don't remember.

      There is a scene in Brotherhood where they're in a car together. Envy picks Kimblee up from jail.
    16. Vanity
      Yeah I remember you telling me about that dream. XD I only find canon/Brotherhood Kimblee hot though.

      And yeah in the pic in my sig I can imagine Kimblee reaching down and rubbing Envy's ass. lol.
    17. Vanity
      Yeah, Kimblee for sure. lol. He is really sexy in Brotherhood.

      And yeah it's a better series.
    18. Vanity
      No. I want Envy. lol.
    19. Vanity
      He's alright. I don't really pay much attention to him really.
    20. Blaze
      In a way it's nice it gives you an escape from life and feeling people passion about their character and pairings is a little overwhelming but every postive side has it's negative side and people will passionatley hate as well. Besides, popularity does that. That's why if i had to choose I never want to be a celebrity but rich of course.
    21. Blaze
      Yes, but not to me. When I was a lurker many said that. It was just plain hating though. Although it has calmed down. It was mostly whenever sasuke thread came up. You can find a lot of those thread in landmill.
    22. Blaze
      I read a lot of your post, so you didn't have to type all of that.:p I know your view well, still thanks for that. I think what I find annoying is that if you support these charaters then you also support killing in real life or something, which is frankly stupid. I hate it when some shove's their morality down my face, it's annoying.
    23. Blaze
      You should check the sasuke Fc , i defended Sasuke and Itachi's relationship a bit. It's a shinobi world and Hidan is not lower than shinobi's of Konoha. Akatsuki is an organisation just like Konoha and they fund mission for their shinobi to kill others.:notrust
    24. Blaze
      No, really I was a big lurker before I joined I really like your post especially with how Hidan was treated and you like Sasuke which is a bonus since he's my fav charaacter.
    25. Blaze
      Hey brooke, thanks for accepting.
    26. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      I never did like Tamahome's character so my interpretation of his words is colored by that. xD If I was Miaka I would have just ran off with Nuriko and be done with them all. Although I did kind of like Tamahome's reincarnation, partially because he was disliked though.

      Hmm, as for the question of if there's anyone like Nakago in FY:GU I guess I can say sorta? That broad umbrella of badass in the lead badguy with a tragic past. Couple of those around. With a big reverse harem place like the FY universe it seems inevitable.
    27. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      Yeah, about how his tears weren't for Nakago but for it being all over or something. It has been awhile. :p Nuriko! He was my other favorite character, I never could tell if I liked him more than I liked Nakago. I probably did. I like FY:GU so far, at least I find the female lead to be much less annoying than Miaka. That and the cast of Genbu and surrounding characters are more interesting to me overall.
    28. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      It suddenly occured to me while I was browsing through volumes of FY that I never asked what other characters you fancied. I remember being so peeved at Tamahome for the longest time due to his reaction at the end. Have you read FY:GU?
    29. Vanity

      There are times when ours goes out a lot for no obvious reason either....like there isn't a storm or anything.
    30. Vanity
      He might I guess. lol.

      The power went out a few times in my house recently. I hate it when it does that because then all the clocks have to be reset.
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  • About

    Married to Ridge Forrester, living in a mansion in
    Former chemist and CEO of Forrester Creations
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hidan, Deidara, Sasuke, Madara, Sound Five, someone else but it's a secret.;)
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I like most of the episodes and chapters of Hidan, just not the parts where he dies.:( I love anoth
    I'm female, and I'm a fan of anime/manga. My favorites are a certain someone I won't say, and Hidan

    reading, writing, television/movies and anime/manga, the film world, nature
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